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I’m in the middle of season 3 of Black Sails and I know two things for sure:

  1. everyone is a little in love with Captain Flint
  2. everyone is really irritated at being a little in love with Captain Flint
Post Punk Party Playlist From ‘84

Depeche Mode - In Your Memory

Siouxsie And The Banshees - Dazzle

The Smiths - Handsome Devil

New Order - Age Of Consent

Sisters Of Mercy - Temple Of Love (original version)

Ministry - Every Day Is Halloween

Depeche Mode - Something To Do

Billy Idol - Rebel Yell

Japan - Methods Of Dance

The Cure - Close To Me

My Tumblr list of must-see movies

A list of 15 movies you must see before you die:

1. Notting Hill (1999) - Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant

2. Sleepless in Seattle (1993) - Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks

3. Sabrina (1995) - Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond, & Greg Kinnear

4. The Way Way Back (2013) - Steve Carell, Toni Colette, & Liam James

5. You’ve Got Mail (1998) - Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks

6. A Walk to Remember (2002) - Mandy Moore & Shane West

7. Kings of Summer (2013) - Nick Robinson, Moises Arias, & Gabriel Basso

8. Dead Poets Society (1989) - Robin Williams & Robert Sean Leonard

9. Breakfast Club (1985) - Molly Ringwald & Judd Nelson

10. Forrest Gump (1994) - Tom Hanks & Robin Wright

11. When Harry met Sally (1989) - Meg Ryan & Billy Crystal

12. The Blind Side (2009) - Sandra Bullock & Quinton Aaron

13. Pretty in Pink (1986) - Molly Ringwald & Jon Cryer

14. Steel Magnolias (1989) - Julia Roberts & Sally Field

15. Serendipity (2001) - John Cusack & Kate Beckinsale

Favorite Son
Green Day
Favorite Son

Green Day’s contribution to the Rock Against Bush Volume 2 compilation album. Favorite Son can also be found on the Japanese release of American Idiot.

He hit the ground running,
At the speed of light.
The star was brightly shining,
Like a neon light.

It’s your favorite son.
It’s your favorite son.

Fortune Teller

Based on this prompt: “A Sexually confused Kimberly going to a fortune teller and she gets a glimpse of her future with Trini from their first date to their wedding all the way to them being parents.” by @iamtonyredgrave

“Will you help me see?
Will you let me know?
If I’m gonna be,
Everything I want.”

- Prayer-lude, Naomi Scott.

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ofc trimberly + maybe cranscott ? :0

who would be the one to randomly adopt a puppy without consultation

w trimberly def kim bc she l o v e s animals w a passion, trini pretends to hate it when she comes home w a puppy but whn no one’s looking she baby talks thm //w cranscott billy would!! animals love him bc duh who wouldn’t??? n he hates to see anyone n anything unhappy, jason lovs that his bf is so compassionate but also they have s e v e n dogs but still whn billy comes back w another jason jus melts

who would force the other to take aesthetic pictures of them

kim again lol, she’s rly hot; everyone knows tht, th rangers know it, alpha knows it, zordon knows it, she knows it, n also trini is bad w technology and sh finds it rly cute how she struggles w even jus focusing th camera // jason prbly! his nickname among th rangers is captain prettyboy for a reason and he lovs th pictures billy takes

who would do stuff they think is stupid just to make the other one happy

kim!! bc trini is Emo tm and she doesn’t smile oftn so kim goes out of her way to do things to make her smile, evn if she doesn’t see it like snd trini snaps n thn send a text saying “opn yr snap in private ((;” for trini to thn open a picture of their dog w a bra on its head // billy would!!! anytime tht jason seems off or they have a rough training day he yells “the kiss of life!!” nd smooches him

who picks out the horror movies to watch just so the other will cling to them

trini does,, she thinks she’s smooth whn she picks em out but always ends up either falling asleep halfway thru or getting supr scared and latching onto kim’s arm // jason does this one but prbly only once because it prbly really scares billy but he doesn’t like th whole touching thing too much most of th time so they jus end up putting a funny movie on while jason holds his hand

who is constantly studying and who is constantly trying to distract them

kim studies and trini is Clingy constntly and tries to get her to pay attention to her,, she usually goes over to kim’s house undr the guise of “studying for their biology hw” but does everythin in her pwr to get kim to do anything else w her // billy studies bc he’s super fuckign smart and loves learning, n thn whn thts coupled w hanging out w his bf he’s all for it!!!! but whn jason starts pitching othr ideas he’s def not against that either

