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Trying to watch a British movie
  • me: omg she was on Doctor Who
  • me: wait he is from Harry Potter
  • me: that guy was on Sherlock
  • me: hey, I know her from Game of Thrones
  • me:
  • friend:
  • me: look, it's Tom Hiddleston

Molly Weasley and the year her brothers died.

Molly Weasley and the year that Bill left to be a curse breaker in Egypt.

Molly Weasley and the year Charlie went off to Romania to work with dragons.

Molly Weasley and the year Ron sacrificed himself to a giant chess game and tried to fight Voldemort with only his other eleven-year-old friends for help.

Molly Weasley and the year Ginny spent being possessed by Voldemort and almost died.

Molly Weasley and the year that traitor Sirius Black broke out of Azkaban and was standing over Ron’s bed.

Molly Weasley and the year Death Eaters showed themselves at the Quidditch Cup. The year Harry was entered into a dangerous tournament and watch his classmate die. The year they knew he was truly back.

Molly Weasley and the year her husband nearly died. The year that Percy disowned them. The year Fred and George set out on their own. The year that Ron and Ginny set out to fight Death Eaters. The year Harry lost his godfather.

Molly Weasley and the year Ron was poisoned. The year Harry watched Dumbledore died. The year Bill was attacked by Greyback. The year she became proud to welcome Fleur to the family.

Molly Weasley and the year Bill got married. The year her husband, four sons, and her daughter-in-law to be all went on a risky rescue mission. The year Ron left school to hunt Voldemort. The year that Ginny led a resistance at Hogwarts until having to go into hiding. The year Fred and George hosted an underground radio show. The year Percy came back. The year Harry was nearly lost. The year that Fred was gone forever. The year that that bitch tried to hurt her daughter.

Molly Weasley and the year she found herself constantly counting heads, making sure they actually were home and safe.

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Harry Potter Au Trimberly Chapter 2

Things get a lot more complicated

Chapter 2

Kim sunk back down in her seat. She felt every eye in the hall on her. She hadn’t entered, she hadn’t even given the goblet a second look. Avoiding it completely, so how had her name got into it!. “Kimberly Hart if you please!” Professor Ford repeated. Jason gave her a little push. “Kim go on!” he looked incredibly excited. Kim felt incredibly sick. As she tried to remember how to walk. Her legs felt numb, as she walked between the Slytherin and Gryffindor tables. After what felt like and age. She finally made it to Professor Ford, who shook her hand. “Congratulations” she said smiling at Kim. Giving her an encouraging nod towards the chamber door. Kim nodded, willing her feet to keep moving.

She had never been in this room before. She walked down the stairs, until she reached Amelia and Viktor. Amelia gave her a small smile. While Viktor simply nodded his head in her direction. She didn’t open her mouth, afraid of what might come out. Profesor Ford closely followed By Ivanoski and Madame Julienne. Followed by Mr Hart and a man Kim had only seen when she visited her father’s office. Mr Delgado was the head of International magical co operations. He smiled at each of them. Winking at Kim, who suddenly found herself fighting the urge to vomit.

“Well done for being selected by the goblet of fire. Now your instructions for the first task. It will take place on November 25th at 10am. You will only be allowed your wands, you will need to complete this task. Failing to do so, will mean you can not proceed to the 2nd. Good luck” Kim wasn’t sure if she could feel any worse. “To bed” Professor Ford said with a smile. Viktor and Amelia left without glancing back. She felt her father slip and arm round her shoulders. “Well done Kim!” he said a bit to loudly in her ear.

“Thanks” He smiled, “Your mother will be so proud” Kim resisted the urge to laugh. Her mother would probably send her a howler. “You better get to bed” he said as they left the chamber. Walking through the now empty great hall. It seemed he wanted to escort her to her dorm. But she needed time to process. “I’ll be ok on my own” she said with a shrug. Mr Hart looked like he was about to argue. But thought better of it. “Goodnight KIm” he kissed her cheek. “Goodnight dad”

Kim didn’t sleep at all. Grateful that it was Saturday, and she didn’t have to deal with people staring at her all day. She gave up on sleep, throwing her duvet back. She got dressed silently, and left the dorm. She made her way through the castle quietly. Slipping out the front doors, and into the fresh air. She stretched, before taking off at a sprint. One of her favorite things about Hogwarts was the grounds. She had lost count of how many laps she had done. But the sun had fully risen now. As she made her way up to the courtyard.

