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The Main Event (A Billie and Chris One-Shot)

***(@mculove1 asked: I wish you would write a fic of Billie taking Chris to a wrestling show and him realize what a huge fan she is and he thinks shes so adorable with her fangirling)*** 

Well I proudly accepted her challenge but only if she wrote a fic about Chris falling for a female wrestler. And because she put up her end of the deal w/ Ringside Love, I finally stepped up and wrote my short story. 

I just really hope I don’t let her down, and for those who aren’t wrestling fans, I really hope you can still follow along and I hope you guys enjoy it.  

***(And for timeline purposes, this story happened right after Billie and Chris became an official couple. So this is pretty early on in their relationship)***

“Oh no! You are not wearing that bright yellow shirt!” Billie giggled.

“What? I thought you would like it.” Chris said as he modeled his Vintage Hulkamania T-shirt with ripped jeans.

It had been a hectic couple of weeks since he was in Europe promoting his latest independent film, but luckily Billie was willing to meet him in London for a few days. But they hardly spend any time together because his schedule was flooded with press interviews and TV appearances.

Billie tried to keep busy by shopping and doing a ton of sightseeing, but Chris knew that she was beginning to feel neglected. And when he finally had a day off, he suggested they have a date night. And he even allowed her to pick whatever she wanted to do, no questions asked. And to his surprise, she actually scored a pair of tickets to see the NXT London Takeover at the Wembley Arena. Chris tried to act excited but he wasn’t a fan of wrestling and he didn’t think of it as a real sport. But he pushed his cynicism aside because he wanted to keep his girl happy.

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New Billie and Chris coming up tonight

I’m a little nervous to post this new story but I did accept this challenge, and it was fun to write. I hope you guys enjoy it.

And a special thanks to @mculove1 for suggesting this cute idea and for taking the time out of her busy life to create something absolutely amazing for this story. (You’re such a doll, plus you’re extremely talented and a certified G LOL).

But I’m just adding some last minute touches, but the story should be up in the next ten minutes or so!


Billy Joel performs “Piano Man” with Kevin Spacey, Boyz II Men, Natalie Maines, Josh Groban, Gavin DeGraw, Tony Bennett, LeAnn Rimes and Michael Feinstein during the ceremony where he was honored with the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song on November 19, 2014 at DAR Constitution 

This is the full version. Tune in to your local PBS station tomorrow night (Jan 2nd) to watch the show. 

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1. notre dame de paris - le temps des cathedrales

pierre après pierre, jour après jour
de siècle en siècle avec amour
il a vu s'élever les tours
qu'il avait bâties de ses mains

2. billy joel - the entertainer

today I am your champion
I may have won your hearts
but I know the game, you’ll forget my name

3. 1 giant leap - braided hair

I like that I don’t know some mysteries
ancient things and beginnings
excited about the day when
I don’t have to hear all the theories

4. our lady peace - somewhere out there

you’re falling back to me
a star that I can see
I know you’re out there
somewhere out there
you’re falling out of reach
defying gravity, yeah
I know you’re out there
somewhere out there

5. hamilton obcr - who lives, who dies, who tells your story

and when my time is up
have I done enough?
will they tell my story?

6. vast - touched

I looked into your eyes and saw
a world that does not exist
I looked into your eyes and saw
a world I wish I was in

7. janelle monae - violet stars happy hunting!

they say that violet stars will set you free
when you’re running lost and alone
up neon valley street
a pretty day makes a pretty picture
but fall in love and they’re coming to get ya

8. amy winehouse - valerie

since I’ve come on home
well my body’s been a mess
and I’ve missed your ginger hair
and the way you like to dress
won’t you come on over?
stop making a fool out of me
why don’t you come on over, Valerie?

9. sara bareilles (songs from waitress) - when he sees me

he could have masterminded some way to find me
he could be colorblind
how untrustworthy is that?
he could be less than kind
or even worse, he could be very nice, have lovely eyes
and make me laugh
come out of hiding…
what do I do with that? oh god.

what if when he sees me
I like him and he knows it?
what if he opens up a door and I can’t close it?
what happens then?
if when he holds me, my heart is set in motion
I’m not prepared for that
I’m scared of breaking open.
but still I can’t help from hoping

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Billy Corgan playing live with the Smashing Pumpkins in 1992.

This guitar (a 1988 Fender Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster with lace sensor pickups) would eventually be painted over and have stickers added and become known as the ‘Bat Strat’. This was the main guitar Billy used to record Siamese Dream.


Okay whitelightandalcohol hang on to your leopard thong, here’s what I’ve got for ya…

In a 2005 promotional booklet introducing Phase Two (which I really should scan…) there’s these two pages filled with a bunch of sketch dumps - most of which are actually of Murdoc’s metal band! That same sketch dump was also used for the pattern inside one of the Gorillaz Converse shoes, and I know it was the outside cover for one, too.
I tried to take the best quality pictures that I could with just my phone, so bear with me here…
There’s some artist’s notes here and there, but nothing too revealing. It kind of seems like Jamie watched A Clockwork Orange one too many times and decided Billy Boy (the main antagonist in A Clockwork Orange and spitting image of the drawing) should be in a metal band with Murdoc and made a bunch of fan art.

As to the ‘Come Back With That Apple Pie’ storyline, I have no idea what is going on there. I do recognise Billy Boy and Tiny, but I’ll be honest - I have no idea who the other guy is. He reminds me a lot of Del, but I’m not sure. If you look at the artwork on page 140 in ROTO, that Spider-Man-looking chap above Murdoc might be him… I dunno. I’ll let you figure that dude out.
In the sketch dump, you can see the beginnings to the other two 'potential films’ (and maybe even some more?) but I dunno m8. Not much was ever really done with him. Just sketches I believe.
I’ll let you know if I dig up any history on him, though!


Jordan Mains: Billy’s been my fighter for ten years. I know what’s best for him.

Maureen Hope: And I’ve been his wife for, like, a hundred. I know what’s better for him.

- Southpaw

>mfw Teddy Altman could have the best solo series since he has so much potential with his character

>can shapeshift into any person, can look like anyone and get into anywhere

>literally a prince for the Skrull empire that is huge can you imagine the grandiose things they could do with that

>son of Mar-Vell, literally the Kree would be all over him too and he could have SPACE ADVENTURES with his siblings

>speaking of siblings he needs to meet them really badly

>Billy Kaplan would obviously tag along, so it’s Gay Adventures in Space (especially with his sister Phyla-Vell and her girlfriend Moondragon)

>Teddy’s best friend is Tommy so he’d come too. Snark ensues and we finally get more appearances from Tommy

>I see no way how America Chavez wouldn’t be involved too

>there’d be a lot of space. He’s a space prince and his fiancé is made of space. Think of the aesthetic

>It’d be a great time to finally build on Teddy’s character without Billy being the main character come on marvel get to it