So I was behind the deli counter when I saw Billy Joe Armstrong (AGAIN) ordering a juice. He was just standing there waiting for his order but I was too nervous to go over to talk to him. I couldn’t take my eyes off him and I started to sweat. Anyways, my boss later came over to me and said a customer complained about me because I wasn’t paying any attention to them. I didn’t even realize it at the time But I guess I was just standing there behind the counter during lunch rush just fixated on Billy Joel. Next time I’ll talk to him for sure..

Green Day Law Suit - Stealing Artists work and getting away with it .

Spin Magazine:



So here are a few links and images attached concerning a lawsuit I have been involved in over the past couple years regarding the band GREEN DAY and the use of my STOLEN, COPY WRITTEN artwork which they used, free of charge, infringing on my rights over 187 times to generate MILLIONS of dollars on tour, through the use of it in video, and to promote themselves.

  For me, outright, this case has never been about money - I contacted the band initially with a cease and desist asking that they please stop using the work I created while I was fresh out of high school and working on my portfolio for college - I did not ask for compensation and I was bewildered to find my work even being placed in that situation. They ( Green day Inc. ) denied this request and responded with a threat to sue me into submission should I take legal action, which is exactly what I chose to do ( They never attempted to settle - the offer of concert tickets, the only offer I was given which included nothing more then just that was made unofficially by the graphic designer who was working for the band in a email attempt to save face.)

Let me explain that I risked the massive debt ( Over $200,000.00 in fees the band sued me for), time in court, threats I received by the bands lawyer / label and so on because I firmly believe that it is the artists duty to stand up for the creative works they put forward and to defend said works against misuse. This, to me is and always will be a clear example of right vs might - the graphic designer who stole my work while working for Green Day, Roger Staub, admitted that he merely photographed my existing work ( which he could see from his office window ) - drew a red cross over the center ( it should ALSO be noted that in his own personal deposition which can be read in the case files he stated that he never intended to give the work new meaning or alter it contextually ) gave it to the band who then personally picked the artwork out of all the samples they have - they were aware the work was copy written, they were aware of the risk of using the work should they ever be caught.

I went to school, I put in my time to learn and practice my craft and I love what I do. It is my passion, it is my first true love, and it will always be with me. I will do anything and everything to fight for and protect my work because it is all that I have. I am in debt, by my own choice because I paid my own way through school and took out loans because I had no cosigner, no credit, and no one to help. I work 40+ hours a week to sustain my very meager life so that I can come home at night and draw and paint till my bones and muscles ache because I chose to live my life as an artist. I work with charity events so that I can help support my community with my work, I give away thousands of free stickers, posters and items made by hand to people because it’s what I enjoy doing. I regret absolutely nothing, but I mention all of this because I want to be clear that this isn’t about stealing one drawing - it’s about the years I spent working up to making that piece, the time that all of the work I have made now was founded upon and that this band profited in whole from my time without out given any consideration to what it is that it takes to make the work that they stole.

Ultimately where this stand’s now is that the band has won in court, with the judges deciding this was fair use - I made the attempt to fight for individual artists right’s because beyond monetary compensation, you deserve the right to make sure your personal work that you love, that you spend countless hours on is your own to do with what you please, not something that a multimillion dollar recording act can simply take, use for any purpose they choose and then tell you you might deserve ” a few concert tickers for your time.” So now, the judges have decided that with a copyright or not, the work YOU produce is fair game to be used by entertainment companies to bolster big money for big business, with out ever considering the small time artist.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this. I did my best to stand up for artists and to not allow us to be bullied and taken advantage of - I hope that should any of you ever find yourself in this situation you will do that same.