who initiates the facetime calls whenever they’re separated

trini prbly bc she’s still vaguely in shock that she’s Dating Kimberly Hart, and whn they’re apart she realizes how Real their relationship is n how much kim rly means to her, n calls kim jus saying things like “yeah so i couldn’t figure out th hw???” and kim sees right thru it but plays along bc she!!! just!! loves!! trini!! sm!! // both? prbly for differnt reasons tho! jason calls a lot bc he ends up remembering that billy was dead n it snds him into a state of panic thinking abt it n th only thing tht really grounds him is seeing and hearing him. billy calls bc he’s jus such a pure guy, n an evn bettr bf, n he likes to check in on jason jus to like say good morning n ask how his day was 

who is more likely to storm out after a fight and who is more likely to cry when they do

trini is def prone to storm out bc thas jus how she know to deal w things, she needs her space at times bc she’s figuring things out n when she n kim fight it scares her that she might lose her n kim cries bc she feels like she’s a bad gf to trini and is scared she mmight have driven trini away // billy would prbly storm out bc although he’s good undr strss he def doesn’t Like it; he likes having a game plan of sorts n knowing how to navigate his thoughts n feelings n when he n jason fight thngs get messy in th sens that they get confusing for billy bc he doesn’t read cues tht well so he needs distance; jason cries bc he gets scared that he’ll lose billy aftr everything and he fears he might have made billy uncomfortable w smthn in their relationship (i.e. too much too soon sorta thing)

who stays up way too late binge-watching their favorite shows

both!!!! they stay up together watching thngs like carol n trini’s always in on The Gay Memes n whisprs “harold, they’re lesbians” n kims just????? so confused???? who is harold??? // jason does!! and billy knows he does bc jason always texts at like 4 in th morning saying things like “billy i can’t BELIEVE this, candi (fromm th real housewives of atlanta) just!!! did something really fcuked up!!!” to th point where billy has his phone set to send jason a text at midnight saying “please go to sleep, jace, you already know tamara’s gonna wreck vicki, you can finish it in th morning”

who bites the other’s ear when they’re feeling frisky

kim, but she’s almost always frisky bc she l o v e s how blushy trini gets because she’s a huge flirt and honestly, cause of trini’s death: melted into a gay puddle bc kim is jus s o hot // billy ? mayb i feel like billy usually iniates intimacy because jason likes to let him be touchy on his own terms and it makes jason, jus fall apart bc hhholy shit

who sprays the other with water when they’re washing the car

kim, again bc she’s a huge flirt but it backfires when she realizes tht trini isn’t wearing a bra, but Is wearing a white shirt and she jus…. dies but trini gets back at her by getting throwin th sponge at her which ends up hitting her directly in th face bc she’s still frozen like th useless gay she is // jason! he likes messing around a lot bc it brings out th playful side of billy he completely adores 

who has more fun decorating the house during holidays

this one is prbly actually trini! bc around th holidays her family is too focused on celebrating to pester her with their questions and kim isn’t Against decorating, but she def was nevr that interested til trini came home w christmas lights and insisted their lil apt needed some holiday cheer // billy!!!! he loves the holidays and although his fav thing to do for thm is bake (he’s a phenomenal chef) he also loves decorating and despite th fact tht jason is an Edgelord and doesn’t care too much for all the festivities he can’t resist whn billy asks him to help hang up th mistletoe 

who is more likely to give the silent treatment when they’re mad at the other

kim is th master of th silent treatment and Everyone in angel grove knows it, she can go on for years if she needs to really and trini is jus like….fucc this is it….i’ve fuckt up! // jason gives th silent treatment but since billy doesn’t really read th cues that well he ends up jus thinking that jason is sick or smthn and whn he shows up to jason’s door with his famed chicken noodle soup,, jace jus can’t be mad at him 

who plays with the others’ hair more

trini l o v e s playing w kim’s hair it’s so soft and she absolutely adores the way kim’s face just softens when she does it, and kim jus prbly fuckign nuts whn trini plays w her hair // billly !!  to th point where he jus stims by playing with jace’s hair and jace is more than happy to oblige

who is more likely to climb all over the other one when they’re bored

kim!!!! she just flops onto trini and while trini complains abt kim crushing her, she secretly loves it whn kim lays on her bc idk she likes feeling kim’s weight on her bc it reminds her of how There and Hers she is // jason prbly, he always asks abt it first but once he is Certain that billy’s okay with it, he’s On Top of It, literally and whn billy’s okay w it,,, man is he okay w it, he loves how affectionate jason is and how much he cares abt billy feeling comfortable w their intimacy 