“You shouldn’t run away from your problems” a voice said from behind her. Kim turned and frowned it was Trini. Sat reading a book, not even looking at her. “Who said I was?” Kim asked. Trini smiled. “I saw you doing laps of the lake” Kim smiled “Spying on me?” Trini snorted “You wish” Kim laughed. “You not going to congratulate me?” she teased. Trini shook her head. “You already seem to have a big enough head”

KIm looked affronted. Trini smiled and went back to her book. Kim moved to sit next to her. “I haven’t spoken to anyone about it” she said softly. Trini didn’t look up, Kim took a deep breath. “I don’t think I can be, who they want me to be” Trini closed her book. “They don’t want you to be anything. The goblet chose you, it must have had a good reason” Kim shook her head. “I doubt that”

Trini bit her lip. “Why did you put your name in?” Kim didn’t answer straight away. “You don’t have to say.” Kim scratched the back of her neck. “Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a stranger” Trini said off handedly. Kim snapped her head to look at Trini. “You’re not a stranger” Trini laughed “This is the most we’ve spoken in six years” Kim opened her mouth to argue, but she had a point. “Kim! There you are!” Jason shouted, coming out of the entrance hall. “Here I am” she said trying to sound cheerful. “I didn’t hear you come in last night.” he said as he joined them in the courtyard.

Kim shrugged, “You were probably snoring too loudly to hear me” Trini snorted from beside her. “I don’t snore” he said crossing his arms. “Whatever you say Jase” “Maybe I’ll leave you to it” Trini said standing up. “You don’t have to go” Kim said turning to look at Trini. Trini smiled “I’d hate to get in the way of your lovers tiff” Kim’s eyes went wide. “We’re not!” she snapped getting to her feet. Trini just nodded, before slipping back into the entrance hall. Kim scowled at Jason. “What?” Kim just scowled at him. “You never did have good timing Jase” she replied punching him on the arm.

Kim didn’t mean to be mad at him. Maybe she was just looking for someone, to take her anger out on. It took her a few weeks to calm down, which was fine until she realised the first task was coming up. She was not ready. Sat in potions, listening to Professor Mitchell list of antidotes wasn’t the best way to prepare. She was glad when the bell rang. As she gathered her books, she was surprised to see someone other than Jason waiting outside for her. “Are you waiting for me?” she asked hesitantly. Trini shrugged “Maybe” Kim smiled. “Oh so I’ll just” she made to leave. But Trini put her arm out to stop her. “So you are waiting for me?”

“I heard something you might want to know” Kim smiled. “Oh like what?” Trini glanced around the still crowded corridor. “Maybe in private?” she asked. Kim nodded, as she followed Trini out of the corridor. She didn’t speak, as they walked. Not until they were a few floors up from the dungeons, in one of the empty classrooms. “So what’s so important?” Kim asked “Dragons” Kim let out a shaky laugh “I’m sorry?” she replied. “Dragons that’s the first task”

Kim frowned “How do you know?” “I’ve seen them, there’s one for each of you” Kim shook her head. “Trini if you’re trying to freak me out” Trini shook her head. “I thought you should know” she left slamming the door behind her. “Great” Kim muttered. Head in her hands, on top of everything else. She now had dragons to deal with.

“You know this is a great place to hide” Jason said as he sat down opposite her. Kim didn’t reply, just continued to flick through the library book. “So who are you hiding from today?” he asked. Kim didn’t reply. Just continued to flick through the book. “Right well I’m just going to keep talking” Jason mused. “I haven’t seen you, since I found you outside with Trini” Kim glanced up at Trini’s name. “Are you hiding from her?” he asked. Kim glared at him. But that still didn’t silence his musings.

