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Enigmatic newcomer Sampson shows us how sublime it could be if we were to fuse the tranquil beauty of London Grammar, the smoky haunting allure of Lana Del Rey, the delicate vulnerability of Billie Eilish, and the synth heavy pulses of CHVRCHES altogether on her melancholic haunting debut, Shake The Fire. An emotionally charged soundscape and a striking voice make for an indelible introduction to the mysterious new talent. Regarding the single Sampson says, “'Shake The Fire’ is about papa (my grandad), who was a huge supportive force in my music. I remember as a kid showing him my very first song and driving to music lessons listening to Edith Piaf; he was my best friend. His passing was really hard for my family because he was so invested in me and my siblings. Feeling grief was definitely a time when I came to understand mortality as more than just a word people use. I wrote ‘Shake The Fire’ while realising that we never really have full control of anything, especially not time.” Shake The Fire is lifted from an upcoming debut album, which Sampson notes is an intimate look at the depths of the human heart. 

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