*Sorry for the long post, not my usual deal, but this was too good a thing not to share, and too good a point not to make.*

Superman is not just a guy who can fly and is super strong who punches things to death. He considers all life precious, even the life of villains. And he cares very deeply for not just his friends and family, but all people. Clark Kent is mortal, he makes mistakes, he makes bad choices sometimes. He has worries, and fears. He’s hardly “perfect”. But what he is, is a symbol. He stands for something. And in a real world gone increasingly wrong, we need what he stands for worse than ever. The real world badly needs a Superman.

And that is why the depiction of Superman in the “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman” sucks. Because those movies show a Clark Kent who is selfish, who is brash and reckless, who charges into battle, kills enemies, and destroys property, endangering innocent lives without a second thought. They depict a Clark Kent who barely ever saves anyone. He’s not a hero. And that’s not who Superman is. Superman is a hero, the epitome of a hero. He does what’s right, even though what’s right is rarely ever easy. Doing what’s right has cost Clark a lot.

But Clark helps people, he stands up for the little guy. He doesn’t just save millions from alien invasions and natural disasters. He helps the homeless woman on the street. He helps a kid who’s kitten is in a tree. He takes the time to talk to a stranger who just might be thinking of jumping to their death. Superman loves saving people, because he loves people, he has a lot of compassion and empathy. And THAT’S the difference. What these panels show, illustrates perfectly the kind of person that Clark Kent is. The Clark in those new Superman films, would never even bother with this.


On this day in 2006, the Doctor and Sarah Jane were reunited, Rose competed with Sarah, and Mickey summed up the situation perfectly.

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Okay but there is canon that Superman finds out that Captain Marvel is literal homeless orphan Billy Batson and reveals his own secret identity. So because I’m a sap, I was just like: “obviously Clark adopts him and they become a pure hearted domestic singularity of super heroism” That didn’t happen in canon. That’s why we have fan fic. Because then for Billy, the real hero isn’t Superman… It’s definitely Clark Kent burning Eggo waffles and panicking about being a decent legal guardian.

IT IS FINALLY DONE OMFG. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIAM CLARK! Well, I’m a few hours past his birthday in my time zone, BUT STILL. I’m not sure I have ever technically, officially drawn Lewis and Clark, SO LO AND BEHOLD! Lewis doesn’t look as bad as he did during sketching, but I’m still more happy with how Clark came out.

Yeah, hopefully my lack of skills didn’t mess them up too much.