billy x dom

I Love Minas Tirith
  • repeatedly, throughout the commentary
  • Billy: I love Minas Tirith. I just love looking at it
  • Dom: Yeah, you've said that.
  • Billy: Well, I still like it.
  • Billy: I love Minas Tirith
  • Dom: How many times? Broken record, broken record, broken record
  • Billy: Sorry, sorry.
  • Billy: I love Minas Tirith
  • Dom: Shut it
LotR Cast Commentary- Billy and Dom: Beginning of Two Towers Disc 2.
  • Billy: Hello, and welcome back to disc 2
  • Dom: Of the cast commentary for the Lord of the Rings: Two Towers. I'm Dom Monaghan just settling in for another, what is it, 9 or 10 hours of this movie?
  • Billy: Apparently 12.
  • Dom: 12 hours...
  • Billy: Yeah, put your feet up. Enjoy this. Here come the refugees.