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Trash harringrove head cannon; Billy always has to drive them at all times. He thinks he's a better driver and he just loves speeding. Sometimes he speeds just to get a reaction but Steve refuses to to show weakness and react, but when doing corners too fast Steve sometimes unconsciously grabs Billy's arm or hand in fear and Billy LIVES FOR IT.

Billy is definitely gonna end up in a car crash if he doesn’t get his act together, but I am always here for trash and characters making poor life choices.

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Also I sent this head cannon to another blog but I'm hella stuck on maternal Joyce, for one reason or another getting super protective of Billy and Joyce somehow being with hopper on a domestic abuse call and it's max calling in worried her step dads gonna kill Billy. And hopper breaks down door and sees Billy beat to shit and she holds Billy and screams at his dad, "stay away from him! Don't you fucking ever touch him again!" And Billy cries because no ones ever protected him before.

Honestly, I don’t think Billy is the type to cry where anyone can see him, but I can definitely see him putting on a tough guy act even with his face all beat to shit, doing his best to push Joyce and Hopper away, and then roughly brushing away tears that won’t stop falling once he’s finally somewhere alone.