“Kim seriously I can do this all day. Or I can go find Billy” Kim frowned “That’s cheating” she snapped. No one could keep anything from Billy. Jason smiled “You leave me no choice” he made to stand up. “Dragons” Kim muttered. Jason looked confused. “You know for a second there, I thought you said dragons” Kim raised her eyebrows. “How do you know?”

She didn’t want to get Trini in trouble. But she knew Jason wouldn’t let it go. “Why don’t you help me?” She replied pushing a stack of books towards him. Jason flipped open the first one. Without saying a word. She lost track of how long she stayed in the library. It wasn’t until madam Fairweather, hurried her out that she realised how late it was. She adjusted her books, before heading to the Slytherin common room.

The corridors were mostly empty, as everyone was still at dinner. Something she had forgotten about. As she reached the entrance hall, turning to head to the dungeons. When she felt the rug, be pulled out from under her. Her books went flying, as well as her bag. She cursed as she hit the floor. A high pitched cackle reaching her ears. “Watch your step snake” Peeves shouted. Kim ignored him, but set about picking up her books.

Before she got to the last book. It was picked up expecting Peeves. She turned to leave. “Here” she turned it was Trini. Kim glanced up to see if Peeves was still there. He was floating near the ceiling. “Thanks” Kim said taking the book. Trini smiled. “How’s it going with the tournament?” Kim shrugged “Ask me tomorrow night”

“So you know what you’re going to do?” Kim nodded, “thanks for your advice” Trini shrugged. “I thought you should know. I mean I’d hate for Hogwarts to be at a disadvantage” there it was. The shields going back up. Kim nodded, “Maybe Amelia and Viktor don’t know” she replied hopefully. Trini shook her head. “I’m pretty sure they know” Kim looked confused. “How do you know?” Trini smiled. “How do you think I found out”

With that she left, before Kim could question her further. Leaving Kim with yet more things to worry about.

She woke up with paper stuck to her face. She glanced around her dorm was deserted. She glanced at her watch, her eyes going wide. She tore out of the dorm. Heading for the grounds, pushing past the crowds heading to the newly constructed stadium.

She spotted Professor Ford, standing outside a small tent. She waved her over, “I was getting worried” she said steering Kim inside. “Sorry” was all Kim managed. Professor Ford shook her head. She handed Kim a new set or robes. Green and Silver, Slytherin’s house colours. Kim pulled them on, tucking her wand into the pocket.

She could see Amelia sat in the corner, not speaking to anyone. Victor was in deep conversation with his headmaster. Professor Ford, wasn’t saying anything. Not until the tent flap opened. Mr Delgado waltzed in, all charm and smiles. Smiling warmly at each of the champions. “Welcome to the first task, which will be testing your nerve and courage. Your task is simple, collect the golden egg. Failing to do this, will leave you unable to continue. Now” he pulled a leather pouch from inside his robes.

He offered the bag to Victor, who put his hand inside. He pulled out a small dragon, with a one tied round its neck. Amelia was next, after sharing a look with her headmistress. She pulled out her dragon, with a two round its neck. Kim pulled out the last dragon. With a three, round it’s neck. Maybe it was her, but no one looked surprised.

“Each dragon, has been given an egg to protect. Collect the egg, to proceed.” He smiled at them again before leaving the tent, closely followed by the teachers. The minutes seemed like hours, she tried to block out the crowd’s shouts. “Now our final champion, will face the 1st task” Kim stood on shaky legs. She was sure her wand, would snap under her grip. As she left the tent, the crowd cheered as she entered the stadium.

She looked round, the golden egg was perched on top of a rock face. Unguarded, it couldn’t be that easy surely. She moved towards it quickly. Turns out she was right. A large tail, slashed at her. Narrowly missing her by inches. She stumbled sideways, taking cover behind a rock. She peered over the top, the dragon a Hungarian Horntail by the look of it. Seemed to be angry, searching for her with its red eyes.

