billy lau

incorrect catfish and the bottlemen quotes #230
  • bob: imagine if someone handed you a box of all the items you have lost throughout your lifetime.
  • billy: it would be nice to get my sense of purpose back.
  • larry: my childhood innocence! thank you for finding this.
  • bondy: my will to live! i haven't seen this in 15 years!
  • benji: i knew i lost that potential somewhere!
  • van: mental stability, my old friend!
  • bob:, could you lighten up a little?

Make Me Choose Guns N’ Roses or Catfish And The Bottlemen (asked by Anonymous)

“We’re so proud that we’re a brain-dead rock n’ roll group. We’re so simple. It’s simple music. It’s straightforward. We just say it how we’re saying it. Say what you mean and mean what you say. That’s the whole approach, nothing fancy, just guitars, drums, long hair; that’s it”