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Stories of mine I really like

So not that long ago I realized that I’ve written over 100 short stories and little things on here, idk how it is for most writers but I always have a few that I still think about, the ones I really like, that spoke to me, so in no order here are the stories of mine I hope you read (and also why)

Jason and Wonder Boy.  I don’t get to write cute Robin!Jason very often so that was fun, but also it has my original Character Nicky, the transgender teenage Wonder Boy.

Billy calls Batman “Dad” first off it’s just cute but secondly I don’t get to write Batdad very much and this is the Batdad i think I’m most proud of

Thad pertends to be Bart in some Bluepulse I like the tragic idea of Thad realizing what love and human affection is by seeing how people treat Bart, and also I never write Bluepulse and that turned out well

Billy Batson as Harley Quinn’s sidekick  for whatever reason I think Billy dressed like Harley from the movie is really funny and it’s a cute idea, with Damian awkward crushing on a boy in too much make up and short shorts

Jon and Damian switch bodies I find the idea very funny and it’s a favorite of a friend of mine 

Jason get’s struck by lighting,  I’ve always had a problem with the Red Hood, and I liked the Wizard Shazam talking to Jason, and showing how even gun and murder Jason is a good person on a bad path.

Jason rips his pants like I said I like Robin!Jason, and I’m really pleased with the original character in it and the idea of a in world Robin fandom is adorable and fun

 Nico and Will out for ice Cream, I don’t get to write a lot of Camp Half Blood stuff and this just turned out really adorable and I like the ice cream making character I made up he’s fun

Cyrus has an allergic reaction, I did literally two Andi Mack themed stories, like them both but this one is my favorite because the imagine for poor Cyrus having to pull down his pants in front of everyone is so funny, and feels very much like an episode 

Jason sees an old friend from before he died, are we seeing that I like Jason being sweet? also I like it it’s weirdly hunting and upsetting but nice

Batman family holiday I really enjoyed getting to write a big extended future Batfamily with all the Batkids married with kids and stuff 

Catmom, I like the idea of Catwoman as Gotham’s main hero and raising all the batkids as kittens 

An original Camp Half-Blood Story, I don’t get to do non-DC stuff much and I love both the original characters I made, it’s very fun

Percy Jackson/DC crossovers, I love each one of these, I love Tim as a demigod, I love Billy Batson just hanging at camp I love everything, also Toby is an original character I’ve had in my head a very long time 

Damian and Colin at prom, it’s adorable early work i really like it, the cuteness of them dancing 

Damian tries to adopt Billy, it was a time I got to show a lot of emotion and depth to Billy which I rarely get to do 

BlueJay, part of the only multi-part work I’ve done on here, but my favorite part 

Tired Tim and Ghost Jason, there needs to be more Ghost Jason end of story

Tim Missing Bart I love doing TimBart stories, and this Bart missing in time story is sad and emotional and great

Tim the jacket thief I really enjoyed writing Kon’s day to day life and for whatever reason I always feel like Tim deals with a lot of bullying and bullshit in school 

Tim unmasks for Kon I don’t know I just really like this one, I just feel like they’re very in love and it’s an emotional choice that shows how big a deal this is for him

TimBart in the Library this AU turned out really well, and I think I kept both characters true to themselves while putting them outside their normal world

the Story of Jason and Dick’s first kiss really sad and also really sweet and the only DickJason thing I’ve ever done but I like how it turned out

Faster Friend  I think it’s the best I’ve ever written Bart and I still adorable my original character Miles who is and always will be a rock star

Day of the Oracle, because it was really long and no one ever fucking read it. 

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #108 - The Road to El Dorado

(GIF originally posted by @dreamworksmoments)

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: DVD

1) Not only is this one of my favorite animated movies, it is one of my favorite movies period. I found it while scrolling through Cartoon Network or HBO Family or something and watched it every chance I could get. 12 year old me found it very edgy. The mild swearing, the cigars, the blasphemy, all of it was very enticing and that’s fed my love of the film since.

