csi aw day 3: favorite character: gil grissom

“The most telling thing about anyone is what scares them. And I know what you fear more than anything, Mr. Grissom. Being known. You can’t accept that I might know what you really desire, because that would mean that I know you. Something, for whatever reason, you spend your entire life making sure no one else does.”

Things I love in this photo:

  1. Billy’s smile
  2. Marg’s hand on her thigh
  3. Gary’s diva pose
  4. George’s slightly goofy facial expression
  5. Jorja's 'Sidle smile’
  6. Random dude in background almost photo bombing
  7. All of their feet…
  8. The way they’re all wearing CSI vests
  9. LOL George’s hand in that position (just saw that)
  10. The people in it (barre the one i don’t know and the dead person on the floor) 

George: I remember I wanted to wear a baseball cap because there was so much dust and I thought that’s what my character would do. The higher-ups fought me on it. They told me to take it off. But Billy immediately came to my defense. “Hey, he’s going to be the baseball-cap guy,” he said. And then right before the scene, Billy put on a hat, too, and whispers to me, “If you’re going down for this, I’m going down with you, buddy.”