New Avengers #15 feels very, I have to say it, rushed. Multiple plot elements get done very quickly, although not without its share of awesome. The entire issue is just purerly awesome. Maker learns not to underestimate Roberto big time, there is dramatic conclusion to Toni and Aikku’s subplot (spoiler: POD dies to have its host, but Aikku lives and gets the armor we saw on the cover of USAvengers), Billy, Teddy and Dorren patch things up with Songbird and Garret is still possessed by spirit of Dirk Anger. And all of that falls nicely into a well-made story, even if it feels like racing to get every subplot closed before cancellation.

But the real crown jewel is Ava’s confrontation with Angela. It kicks asses, all of it. Her way to deal with Tiger God problem is a great conclusion to her subplot that Ewing has been building ever since Mighty Avengers.

And now it’s time for the final battle. Seeing how the only Revengers left are counterparts to Billy, Teddy, Squirrel Girl and Songbird, I suspect a lot of awesome from them.

• The Forgotten is here and is such a threat that it’ll take a whole team of Sorcerers Supreme to take him down!
• Doctor Strange! The Ancient One! Merlin! Wiccan! Sir Isaac Newton! A Ghost Rider from the 1800s! And who is Nina?
• And can Strange risk the life of the young Ancient One without affecting his own future?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Also, from an interview I’ve found on CBR, fragment about future Billy’s role in the story:

We’ve also got Wiccan from the future, who is a shock for Strange to see – if Billy’s the Sorcerer Supreme in the future, what the hell happened to Doctor Stephen Strange?

I sense flashbacks and a lot of explaining how Billy went from who is is now to this version of himself.