2) Elton John & Tim Rice, the songwriting duo behind The Lion King, re-teamed for this film and churned out a nice set of songs. But the strange thing is if you listen to the soundtrack most of the songs are recorded differently than how they appear in the film. The one exception I think is “Someday Out of the Blue” which plays during the end credits. Still, they songs add the fun and energetic flavor to the film. The opening song in particular, “El Dorado,” does a nice job of setting up the mythology we need to get the movie started in a very short amount of time.

3) If you’re a fan of voice over work, you’ll recognize Jim Cummings as Cortez.

Cummings is one of the most prolific and talented voice over artists out there. It would be impossible to list everything he’s done, but his most notable work has been as Darkwing Duck, Winnie the Pooh & Tigger too, Hondo on "Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, Razoul in Aladdin, and Ray the firefly in The Princess and the Frog. It’s fun knowing what he sounds like because not only do you hear him in Cortez, but you also pick up the random nameless characters he plays too with his different voices.

4) The heart of the film, the thing that makes it great: Miguel & Tulio.

Originally posted by roadtoeldorado

The bromance between Miguel & Tulio is what makes this film work as well as it does, it’s what makes it fun! Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Kline voice the pair respectively, and their chemistry is off the charts. It doesn’t hurt that the pair actually got to record their performances with each other, a rarity in animation (although Pixar has done it with Monsters Inc for John Goodman and Billy Crystal).

Their relationship and roles are clear from the start, they balance each other out. Tulio is mildly selfish with a great hunger for gold and an ability to think things through. Miguel’s heart is bigger than their brain, being the dreamer/softie of the group (wanting the map to El Dorado, saving Altivo the horse when he almost drowns, etc.). And they play off each other beautifully.

Originally posted by hamsturfinnur

5) 12 year old me was very fascinated with the slight profanities this film had.

Tulio [when he’s about to roll his dice]: “Come on baby, papa needs that crappy map.”

I thought crap was a real swear when I was twelve. I didn’t lose my innocence until thirteen.

6) Chekov’s Fake Fight.

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(GIF originally posted by @somehow-you-will)

The fight comes into play later in the film too, but is a showcase mainly for the wonderful banter between Miguel & Tulio and - therefore - the excellent writing of screenwriters of Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio. These guys were my favorite screenwriters when I was twelve, and can you blame me? Their resume consisted of: Aladdin, The Mask of Zorro, Shrek, The Road to El Dorado, every Pirates of the Caribbean film, Treasure Planet, and both National Treasure films. They have a strong penchant for strong dialogue too. Consider the exchange above, and also this:

Miguel: “You fight like my sister.”

Tulio: “I’ve FOUGHT your sister! That’s a compliment!”

I love that.

7) According to IMDb:

The film shares several attributes of its namesake, the "Road” comedies made famous by Bob Hope and Bing Crosby during the 1940s (which helps explain anachronisms such as shared language, pop culture references and lack of historical accuracy).

I just thought that was a fun share.

8) God, I love the banter between these two.

[Tulio & Miguel jump into barrels of water in a chase scene but can’t escape because the barrels are being loaded onto a ship]

Tulio: “What’s happening here?”

Miguel: “We’re both in barrels. That’s the extent of my knowledge.”

9) Even the bad guys have great dialogue!

Cortes (upon discovering Miguel & Tulio on his ship): “My crew was as carefully chosen as the disciples of Christ.”

10) I’m just going to let you know now, so many of my notes here are just quotes from the film I love.

Miguel [giddily, after Cortes tell the pair they will be enslaved in Cuba for being stow aways]: “Alright! Cuba!”

11) For example, another quote:

Miguel: Yes, that’s it Altivo. Find the pry bar!

Tulio: Yes, “find the pry bar”. He doesn’t understand “pry bar”! He’s a dumb horse, there’s no way he could understand…

[Altivo drops keys into the brig]

Tulio: Well… it’s NOT a pry bar.