who tries to kiss the other as often as they can

kimm, she kisses trini as much as possible bc her lips are so s o f t and she makes th cutest face right before they do // billy actually bc he rly likes th way jace sighs into their kisses and th dazed look he gets when he pulls back

who pouts when the other one tells them to shut the fuck up

oh this one is def kim esp bc evn when trini tells her to shut up she blushes and it really doesn’t help her case and kim jus loves it // jason! he jus can’t help it and less so whn billy jus smiles and crosses his arms, pretending to b mad

who initiates the sex and who walks away when the other is riled up

i feel like kim does both bc it’s jus so satisfying to her to see how wrked up trini gets and it’s downright adorable how she lets out a little huff whn kim walks away from her // they both initiate equally but billy is k n o w n for teasing jace n leaving him flustered for a long time to th point where th other rngers make jokes abt how he rly is th red rangers bc of how flushed he gets

who always forgets the umbrella and who holds it when they actually have one

trini doesn’t even own an umbrella bc she’s jus Too Cool for thm and despite kim constantly leaving one behind for her she never takes it bc she jus prefers to get wet bc again, she’s Emo tm and kim holds it whn they do ! n she makes a point of it to trini n always says, “ see, it’s not tht hard” // jason always forgets even when billy texts him to say it’ll be raining that day and he also holds th umbrella, specifically he holds it ovr billy bc th umbrella’s too small for both of thm and jace is a Gentleman whn it comes to his bf

who demands showering first in the mornings

bitchc they showr togthr, always kim’s idea and trini jus abt imploded th first time she suggusted it // billy!! bc jason always takes up th hot water and whn they shower togethr they get Nothing done n dammit jace billy has things to do stop trying to make shampooing look sexy

who sneaks into the shower with the other one in the mornings

kim sneaks in typically and trini pretends to hate it but they still always end up getting jus a little…distracted // jason! but it’s always jus to do things like brush his teeth bc there’s only one bathroom but he doesn’t want to intrude Or inturrupt billy so he just sneaks into get his toothbrush + th toothpaste and brushes his teeth in th kitchen sink 

who prefers riding the roller coasters and who prefers playing the games

kim loves roller coasters and trini loves games, but u see, kim likes games as well but trini LOAthes roller coasters, not necessarily bc she’s afraid, she just ha t es how nauseous she gets during and aftr riding thm // jason likes th roller coasters and billy likes the games, although they don’t have a Strong preference. billy mainly likes the games bc jace always insists that they’re all unwinnable shams and billy likes to prove him wrong and makes a point of cheating th systems for each 

who will text the other one thirty times in a row until they respond

kim!!! she always blows up trini’s phone over small things jus saying things like “trini. trin. triniii. babe. i just saw a bird. babe” and at first trini jus feels bad bc dmn she left to play black ops n now she’s got 17 texts abt how american cheese doesn’t deserve to be a cheese but she gets used to it and makes a point of responding accordingly // billy does without realizing sometimes, he texts th way someone talks (if tht makes any sense, like instead of one long text just th connected thoughts in one text n then other thoughts in anothr text) and jason is jus like damb i didn’t think someone could text sm abt how messd up it is that spideypool isn’t canon 

who always forgets to charge their phone overnight

trini prbly bc she either falls asleep befroe she gets the chance to or she jus listens to music until th battery dies which leaves kim on th other end of their texts like damb she isn’t responding to my text abt how much i wnna be gay w her,, macklemore didn’t die for this // billy def does bc he isn’t on his phone that often so he typically jus lets it die and jason’s phone is just constantly charging bc he ltrlly nuts whn billy texts 

who comes up behind the other and slide their hands into their back pockets

kim! like i mentioned, she’s a h u g e tease and lives for seeing trini blush beet red at the slightest sign of flirting // billy bc jason has a rly nice butt and literally who wouldn’t do it if they knew he would b into it??

who tries to get hugs from the other as often as they can

both, they love hugging each othr to th point where whn they’re joking they jus waddle places while hugging bc they jus don’t wanna let go?? // jason! esp whn billy is doing something tht requires concentration bc he scrunches his nose whn he thinks hard abt smthn and jace jus can’t help it 

who is louder and who constantly has the tell the other to be quiet

kim definitely, she is also supr clumsy and falls a lot and trini jokes abt it constantly but finds it exceedingly endaring // jason is ltrlly so loud,, he has No chill and billy jus wnts to lwr his volume but also lowkey loves tht jason gets loud whn he’s talking abt smthn he’s passionate abt 

Silver, we gotta talk.

