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A Return to the Streets                                

Thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators marched in Hong Kong Sunday in the first major protests since the December end of an almost three-month occupation against China’s plan to influence elections in the city.

Carrying yellow umbrellas – the symbol of the pro-democracy occupation movement – and chanting “I want universal suffrage,” the protesters walked peacefully through Hong Kong’s entertainment, shopping and financial districts.

Pro-democracy demonstrators occupied streets in key parts of the city for 79 days last year, demanding China rescind its plan to vet candidates for the city’s first election of its chief executive set for 2017. The Chinese and Hong Kong governments refused to make any concessions, and the final demonstrators were cleared by police on Dec. 15 with organizers pledging to continue their fight for open elections.    

Photographer: Billy H.C. Kwok/Bloomberg

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