• Chris Carter:sir, we're introducing a new character on The X-Files.
  • FOX Executive:okay, but the network wants diversity and inclusion.
  • Chris Carter:how about a white, heterosexual male named William?
  • FOX Executive:Carter, you goddamn genius. here are my keys. go to my house and fuck my wife.

Sonic clones that were hatched by Billy Hatcher are the exact same Sonic every time, which the timeline is just after Sonic Adventure 2. And because Sonic’s helping Billy defeat the Crows, it could suggest they have met and become friends prior, or Sonic has encountered the evil Crows before. This also includes Tails and Knuckles.


take you for granted that’s what i always do

i know a small way to treat your man

Experience Hendrix and Legacy Recordings to reissue 'The Cry Of Love' & 'Rainbow Bridge' CD & LP September 16th

#ExperienceHendrix & @SonyLegacyRecs reissue #TheCryOfLove & #RainbowBridge# #CD & #LP September 16th #jimihendrix

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On September 16th, Experience Hendrix, LLC in conjunction with Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment will reissue two critically revered Jimi Hendrix albums on CD, vinyl and digital. The Cry Of Love and Rainbow Bridge, his first and second posthumous studio releases respectively, will be reintroduced with original album art and track orders. Both albums have been…

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