Honey bee. Rainbow-looking child. One-legged friend. 

I love you dearly, but I need you to stop. And by that I mean your failure to take responsibility for the death and misery you yourself have caused out of entirely selfish reasons.

Bc that whole “look at all the terrible things I’ve done only for you!” stuff in 408 is some self-righteous nonsense. Let’s not argue about Flint here. Flint is deeply morally questionable and I’m not going to argue he isn’t a manipulative, cunning bastard - bc he is. 

I’m here to remind you that for the longest time, Flint wanted fuck-all to do with you and it was you that kept sidling up and playing sidekick in order to make bank. Remember when you left your crew mates to themselves, being slaughtered on the deck? When you killed the cook for a piece of paper whose nature you didn’t even know? When you watched a man get killed for supposedly stealing that paper? When you watched an innocent, black, homeless man being shot for supposedly being involved? And then watched another man being shot for the same? 

Remember when your first response to seeing Flint with Gates’ body was to cover it up and keep hunting the gold? Remember when Flint was ready to quit, multiple times even, and you were the one to push him onward? How Flint was pretty done with you after taking the fucking warship, and you’re the one that brought up how he’d need you to take back command, putting yourself back in an allied position at the nearest opportunity? And how you were intending to take off w the gold, leaving all the crew (aka your “brothers”) that had died and suffered for it to go empty-handed? Remember “how good it feels” to stomp your leg through the head of a prone man? Oh, and making the decision to have Billy murdered after he imbued you with the power you currently hold?

A vast amount of bodies accumulated thanks to you, yes, but not all of them can be blamed on Flint deviously manipulating you against your will. A whole lot are bc you’ve been selfish, ruthless and ice-cold.

This is not about absolving Flint of his responsibility for his actions, bc they’re his and he’s not clean. But neither are you, and I need you to stop acting like you are, after you’ve spent months power-tripping over your new pirate king persona. (Bc from your monologuing to various people it’s clear you’ve been buying into your own hype as long as you had Madi & Flint & Billy by your side.)

You’re both horrible ppl in your own way, and you’re also both wonderful - and so is the vast majority of the cast, and that’s what I love about this show.

So stop being self-righteous and pretending like all the terrible things you’ve ever done, all the manipulation and death and scheming you’ve tangled yourself in, are bc Flint kept pulling you in against your will. You kept pushing into his space and were eventually allowed in, but it didn’t start with Flint asking you to be his henchman, and it seems like you forgot.

Thankfully, I’ve got a long fucking memory to remind you.

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for what it's worth, my 2 cents on the Silver Killed Flint theory: it's just coming from 1) ppl being thrown off by a happy ending and thinking there must be darker undertones 2) we weren't supposed to know for sure about the thomas reveal until the very end. that means ofc you're not going to get shown certain stuff before that (like w the madi & billy scene) so a side effect of that is the ambiguity. imo if the writers were going for that interpretation there'd be more obvious clues

absolutely agree!!

and now we have confirmation:

Q: Did you always know you were going to reunite Flint with Thomas at the end, or did that idea come about later in the writing process?

JS: We had a sense in season two when he died off screen, that any character who dies off screen, you’re taking the word of the messenger as to whether or not it actually happened. As someone who watches these stories and reads these stories, it feels unlikely that it actually happened. We knew we weren’t finished with him. And then at some point in season three we realized it would be reasonably late in the series when he came back, so in season four it felt right. And it wasn’t a choice he would make, it was a choice made for him. (x)