She took a deep breath, before springing up. “Confringo!” Her spell hit the horntail’s chest. As a burst of fire left its mouth, Kim wasn’t quick enough. It caught her on the shoulder, as she dived out of sight. She was breathing heavily, trying not to glance at her shoulder. The crowd were silent, clearly not sure if she was ok. “You can do it Kim!” She looked up to see Jason, shouting like a maniac. Billy right beside him, Kim nodded. She peered around the rock. She took a second, to line up her shot. “CONFRINGO!” She roared, this time the spell hit the horntail square in the eye.

It stumbled blindly, Kim seized her chance. Sprinting for the egg, scooping it up. The bell chimed, as dragon handlers entered the enclosure. She didn’t hang around, as she left for the tent. Madam Pomfrey was waiting for her. Tutting all the while. “Dragons” she muttered shaking her head. Kim sat on the bed. As Madam Pomfrey looked at her shoulder.

She tried not to wince, as the fabric of her robe was pulled away. Madam Pomfrey dropped a few drops of potion, on her arm. It made the skin hiss, and burn even more. She gripped the egg tighter. “There’s the champ!” It was Jason closely followed by Billy. Madam Pomfrey tutted again, as she pressed a bandage onto the burn.

“They just announced the scores! You’re 2nd behind Victor” Billy said happily. Kim smiled “They took points for your shoulder” Jason explained. Kim nodded, she had done it. She looked at the egg, still tucked under her arm. She ran her hand over it. Why did she need it. She felt a ridge, on closer inspection, it looked like a hinge. She placed her mail, in the crack. Prying it open, a high pitched shriek filled the tent. Kim snapped it shut. Looking at Jason and Billy, “You thought dragons were tough”

Kim had stuffed the egg into her trunk, intent on enjoying her break before the next task. After Christmas, which was ages away. Her arm was slowly healing, the skin still a little tender. Things were looking up, she still enjoyed her morning runs. Especially that Trini would be waiting for her, sometimes with coffee. After their first meeting, it had become a regular thing.

So when Professor Mitchell made his announcement, her good mood sank. “The Yule Ball, is a traditional part of the tournament. A chance to get to know our guests” Kim groaned, she hated dances. Especially formal ones, where all eyes would be on her. She did what she does best, she ran away from the problem. After what felt like hours.

So when she came to a stop at the courtyard. She smiled at Trini, who as always was reading yet another book. “Hey” she greeted without looking up. “Did you bring coffee?” Kim asked hopefully. Trini rolled her eyes, “Of course” she handed Kim a cup. “How’s your shoulder?”

“I never thanked you for the tip” Kim said quickly. Trini shook her head. “I’m glad your ok” Kim was about to argue. “Well mostly” she said with a grin. “So what are you running from today?” Trini asked. Kim bit her lip, “Everyone, I guess” Trini looked confused. “I keep getting asked to the ball, and I’m running out of ways to say no”

Trini was still confused, “Why are you saying no?” Kim shook her head. “Because they just want to have a champion on their arm” Trini nodded. “What about Jason?” Kim, laughed. “He got swept off his feet, by one of the Beauxbatons girls Angelique” Trini laughed as well. “What about Zack?” Trini stopped laughing, “he’s going solo, but said something about dancing with every girl there” they both laughed.

“Did you want to go to the ball with me?” Kim found herself asking. Trini closed her book. She didn’t reply, just studied Kim. Who suddenly felt nervous, “Just as friends right?” Trini asked Kim nodded quickly. “I wouldn’t want to go with anyone else”

musical theatre for beginners
   time to educate yourself on something more than defying gravity 
includes songs from book of mormon, matilda, heathers, billy elliot, and more

01. hello- the book of mormon  // 02. get back to hogwarts- a very potter musical //  03. dancing through life- wicked  // 04. pulled- the addams family  // 05. electricity- billy elliot // 06. naughty- matilda the musical // 07. cell block tango- chicago // 08. candy store- heathers // 09. turn it off- the book of mormon // 10. dead girl walking- heathers // 11. seasons of love- rent

Fic Recs (April 23rd)

Here’s you next fic recs, lovelies! It’s a long one!!! 

