billy x lulu

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maybe if the whole second episode didn’t happen I’d be fine with Lulu and Billy

but the second episode happened

and now I ship the fuck outta Billy and Jane

and now they’ve gotta go and fuck it all uppppp kfljdklgfjlkfg ;~;

I’m acting like a baby but idec haha

you can’t shove scenes with moments like THESE my way and then expect me to be okay with Lulu and Billy ~~finally~~ getting together

BUT it is only the fourth episode, so we’ll see~

Jane By Design

1. As I’ve said before, Billy x Lulu forever.
2. Is it really so awful that Billy cleaned up his look a little? I mean, I prefer the punk Billy, but…I hate how everyone’s like “Ohmygosh, it’s so terrible that he’s changing himself!” I especially hate how Jane is reacting to it. Guess what, sometimes people do change, and if it’s something he wants to do, people shouldn’t give him crap about it. If he’d been preppy and clean cut originally but then decided he wanted to start wearing an earring and spiking his hair, I don’t think anyone would say anything about it.
3. I also ship India x Jeremy now.
4. Jane is my very least favorite part of this show. I think her friendship with Billy seems so forced, and she’s a terrible friend anyway. She takes advantage of him.
Ahem, anyway.