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WWE Raw - Season 6 Episode 3 : Episode 246

WWE Raw – Season 6 Episode 3 : Episode 246

Rob Van Dam, Tazz, and Spike Dudley defeated Booker T. and The Dudley Boyz…Intercontinental Champion, William Regal, defeated Edge by Disqualification…Val Venis and Curt Hennig fought to a No Contest…Chuck Palumbo and Billy Gunn defeated Kane and The Big Show…The Rock and Triple H defeated Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho….Read More

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Episode 1: The Gunrunner Billy Kane from Sugartide Films on Vimeo.

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A web series.
Created / Written / Directed By: M.D. Selig
Executive Producers Herb Warme and Ron Sheridan
Produced By: M.D. Selig / Lincoln Molin
Featuring Angela Gibbs, John Kassir, Mark Arnold, Julianna Robinson, Bella King and Imelda Corcoran.
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  • Billy:"Are you sure this is the right place?"
  • Carrie:"It must be, Billy! The enchanted scroll is glowing like anything! The next clue must be here!"
  • Billy:"But... It's just an empty cave! Nothing here but seaweed and- AAHH!"
  • Carrie:"What is it?!"
  • Billy:"Look! Skulls!"
  • *Rawr!*
  • Kane:"And not just any skulls me hearty!"
  • Carrie:"Ahhh!! Talking skulls!
  • Long John:"Ai! And skulls that can tell you tales of the lost treasure of Santa Clara!"
  • Carrie:"You know about the treasure?!"
  • Kane:"Ai, ai, that we do, you see, we are the skulls of KIRATES!"
  • Carrie:"...of what?"
  • Kane:"Kirates! Kirates!!"
  • Long John:"He means kirates."
  • Kane:"I said kirates!"
  • Long John:"Kirates!"
  • Kane:"Kirates!"
  • Long John:"It's a hard word to say when you haven't got any licks."
  • Billy:"Haven't got any licks?"
  • Long John:"Not licks! Licks! No licks on your mouth!"
  • Kane:"We are skulls, in case you hadn't noticed, with no licks!"
  • Long John:"And with no licks, it means you can't say the letter... It means you can't... There are some letters you can't say and one of them is the letter- damn it! The letter that begins the word kirate!"
  • Carrie:"I still don't know what a kirate is..."
  • Kane:"You do! A... a kirate! A kirate who has a shick!"
  • Billy:"A shick?"
  • Kane:"Ah yes a shick! A kirate shick!"
  • Long John:"A shick! Like a goat!"
  • Carrie:"A goat?!"
  • Long John:"No, not a goat! A goat! A shick is like a goat"
  • Kane:"A goat!"
  • Billy:"Oh wait a minute, I get it! A sheep is like a goat! You're farmers!"
  • Kane:"Nooo! No we're not farmers! Why would you guard your treasure with enchanted skulls of farmers?!"
  • Long John:"No we're kirates!"
  • Kane:"Kirates!"
  • Long John:"Kirates with eye katches and keg legs and carrots on our shoulders! Why does everything about us start with a k!"
  • Carrie:"Eh well, whoever you are-"
  • Kane:"WE'RE KIRATES!"
  • Long John:"Kirates!"
  • Carrie:"Whoever you are, can you tell us where to find the treasure of Santa Clara?"
  • Kane:"Arh! That we can! Listen well! The treasure... is... curied... curied..."
  • Long John:"Hidden."
  • Kane:"Thank you. Hidden! Between two calm trees... Calm..."
  • Long John:"Coconut!"
  • Kane:"Yeah, coconut, two coconut trees! At the very source of the longest river in... oh god!"
  • Long John:"Can't help you with this!"
  • Kane:"No! Cacua new guinea... Cacua... cac..."
  • Long John:"Kazakhstan."
  • Kane:"Yeah, sure! It's in Kazakhstan."
  • Carrie:"Well, thank you friendly skulls! Come on Billy! Off we go to Kazakhstan!"
  • Kane:"Good luck!"
  • Long John:"Toodle kik!"
  • >>> John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme - s05e03 <<<
The King of Fighters XIV revela su quinto vídeo de demostración y tres nuevos personajes.

K’, Benimaru Nikaido y Robert Garcia se unen al juego de lucha que será lanzado en 2016 para PS4. 

La web oficial del próximo juego de lucha The King of Fighters XIV, se ha actualizado el Miércoles con su quinto vídeo de demostración de un minuto. El vídeo revela que K’, Benimaru Nikaido y Robert Garcia se unirán al juego como personajes seleccionables. 

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Get that boss outta here, man

The Attitude Era Podcast - Bono Episo!: Rebellion 2000

Kefin and Adam are ‘bout to lay the SmackDown on your candy bum, as The Attitude Era Podcast takes one last trip to the UK, for its final UK-based PPV! Rebellion 2000!


so yeah dumb jokes about ruby rose from rwby being billy kane led from one thing to another and well yeah there’s a reason the file name for this is “billy kane as ruby rose 1 am shitpost.wmv” in all caps

kof xiv doodles because i love all the outfits revealed so far, especially billy’s!

with 50 characters in the roster will you give us rock howard, snk? can terry finally stop dressing like it’s still the 90s? (can he have his mark of wolves/kof xi outfit?) will kyo finally graduate from high school? will i be able to afford a ps4 by the time all the new fighting games come out?


spin me right round baby right round

we're talking about kof i swear
  • Joel:WUT!?
  • Xxx_[rood odo]DIODIO_xxX:BRING IT ON
  • Xxx_[rood odo]DIODIO_xxX:SO MANY TIMES
  • Xxx_[rood odo]DIODIO_xxX:no homo
  • Joel:...
  • Joel:oh yeah thats right
  • Joel:fuck billy
  • Joel:he sucks
  • Xxx_[rood odo]DIODIO_xxX:no homo tho
  • Joel:yes. no homo bro
  • Xxx_[rood odo]DIODIO_xxX:yeah no homo