An Owed Debt” written by @iwillbeinmynest. Steve brings May, the granddaughter of one of the Howling Commandos to Bucky’s place so the former assassin can keep an eye on her. (Avengers. The link it to Lady Kate’s Masterlist where you can find links to all 16 parts of An Owed Debt)

Saerwyn and the 13 Dwarves” written by @princess-of-erebor1992. Saerwyn is the rightful ruler of her realm. However, her sister takes over and locks Saerwyn in a tower. The young ruler escapes and runs into a company of dwarves (Tolkien, AU)

Not Your Moneypenny” written by @dilly-o-billy. Merlin’s secretary isn’t at all impressed by Eggsy’s flirting. What happens when she has to join him and Roxy on a mission? (Kingsman)

Mr. Laufeyson’s Ward2, 3, 4, 5, 6 submitted to @imagine-loki. Victoria’s parents are killed in an accident and her new guardian, Mr. Laufeyson, is less than hospitable. (Avengers AU)

Start” written by @justcallmecinammon. The reader is attacked by Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle. Draco comes to the rescue. (HP, angsty fluff)

Convinced” written by @theinsandoutsofcastiel. Sam and Dean truly believe the reader is in love with one of them. They didn’t realize the reader was already with someone else. (SPN, humor)

Chick Flick” written by @besslincoln-bruh. After Mick tells the reader about his childhood, they spend the say trying to cheer him up. (SPN, ALL THE FLUFF)

Can’t Fight the Feeling” written by @kittenwritesstuff. Lucifer Morningstar meets a relative of Chloe. Too bad Chloe’s already warned her relative about him. (FOX’s Lucifer, angsty fluff)

Comrades” written by @cataract-chalcedony. Harry needs help from the one woman he’d hoped to avoid calling. (Kingsman, angsty fluff)

First Words” written by @skymoonandstardust. Bruce was confused about the words printed on his skin, until he finally meets his soulmate. (Avengers Soulmate AU, fluff)

Best Teacher in the World” written by @effie-w. The reader goes to pick up her friend’s son from his kindergarten class where she meets the very handsome teacher. (SPN AU, fluff)

Blanket Fort” written by @crimindsaspe. The reader makes a fort with her boyfriend Aaron’s son, leading to a PJ party. (Criminal Minds, fluff)

Khal Drogo” written by @letsasoiaftogether. The reader, new to town, stops at a gas station where they meet the leader of the local motorcycle club, the Dothraki. (GoT, Modern AU.)

Secrets” written by @readerxcharacter. The reader, Ciel’s cousin, is hopelessly in love…with Sebastian. (Black Butler, angsty fluff)

Translations” written by @fandoms-writings. The reader is a slave and translator for Khal Drogo. He’s very protective of her. (GoT, angst with a teeny bit of fluff.)

There you have it, lovelies! If you have a fic you’d like me to read, send me an ask/message or tag me! Please no smut :) Happy reading and lots of love!



Anon hate, social media feuds and a murder

This is one of the craziest cases I’ve read about lately. It starts with Jenelle Potter (34), a Tennesse woman that because of a series of medical conditions lived in the care of her parents, Marvin and Barbara. She didn’t have a job or many friends. Most of her interactions were through social media. Still, she’d managed to get a boyfriend called Jamie Curd. 

According to Jenelle, she started getting anonymous hate messages and threats through her Facebook. Because her parents monitored her account (and please remember this woman is 34 years old), they were also aware of this. Jenelle thought that the one behind the nasty messages was Billie Jean Hayworth (23), one of her social media friends. Billie was the girlfriend of Billy Payne (36), a man some people say Jenelle had a crush on. But according to Jenelle, Billie’s motive was that she was “jealous of her good looks”.

Then, on January 31st 2012, Billie Jean and Billy were found dead in their home. Both had been shot once in the head. Billie had died holding her 7 month old son, who was unharmed but covered in his mother’s blood when he was found. 

