billy your face

Work with me // Joshua Brown

This one is for just-alittleobsessed since she asked for a Bam story, and of course for all my other Bam-girls. ;)


You’re standing on the upper deck of the Integrity. Your dad has had a hauling business for as long as you can remember so when you said “yes” when Bam asked you to marry him you knew you could help out the brown family. You like the cold Alaskan air and the wind on your face.

Billy is steering the boat to the docks, Gabe and Bear hop off to secure the lines. The family got another job for hauling some oil drums, but they still don’t have an electric pulley so Billy was more than pleased you wanted to help out.

Bam comes up to the deck and wraps his arms around you, “We’re going to get the drums babe, are you going to stay here?” he asks. “Yeah no problem, I’ll keep Bird some company,” you wink at Bird. The boys and Billy all take off. After half an hour you can see two trucks arrive at the docks, packed with drums. You can only assume somebody lent them the trucks. They roll the barrels over to the Integrity, Matt and Bear start securing them so Bam and Gabe can pull them up. You and Bird both take a line and you put your foot behind a secured piece on deck to make sure you won’t slip. After hoisting two drums onto the deck, the wind gets stronger and Bam goes downstairs to help steady the next barrel. You go stand next to Gabe to help hoist the drums. They aren’t as heavy as the first two so it should work.

Matt shouts “Ok guys, hoist!”. “No wait! Just a second!” Bam yells. “What is it?” Gabe asks. “It’s not secure enough,” Bam starts to readjust the hook on the barrel, “Alright! Go ahead.” As you and Gabe want to start pulling, Bam shouts again, “Hold on! Wait! It’s still not secure enough.” He’s starting to get on your nerves, normally the boys work really fast. “Bam, come on boy, work with me here!” you yell at him. He looks up at you with a frown, “just a second babe,” he says, he checks the hook one more time and makes sure the lines are secured really good, “ok, you can pull it up now.” “Babe, are you sure?” you ask him with a smirk. You can see him sigh, “Yes, just hoist it up.”

You and Gabe manage to get the remaining drums onto the upper deck and secure them with help from Billy and Bird. Billy manages to get the Integrity out of the dock and you’re on your way to the customer. You’re standing at the bow, some drops of water splashing in your face as the boat speeds up, just the way you like it. Bam comes to stand behind you, wraps his arms around you and places his head onto your shoulder. “Hey babe,” he says into your ear. “Hi love,” you turn around to face him, you can see he’s still frowning, “what’s wrong?”
“Not much, just wanted to apologize for taking so much time to make sure everything was secured properly and it was safe to hoist those drums. So, I’m sorry babe.”
“Don’t sweat it Bam, you were only making sure no one got hurt.” You smile at him and place your hand on his cheek, looking in those deep blue eyes. He smiles back at you and leans in for a kiss. You lean a bit backwards to tease him. He raises an eyebrow and smirks at you, “Come on, girl, work with me,” he mumbles with a grin. You giggle and decide to give in. Bam pulls you tighter and kisses you. ‘This guy,’ you think, ‘I married this incredible guy,’ and your heart skips a beat.