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American animated series by Yoh Yoshinari (吉成 曜) 

Fanart illustrations by Little Witch Academia director and key-animator in: Gurren Lagann, Evangelion, FLCL, KILL la KILL, One Piece, P&SWG, etc. Including Teen Titans, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Lab, Kim Possible and more (classics). Search! 

Guys imagine Angel Grove High School being so surprised that Kimberly Ann fucking Hart, ex-cheerleader is dating Trini. 

Some reactions are bad (most likely from the people who write on Trini’s locker and Kim’s ex-friends and the few homophobic kids) but for the most part it’s just bewildered confusion. Sure, they’ve seen Kimberly in relationships before, but not like this. Also, they all expected Jason and Kim to get together. Hell, some kids even bet on it.

They’re just so confused seeing Kimberly actually looking happy, like in Biology Kim moves to the back to sit near Trini and their desks are always close and Kimberly’s constantly finding new ways to somehow be touching Trini. (Trini pretends to be annoyed but she smiles like an idiot when Kim grabs her hand underneath their desks. 

Kim skipping class to hang out with Trini during her off period. Kim showing up to school one day in a yellow beanie and one of Trini’s yellow shirts and getting stares, but someone just mutters, “How the hell do both of them look good in yellow?” 

Kim’s ex-boyfriends starting drama and poor Kim has to pull a fuming Trini off of them. Trini gets questions like, “Are you really dating Kimberly?” And it puts her in a pissy mood, (one, it’s none of their business and two, she’s not used to all the attention) but usually Kim just swoops in and starts showing Trini off. She whips out her phone and just goes, “Guys, look at her! Isn’t she adorable?” And before Trini can say anything Kim kisses her. 

Trini’s locker no longer gets any mean notes, and Kim draws a saber-toothed tiger in the corner. (It stays there for the rest of the year) Trini also has pictures of her and Kim up in her locker because she’s just so smitten and is surprised to find that Kim has a picture of them in hers, too. 

Kim’s teachers worry for a while because her grades start slipping and they low-key think it’s Trini’s fault (her english teacher walks past them one day in the library during lunch and Trini’s trying desperately to get Kim to focus) “Kimberly Ann Hart I swear if you don’t finish this paper I won’t kiss you for a week.” 

“Did you just full name me?” 


“There’s no way you could go a week without kissing me.” 

Kim! Just do the damn paper!” 

“You’re just mad because I’m right.” 

Kim’s teacher has to hide his laugh behind his cup of coffee, and both girls get flustered as they realize that he and the librarian heard their entire conversation. 

Kim posts a picture of her and Trini on her instagram (with the caption ‘pink lemonade’) and almost the entire school likes it and that same week Trini asks Kimberly to prom in this big dramatic fashion. (Kim and Trini only show up to prom for five minutes to take photos and they go back to Kim’s house and eat pizza while watching movies all night) 

The boys always getting the biggest smile when they see Kim and Trini being happy together in the halls. 

kim joins the gymnastics team as a purer alternative to cheerleading and the rangers obviously have to come to every one of her meets. it’s awful. they’re screaming their heads off. trini is on jason’s shoulders yelling ‘that’s my girlfriend!!!!’. zack and billy try to light pink sparklers in the gym. all four of them get banned from every meet in the state and kim has never been more embarrassed in her life

okay but imagine the rangers ACTUALLY starting a band, and they turn out pretty good, and get some level of fame and zordon is just pissed like “YOU’RE MAKING IT HARDER TO CONCEAL YOUR IDENTITY” and he’s lookin to alpha for backup and alpha is just like “….they said i could play the triangle”

Power Rangers Fall Headcanons pt. 1

- At any given time you can see billy wearing Jason’s letterman and same with Trini and Kim’s Jacket until she gets her own.
- Jason and Kimberly are allowed to join the cheer squad and football team respectively after new administration takes over the school in the aftermath of Rita
- Trini Zack and Billy are at every game. All of them finding roles to play in their high school community.
- Billy manages to become an announcer for all home games. “and there goes Jason Scott racing down the field for the touch down. he’s my best friend you know. Hi Jason.” everyone was able to see the slight wave thrown back from Jason as he raced down the field scoring the touchdown.
- Zack gets hired by the school to record and handle footage for the football team, he uses the money to help pay for his moms medication (he may or may not use the equipment to record him doing stunts on trains)
- Trini was raised watching football with her dad every chance she could get. The coaches noticed her screaming at the flaws from their plays in the stands and decided to take her on as angel groves first student assistant coach. she can be seen screaming and jumping down from the sidelines.
- The football team offers her their full protection when they heard she was being bullied over it.
- Every Sunday the rangers are at Trini’s house watching football with her and Jasons dad.
- Bonfires are quickly replaced with coffee shop meetups to escape the frigid air.
- Jason and Trini drink their pumpkin spice lattes proudly not minding the teasing of the others
- “Jason, you look like a basic white girl.” “You say that like its a bad thing…” “Kim why are you acting as if your chai latte isn’t as basic?” “Can it Trinity”
- Billy and Zack have competitions to see who can rake up the biggest pile of leaves and have a huge show of jumping in them
- The other three are left to judge the chaos
- Billy may or may not have won when he proudly crashed his Zord through both piles.

Zodiac Signs as Female Cartoon Characters

***Click here for Male Cartoon Characters***

Aries: Helga G. Pataki (Hey Arnold)

Taurus: Jenny Wakeman/XJ9 (My Life as a Teenage Robot)

Gemini: Dee Dee (Dexter’s Laboratory) 

Cancer: Bubbles (The Powerpuff Girls)

Leo: Kim Possible (Kim Possible)

Virgo: Samantha “Sam” Manson (Danny Phantom)

Libra: Blossom (The Powerpuff Girls)

Scorpio: Buttercup (The Powerpuff Girls)

Sagittarius: Eliza Thornberry (The Wild Thornberries)

Capricorn: Angelica Pickles (Rugrats)

Aquarius: Mandy (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)

Pisces: Ginger Foutley (As Told by Ginger)

More Power Rangers (2017) Headcanons!

•Jason is definitely a star wars nerd™. Like one time Billy came over to help with chemistry homework and he spotted a millenium falcon toy in one of Jason’s shelves. Needless to say, homework was done in less than five minutes and they spent the whole night watching every star wars movie.

•Billy runs a power rangers instagram account. He got alpha five’s approval of course (mostly through bribes). He mainly posts pictures from training (in full uniform and mask!), what they’re currently eating and zord pictures. The account has over a million followers.

•Trini secretly loves boyband music. She has the backstreet boys, nsync and one direction on her ipod. She only plays them when she’s sure nobody can hear her.

•Kim is obsessed with spy/thriller/action movies. She likes to think of herself as the “black widow” of the team. Kim has a collection of dvds of every action movie ever.

•Zack is a secretly an excellent cook. With him and his mom, he learned how to cook meals suitable for her condition. He also learned how to make food taste better especially when it’s mixed with medicine and how to garnish them. He once cooked a whole salmon meal for the team at Kim’s house and everyone was shocked af.