Police became aware of the problems the murdered couple had with Jenelle, so they questioned the family and the boyfriend. After Jamie failed a polygraph test, he told authorities he’d been texting with a CIA agent named Chris that had told him his job and only job was to protect Jenelle.

Are you scratching your head yet? After this weird statement, Jamie also confessed it was Marvin Potter, Jenelle’s father, who had killed the couple. Marvin was arrested and admitted what he did, claiming it was to protect his daughter because they were threatening her life.

During a search of the Potter’s house, police found tons of documents that had been shredded. When they put them together, they saw there were from this alleged CIA agent warning Marvin and Barbara that Jenelle was in danger. However, the letters were full of mispellings and written in a childish manner. Police traced the IP to guess where? The Potter’s house. According to prosecution, it was Jenelle who’d pretended to be this Chris to trick her parents into killing Billie and Billy. How they believed it, if it’s true they believed it, I don’t know.

Marvin, Barbara and Jenelle were all tried for first degree murder, found guilty and will spend their lives in prison. Jamie got a deal of 25 years in exchange for his testimony. Jenelle still claims innocence.


Chapter 23

A/N: Let me know what you think.


I looked up from my interview notes. I knew they were going to toss me a lot of easy questions, but who knew? In an age where Teen Vogue is at the forefront of educating people about difference, anything is possible.

He was leaning against the doorframe with his arms cross. Attempting and failing to look causal.

I really didn’t want to talk, but it was either this or starting at my notes while my brain puts Lucy’s exit on a loop. So I took the lesser of two. Closing my notes and I said.

“I’m sorry I just… I shouldn’t have said the way I did, which doesn’t mean…. I don’t mean the essence of it.” I saw he little smile that had been playing around his lips disappear, and his arms arms tighten. As if he was trying to protect himself from me. “Sorry that came out wrong again. I’m not very good at this…”

“I noticed.” He said a dry laugh escaping his lips. I noded

“I deserve that.” I didn’t really know how to start something like this. How do you tell someone that… I didn’t even know what. That I liked looking at his face? That being in this house had become my happy place when I was overly stressed at work. That when he was kissing me, the rest of the world melted away. How do you tell someone something like that?

He sat down next to me. 

“Let’s start slow. How were the first two weeks of work?”

“I am not sure how I’m still standing.”

I quickly added. “Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I just…” I looked down at my wringing hands. “It is so much work. Not even the content. I know all of that, but… everything around that. I know nothing about editing, or management. I am lucky that they all get along because, I have no idea how to play Solomon. How much is too much…? Now these minisodes.” I let out a huff of breath.


“Casey wants me to do 10 minute segments on current events, like voter fraud and…”

“That sounds great.” He actually looked excited. 

“It is a great idea but… we have so much work to do. Casey wants these to start rolling out in November… and I honestly don’t know if I can. Every day I think about quitting. I feel so ungrateful, because they are taking a chance on me.”

The exhaustion of the last week crash over me, and I started to cry. Without a word Seth pulled me to his chest, and started to rub my back. My heart slowed and the crushing sense of exhaustion lessened a bit.

“You’re going to be fine.”

“How do you know that?” I asked, sobs still breaking out of my chest in waves.

“Because you’re Wonder Woman, and Wonder Woman can do anything. I get the stress your under. The first couple of years I lived in constant fear of…”

“Cancelation?” He let out a small laugh.  

“That too, but more that people would start to hate me. That my staff would fall apart, and I would be stuck doing this alone.”  

“No wonder you do most of the voices.”

“Well that has many reasons.”

“Perfectionist much?” He chuckled. It reverberated in his chest, and through me and it gave me comfort. Something to hold onto. That this right here, was real.

“Takes one to know one.”

“Yeah, I keep having nightmares about the show going up in flames.”

Sometimes it was my fault. Like the one where I get something completely wrong. Everyone disavows me, and the show is driven off the air. Then there were ones where our ratings are just not good enough. Or every person I had ever held in any esteem calls me, to tell me that I had made was the worst piece of TV they had ever seen.