Stuff that happened when Green Day were in London on February 8th 2017

- everyone singing along to bohemian rhapsody before Green Day came on
- the bunny at the beginning
- them coming on to the good bad and ugly theme
- which went straight into know your enemy
- that girl from the audience who sung know your enemy and then jumped into the audience but it took a couple of tries because she was scared
- the stadium going pitch black and Billie shining a torch round the audience during holiday followed by Billie and the audience chanting ‘no Trump’
- ‘the representative of England now has the floor’
- the acoustic beginning to blvrd, all of the lights in the audience, the audience singing part of blvrd before the pause where everyone chanted ‘Green Day’ followed by Billie saying ‘it’s so, so nice to be back in London’
- having the union jack hanging over his guitar during blvrd
- blvrd going straight into longview where Billie got out his old guitar
- that guy in the superman hoodie who came up and sang longview and was running around the stage like a madman. When he hugged Billie, Billie grabbed his butt, and he did not hesitate in running and jumping into the audience
- Tré skipping across the stage to throw his sticks into the crowd, and then doing a pirouette and skipping over to Jason Freese on the keyboard and thrusting in front of him during waiting
- before 2000 light years, ‘who in here is a hardcore Green Day fan?’ que everyone cheering
- all the fucking around in hitchin’ a ride: ‘Eeennggalaaaand’ etc
- the beginning of cristie road where there was just a spotlight on Billie
- minority that went straight into are we the waiting, where there was low lighting and the audience singing most of the chorus
- which went straight into st. jimmy
- Billie running out of breath in the last chorus of st. jimmy and then standing on a platform with his arms out under loads of lights and staying like that for a good few minutes before shouting 'and don’t you fucking wear it out!’
- Billie going through Mike’s legs during basket case
- Tré didn’t have his bra and hat on during king for a day ;-;
- Mike had sunglasses, Jason White had the mike mask, Jason Freese had a pharoh’s hat, Billie wore a flat police hat
- Someone throwing a rainbow flag at Billie, who then held it up and briefly wrapped it around him like a dress during the instrumental of king for a day
- the audience chanting 'king for a day’
- the call and response part with the sax and Billie playing a golden kazoo, which he then threw into the audience
- Billie waving his arms during the sax solo and putting the union jack on Jason like a cape
- Jason having a spotlight on him during his sax solo, where he played the careless whisper sax solo and conducted the audience who sang the last bit of it, which he found very funny
- the way Tré came down from the drum kit to do his 'I say waaaaaaaaaiiitt a minute’ in the mic
- the way Tré kicked his legs during his part and Billie played the drums
- 'little bit softer now’ as the stage went dark and they all lay on the floor
- Billie softly singing always look on the bright side of life and the audience singing the 'doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo’, followed by teenage kicks where Billie held the mic up from the floor and the audience sung 'this teenage kicks right through the night, alright’ where Billie added an extra 'alright’ on the end
- Billie, while on the floor, saying 'this is why we love coming to England, because you guys feel the same way about music as we feel about music’
- Billie then singing I can’t get no satisfaction, followed by hey jude, where there was a massive cheer after the first 'hey jude’ and the audience singing the 'naaaa naa naa na na na naaaaaa, heeeyyy juude’ and inbetween each na na na part, Billie singing some improv 'juuudy juuuudy judy judy go’
- 'little bit louder now’ as the lights turned back on and they all got off of the floor
- 'this song is called forever now’ followed by a massive cheer
- them going off stage and the audience chanting 'Green Day’ again
- Billie getting down on his knees and praising the audience when they came back on stage
- the audience singing the beginning of american idiot
- Billie screaming 'fuck you Donald Trump!’ at the end of american idiot
- Billie making the audience hold on the 'hooooome’ part in jesus of suburbia with his hands in the air
- the acoustic set up for ordinary world and good riddance, where there was just a spotlight on Billie with an acoustic guitar and all of the lights in the audience
- the confetti and Tré and Mike coming on at the end of good riddance
- the little group hug the trio had at the end
- the t-shirt cannon ('who wants a t-shirt?’) during one of the songs, where a shirt came very close to us
- the two hoses at either side of the stage that Billie used to soak the audience
- the many times Billie went 'eeeeeyyyy ooooohh’ and the audience replied
- the 'eeeeeeyyyy oooooohh’/who can cheer the loudest competition between the two sides of the audience, where Billie conducted each side and made each side boo at the other (I think we won tbh)
- Billie raising his arms when he wanted the audience to make noise and then be quiet when he lowered them, and then cracking up when he gradually got faster and ending up going so fast the audience couldn’t keep up
- 'is that your cellphone? hey just to let you know one thing, if you’re looking at me through your cellphone, you’re not looking at me. This is an experience of a lifetime! You get to see Tré Cool!’ (he said this while looking in my direction and I was filming and there was like 1 person in front of me on the floor who also had their phone out plus I was pretty visible plus he was looking up and not down to the audience on the floor so I’m like 95/100% sure that he was saying this to me)
- 'this is our own private underground’ 'this is for all the weirdos out there, because I was a weirdo once too…and I still am a weirdo’ 'I don’t wanna see a selfie because I don’t care! I wanna see your beautiful face’ some finer quotes of the evening
- Billie running and jumping off of that platform at the front of the stage when there was a big finish to a song
- Tré went through a total of 8/9 pairs of drumsticks, because after some songs he would throw them behind him and magically pull another pair out of his shorts, he threw a pair into the audience during waiting and another at the end of forever now and the last pair were dropped into the audience when he bowed at the very end
- The disabled girl who came and played the guitar (with Billie’s help) and then was shocked to tears when Billie said she could keep the guitar

Madi’s “No!”

