New Avengers #17. Oh Teddy, you and your jokes.

Out of young heroes on the team, Teddy got to how up the most, thanks to this moment and earlier battle with Palibok. Rest of the issue is stolen by Roberto and Warlock on one side and Dugan’s drama on the other. That being said, even if heroes I’m reading this for didn’t have much to do, it was a fun issue. Good to see how the plan comes together and pieces fall into place. And this issue also builds a setup for the USAvengers.
‘Doctor Strange’ Is Invading Marvel Mobile, PC Games (EXCLUSIVE)
Before “Doctor Strange” descends on theaters next weekend, the Master of the Mystic Arts and other characters from the film will infiltrate a half-dozen Marvel Entertainment games in a …
By Todd Spangler

“Marvel Avengers Academy”: On Nov. 4, event content goes live with new Doctor Strange character launches weekly including Baron Mordo, Ancient One, Wong, Nico Minoru, Wiccan and Kaecilius. New environments include Sanctum Sanctorum and Night Nurse’s Hospital (new campus buildings).
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“Do you remember when I said that there were some…complications with Billy’s initial adoption process?” Jessica asked, setting her cup on the table. At the same time she lightly pulled Tommy in front of her, handing him the sippy cup with the milk. The boy had settled down on her lap quickly enough, setting his head on her collarbone but never taking his eyes off of Rebecca.