“Then you’ll get a fire extinguisher and save it.”

“Thanks Steve.”


“I googled it. Steve Trevor is one of Wonder Woman’s sidekicks.”

“Happy to be Steve.” We stayed quiet for a couple of minutes. I synced my breathing with his, and just as I thought he had fallen asleep, he said.

“So I was talking to Charlize.”

“That is always a sign of trouble.” I did love her, but there were times…   

“She said we should…”

“Work on just the next six months? She told me the same thing.” I knew she was going to do something like that. My best guess was that she had done it while I was in the bathroom.

“So we reevaluate in November? Before or after the premiere of the minisodes?” He smiled down at me. This felt more like planning for a garden party than a relationship checkpoint. To be fair, I didn’t know many couples with relationship checkpoints.

“After. I can’t deal with all of that at once. You might have to sedate me.” 

“I’ll be ready with the syringe.” I gave him a crooked smile. 

Six months. 

I could do six months, right? Six months weren’t that long. Not having to spend weekends in an empty hotel room by myself would be a nice plus.

“Ok six months. I can do that. I think we should set perimeters.” I took a deep breath. I wanted this. Him, but could I do this? Could we make it six months?

“What kind?”

“Who were going to tell. Not the entire world. I can not deal with that on top of everything. I get you’re close to your family. I love that. It shows you were raised right.”

“What does that say about you?”

“That a golden cage can be as bad as an iron one.” I quickly went on. My upbringing was not something Seth needed to know about right now. “What I mean is, that I get it. How about you tell them I exist, but that I am not ready. Honesty is always good. I also don’t want them to think I am a bitch.” 

That would sour the mood, and as much as people say they’re open minded. Everyone knows that first impressions are king.  

“They won’t think that.”

“You’d be surprised what people think of me.” Despite appearances, I wasn’t the girl you brought home to your parents.

A rueful smile playing around his lips. “Oh I can imagine, but my family will love you.”


“Because…” He stopped and changed course. “You’re an amazing person and you make me happy. Who are you telling? Izzy?”

“I… no I don’t think we are friends anymore.” I hadn’t really thought about that phone call since it happened.

“What happened?” A fresh wave of tears overcame me, and Seth hugged me closer to his chest, and started rubbing my back again. This time in smooth, and from what I could tell perfect circles.

“I fucked it up. I got so focused on the show that I forgot to tell her…. I wasn’t coming back, and I just didn’t think that she would have to pay rent. She is a cop not….”

“The heir to a multi-billion dollar fortune?” I let out a mirthless chuckle. “Give her some time.”
“Ok… I don’t really have anyone else to tell.” I shrugged. “Wait, I should text Em. She is going to get a kick out of this.” I saw a dark shadow cross Seth’s features.

“What don’t I know?”

“Nothing, I have only met her in passing. What about Charlize? Or your parents?” I pulled out my phone, and sent Em a quick text. Guess who is dating? If you put your money on your best friend, then this one time you would be correct. I sent it, adding the picture of Seth and I giggling by the pool. I couldn’t wait for her response.

“Knowing Charlize, she already knows. My mother will bring in the armed forces if she finds out I’m dating. Trust me you don’t want that.” I smiled as I imaged my mother’s reaction. Those were the only times she was really proud of me. Not that she said anything, but you could feel it.

“What’s wrong with the armed forces?” I laughed.

“I mean the actual armed forces. We are a military family. My granddad dropped into Normandy on D-Day. Both my dad and uncle were fighter jet pilots in Vietnam. Even my mother was an army nurse. That’s how she met my dad.” I could see the horror grow in his eyes.

“Since when do people with your…”

“Money? You have to remember that my dad married rich. That part of my family worked most of their lives at production plant in New Jersey.”  

“And your afraid of meeting my family?”

“I knew I could get you to come around my way of thinking.” I looked at the time, and started to get up, but Seth pulled me back down into his lap.

“Hey,” he said quietly, smiling.

“Hey.” I replied just as quietly and grinning.

After a small pause, he kissed me. 

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