Analysis post. Warning: 4x09 spoilers

“But I hear other voices, a chorus of voices, multitudes.They reach back centuries. Men and women  and children who’d lost their lives to men like you.
Men and women and children forced to wear your chains. I must answer to them and - this war, their war, Flint’s war, my war -  it will not be bargained away to avoid a fight, to save John Silver’s life, or his men’s, or mine.”

I’ve discussed and read opinions on several sources from viewers on Madi’s arc. I’ve expressed my hopes where it could be going since 4x06. I’ve expressed my opinion on Madi’s choice in 4x09. But this post isn’t about that. Just an analysis in reflection of how Madi has dealt with losses since 4x01. For me this “No” is not just a “No”, but expresses a willingness to martyr and sacrifice Silver, his men and her own life for the war.

Now obviously she lacks some crucial information such as the amount of runaway slaves there are Maroon Island at present. She has not heard Julius’ words. It actually matters little, because her “No!” comes from the purest conviction about herself and what she is willing to giving up. Madi started out as a sheltered girl with little to no contact to the outside world, and the sole violence she truly consciously experienced before the S3 finale was that of the Maroon men torturing and hunting pirates and sailors that ended up on the Maroon Island by accident, which she recognizes as lawful defense. Until S4 the sole loss she truly experienced was the death of her father, who had been absent for the last 12 years. Certainly from the first episode in S4, Madi quickly experiences heartfelt losses.

Losing Silver

During the invasion, she experiences defeat, witnesses John fall into the water and never surface again, sees her men and Silver’s men being picked off. We know from the flashback that if she was a no good pirate, she’d follow Silver into anything and anywhere. She loves him and she admires him. And she is shocked, broken hearted and devestated by his seeming death.

She holds out hope that Silver may still have been saved or resurfaced and makes it to the beach, where Flint and Madi wait for the last uncaptured survivors to arrive with the longboats.

Her hope is crushed, and first we see her from behind, looking out over the sea, as if she is saying goodbye to Silver.

Next, we see her cry for Silver from the right angle, “looking right”. She grieves. And finally we get a view from the left angle, “looking left”, where she decides to move onwards with the war.

Because in the next scene we see her, at Miranda’s house the first thing she asks Flint is whether the war is over now.

Madi: “Is it over?” 

Flint: “Is what over?” 

Madi: “You looked into my mother’s eyes  and you said a great war lay ahead of us, one in which pirates and slaves would stand together  and strike a blow that might shake the very foundation  of the British Empire. Now our ships are gone, our army is fractured, battered and beaten. And the only man among you I trusted is dead. I’m asking you if this war died with him.”

Madi does not stop grieving, or loves Silver no less than he does her, per her response when she learns that Silver is alive and when she sees him again. And just prior to learning that he is alive, she tells Eme, “I lost more than you can know.”

What we do learn and what Madi learns in 4x01 is that, despite loving Silver as much as he loves her, she can live with his loss, that she can sacrifice him for her war. So, when Silver asks her in 4x05, “If this goes away, Flint’s war, if it all ended and we had to walk away from it would I be enough for you?” we actually know her answers since 4x01. Hence, “You know what? You don’t have to answer that.”

When Madi says she will not bargain away a fight to save Silver’s life, Madi means it. Nor will Madi ever regret sacrificing Silver, which is why she is pitted against Woodes Rogers in 4x09 who is haunted by regret for his choice. If Woodes could go back in time and undo his choice, he would.

His men (and his means) and her men

Of course, if Madi can sacrifice Silver himself, whom she loves, it is as easy for her to sacrifice Silver’s brothers and friends, who she does not love. More, she expects Silver to be able to do that too. This becomes clear when she pushes Silver to get rid of Billy.

She sides with Billy to free the Underhill slaves. She opposes Billy to prevent reprisals on the family and loved ones of the Underhill slaves. Afterwards she pushes Silver to get rid of Billy, to heal and salvage the alliance with the runaway slaves of New Providence and to remove the one voice that urges Silver to follow his own better judgment about the cache and go against Flint.

