Because my computer is being so stupid right now and won’t let me upload the picture I won’t, I’ll just explain my favorite villain.

Billy Miles.

Is he a villain? Maybe, maybe not. Depends on what you believe. Billy made you think. If you were like Mulder and believed in the existence of aliens, then Billy is innocent of his “crimes”. But if you’re like Scully, you are in disbelief and still contemplate whether aliens are real and could have been a factor to the bodies being brought to the forest. 

Billy Miles made the episode a psychological/paranormal/thriller episode, which gives the season and the series the boost it needed. Just one episode, 51 minutes, got me hooked.

Billy Miles is the reason Scully goes deeper in her studies, in each investigation to prove or not? prove the existence of extra terrestrials. Heck Billy Miles had me thinking whether aliens could be real or not. Either way, it was an amazing episode that lead to one amazing season and one amazing series. 

“Jazz is restless.

It won’t stay put and it never will.”  

~  J.J. Johnson, Jazz Trombonist

Jazz tracks fit for those late nights..


Experience Hendrix and Legacy Recordings to reissue 'The Cry Of Love' & 'Rainbow Bridge' CD & LP September 16th

#ExperienceHendrix & @SonyLegacyRecs reissue #TheCryOfLove & #RainbowBridge# #CD & #LP September 16th #jimihendrix

On September 16th, Experience Hendrix, LLC in conjunction with Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment will reissue two critically revered Jimi Hendrix albums on CD, vinyl and digital. The Cry Of Love and Rainbow Bridge, his first and second posthumous studio releases respectively, will be reintroduced with original album art and track orders. Both albums have been…

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And from this point forward…you should never refer to this as a study or an experiment againBilly Crudup instructs the guys chosen to play the prison guards in the latest clip from Kyle Patrick Alvarez’s thriller The Stanford Prison Experiment, in theaters now: watch it below.

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take you for granted that’s what i always do

i know a small way to treat your man