Fuck Billy! Don’t fuck Billy! Fuck Flint! Don’t fuck Flint!

But Silver loves Madi. Despite the fact that Billy saved them in 4x03 from the soldiers on the roof, helped to retake Nassau, built the resistance for Silver, and totally echoes Silver’s own mind on issues, Silver chooses Madi’s advize who talks and reasons exactly like Flint. Of course, he does it in his own way - severe punishment, and promise to never do it again.

She also lost a large amount of her own people, including Kofi. Madi is indeed very much a monarch in that way. Absolutely everyone and everything can be sacrificed for an idea in her mind (a nation is an abstrahation of people). And she is better at it than Flint even.

In contrast, Silver tries to avoid as much as possible to have blood on his hands. Yes, he was callous in the first two seasons, but he had no attachment to anyone then. The likeliest reason he avoided attachments in the past is how he could not live with sacrificing loved ones and friends. That is why he ultimately is the best quartermaster, and continues to think like one, instead of a king or captain.

And if you took notice, Silver is the diplomat, the man most prone to make deals, to search for a common interest: (S1) over a page from a log, a share and his life with Max, Flint, Randal and Eleanor; (S2) for a share in gold, the Man O War, Flint’s life with Flint, Max and Vane; (S3) the foundation for a deal with the Maroons, even if Flint does the pitch talk; (S4) with Eleanor, Ruth and Julius and Woodes.

Her own life and freedom

Finally, Madi faces death several times - at the Underhill plantation against Billy, against the Spaniard, and Woodes’ barrel of a gun. She loses her own freedom and has seen the might of the world and men taking the freedom away of her people.

She saw New Providence razed. She can perfectly imagine how easily Maroon Island can be torched with thousands of men. She is reminded by Ruth, by Eleanor of the wisdom in making a safe haven for your loved ones and the happiness that could be had in it.

But to her, a safe haven is a temporary illusion easily destroyed by the horrors of the world. A lifetime of horror, violence and brutality makes love, life and the chance of a safe haven so precious to Eleanor that she dies fighting for it, even if she knows it to be an illusion at some level. A lifetime of reading, shelter and love make loss, sacrifice and horror an unavoidable and bearable certainty and necessity. There can be no deal made, no peace had.

And thus Madi’s queenly strength radicalizes into the strength of a martyr, a revolutionist, a suicide bomber. Any of these minds are strong, inpenetrable, and unalterable. And I think we should take that very seriously.

Even if you could kill me,  even if that somehow helped you see her alive again, how are you going to explain it to her? She believes in this as much as I do. You know this. If it costs the war to save her, you’ll have lost her anyway. Even you cannot construct a story to make her forgive you that. You do this, and you’re gonna regret it.

anonymous asked:

another jason/billy fic please! im love them so much 😭😭😭

You got it! This ones kinda short and is just a drabble but I hope you enjoy it! 

All mistake are my own.

Billy’s head hurts almost all the time. It has ever since he was little. Ever since he started thinking and couldn’t stop. He’s always thinking, there’s always something going on in his head. Sometimes it’s math problems, other times it’s details blueprints for the next section of mountain he’s going to study. Most recently it’s next fighting techniques that he thinks could best be performed from inside his power rangers suit. The suits are awesome, but not suited for just any type of fighting.

He’s taken to pulling up videos on YouTube. Boxers training for matches. UFC fighters going at it in the ring. Sometimes he even watches the high school fights that kids upload. Those are really strange, the shaky camera always miss the good parts.

Anyways, Billy’s head hurts because he’s always thinking. And he always thinking because he’s restless. He has to be doing something all the time unless he’s asleep. But Billy thinks that even then, he’s doing something.

The others don’t know about the headaches. Billy doesn’t see a point in telling them. When it gets too bad he just takes a few deep breaths like his mom taught him. Sometimes if he rubs his forehead enough that helps too. Deep breaths and forehead massages, they tend to do the trick. He does a lot of both after training in the cave.

One day, Jason asks him about it. He asks Billy if he’s okay. It catches the other boy off guard. He doesn’t realize he’s been vigorously rubbing at his forehead for nearly twenty minutes.

“Why wouldn’t I be okay?” He asks, his brow furrowed deeply.

Jason shrugged and tilted his head. “You looked like you were thinking really hard about something.”

Billy’s face clears and smiles. “I’m always thinking bout things, Jason.”

The other boy chuckled and nods. “Yeah I know.”

They end up at Jason’s house. Billy’s mom had to take his sisters to some school thing and didn’t want Billy at home by himself. Any other time, Billy would have argued that he’s almost seventeen and is more than capable of staying home alone. But then Jason invited him over and Billy found that he didn’t want to stay home, time spent with Jason was Billy’s favorite thing.

Jason’s house is a lot different than Billy’s. For starters his mom lets them eat dinner in Jason’s room. Their plates in their laps as they shoot zombies on the tv screen.

Billy gets so into it that his food gets cold before he can even really focus to eat.

“I can warm it up for you,” Jason says, already taking Billy’s plate and getting to his feet. “And I think my mom made cake so we can grab some of that too.”

“Cake?” Billy scrambles to his feet and trails after Jason. “What kind of cake? I haven’t cake in a while, my mom can never find time to make it. I told her I could make one myself even though the last cake I made exploded in the oven. Did you know that they can do that Jason? Cause I sure didn’t.”

Billy rambles the whole to the kitchen. Fingers twisting in the hem of his shirt and feet shuffling quickly. He knows Jason is listening from the smile on his face. Jason always smiles when Billy talks.

“Maybe next time you and I can make a cake?” He suggests, placing the food in the microwave and pressing in two minutes.

Billy pauses, catching himself in mid sentence. He blinks a few times, extra blinks when he becomes vaguely aware of his head hurting.

“That would be awesome.” Billy nods, rubbing at one eye. “I’ve never tried cooking with anyone else.” He watches as Jason gets a knife from one of the kitchen drawers and spins the cake pan to a better angle so he can cut it.

“I’m gonna warn you now.” He laughed, pulling the knife through the cake in a scary straight line. “I’m a terrible cook, can barely make noodles.”

“Noodles are easy!” Billy laughs, fingers pressing in the middle of his brow. He’s already thinking of a plan to get Jason over to his house to make noodles. “Just water and seasoning.”

Jason sticks his tongue out at him. “Don’t laugh, we can’t all be great at everything like you.”

The microwave behind Billy beeps loudly, making him jump a bit. He spins to open it, quickly pulling the hot plate out and smelling it.

“I blow up cakes Jason.” Billy said grabbing his fork, his utensil clatters on the plate as he drops it in favor of pushing at his brow again. “Hardly great.”

When he turns back to face Jason, the other boy is standing not even a foot away. He’s got two pieces of chocolate cake in his hands but he’s watching Billy closely. Intently.

“Does….does your head hurt?”

Billy looks at him for a moment, the question making all thoughts in his mind squeal to a stop. His mom stopped asking him about his head hurting years ago. Cause his head hurts almost every day. So to be asked about it now, by his friend. His best friend; for a moment Billy doesn’t know what to say.

“Of course it hurts.” He finally says after a minutes of silence. “It always hurts.”

That obviously isn’t the right thing to say because Jason looks like Billy’s just told him the world is ending. He slides the cake onto the counter next to Billy and steps closer. There’s only inches between them.

“What do you mean your head always hurts?” Jason asks, eyes trailing from the top of his head to the sides to his eyes and then back again.

“My mom says it’s cause I think too much.” Billy shrugs. “I’m always thinking bout things Jason. Like right now I’m trying to decide if I should ask you over to my house this weekend or next. Cause didn’t Kimberly say she wanted to have a pizza night this weekend? Or did I dream that? I dream about you guys a lot. Sometimes we’re fighting and other times we’re just hanging out. But that doesn’t matter, what matters is when am I gonna get you over to my house to learn to make noodles?”

Billy takes a breath, the question hanging in the air. He looks up at Jason, finding the other boy still looking at him in concern.

“Jason?” Billy frowns. “Do you not want to come make noodles?”

Jason opens his mouth to answer but ends up huffing out a small laugh and smiling. He moves away from Billy, to the other side of the kitchen. When he opens the cupboard above his head, Billy gets a glance at what look like pill bottles. Jason plucks one from inside easily and shuts the door again.

He uncaps the bottle and shakes out two small pale red pills.

“Take these once you’re done eating.” Jason holds them out to Billy. “They’re just Advil but they should help with your head.”

Billy’s had Advil before, they only work for a little while. But he takes them from Jason anyways and sets them carefully on the edge of his plate. Jason smiles at him as they head back into his room and settle on the floor again.

“So,” Billy starts, this time picking up his fork instead of the game controller.

Jason unpauses the game and shoots a zombie in the head right off the back. He glanced at Billy out of the corner of his eye and smirks. “What time are we making noodles next Saturday?”