12) The Trail We Blaze

Originally posted by insidealosershead

Animated films are usually short so as to be not too time consuming. It can take years to make 80 minutes of animation. This film has a nice device of compacting what could be very long scenes into neat little montages with the use of a song. We still get Tulio & Miguel’s fun journey through the jungles to find El Dorado, but it’s done in three and a half minutes to a fun Elton John tune. It keep the energy, the adventure, but doesn’t waste the time of the animators or the audience.

13) Immediately Tulio and Chel have great chemistry as they play “pass the golden idol” together!

14) El Dorado.

(GIF originally posted by @dreamworksmoments)

Immediately upon entering the city the audience is filled with a sense of wonder, achieved through gorgeous animation and also Hans Zimmer’s subtle music which adds for extra bone tingling. You marvel at it with Tulio and Miguel, and you understand how it is such a mythical place.

15) Edward James Olmos does some great voice over work as Chief Tannabok.

Originally posted by roadtoeldorado

I’ve never seen “Battlestar Galactica” so I am mostly familiar with Olmos from his work in Blade Runner, Stand & Deliver, and even “Agents of SHIELD”. I think he shows off a nice amount of range with this addition to his resume. Chief Tannabok is not an angry man. He is kind, soft, gentle, patient, but also you can tell that he’s kinda sad. You don’t HEAR Olmos, you hear the chief and that makes him an excellent addition to the cast.

16) And of course our big bad, Tzekel-Kan

Originally posted by roadtoeldorado

Tzekel-Kan is the opposite of Chief Tannabok. He is angry, an overlord of sorts. He wants blood because he believes it is what’s needed. He believes people are wicked and evil just for enjoying life and being kind, and it is his righteous duty to smite them. He pisses me off way more now than he did when I was twelve.

17) This whole bit with the volcano! Miguel goes too far and says that the gods should not be questioned or else they will be forced to release their awful wrath…but Tzekel-Kan wants to see that. Only they’re not gods! So he and Tulio turn away to try and figure it out and we get this…

Originally posted by findreactions

There’s an old addage in writing: “A coincidence to get a character out of trouble is lazy.” However in this case I’m 100% okay with that because it’s just funny as hell.

18) How many of us have used this GIF?

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19) Chel.

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Chel is a nice way of making the duo a trio. Voiced wonderfully by Rosie Perez, she is just as crafty and cunning as Tulio (if not more so) but also understand Miguel’s sense of adventure. The pair balance each other out already, bit if Miguel acts too dreamer-y or Tulio is too gold hungry they throw each other out of whack (as this film shows). Chel helps stabilize them by film’s end and is a lot of fun to watch. Also, bonus points for being an animated female character with a body that is physically possible.


Chel [on why she wants a life of adventure]: “You’ve got your reasons…and I’ve got mine. Let’s not make this personal, okay?”


21) So Chel needs to prove to Tulio and Miguel she’s a good con artist…

[Chel shows the pair the dice she stole from Tulio]

Tulio: “How did you get those?”

Miguel: “Where was she keeping them?”

I’m with Miguel, that’s the more important question.

22) Oh Miguel…

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23) It’s Tough to be a God.

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The only time this film is a traditional musical (ie: the characters themselves break into song & dance), and considering Kevin Kline’s and Kenneth Branagh’s singing here that might not be the worst thing. The interesting thing is that their version doesn’t even appear on the soundtrack. Instead we get a duet with Elton John and Randy Newman.

24) I need to remember this excuse.

Tulio [trying to convince Tzekel-Kan not to make a human sacrifice to the gods/them]: “The stars are not in position for this tribute.”

Miguel: “Like he said…”

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

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25) I don’t identify totally with Miguel or totally with Tulio, but with parts of them. Like I identify with Tulio being kind of the dreamer who thinks things are possible, but this is a very me thing to say:

Tulio [after Miguel tells him he worries too much]: “No, I worry just the right amount! You can never worry too much!”

Same, Tulio. Same.

26) Remember how I said this movie was edgy to 12 year old me. Well it features a scene where Chel tries to seduce Tulio. Like, more than wanting a kiss. But like she shows off her shoulders for a back massage, they’re later found on the ground together all disheveled, it’s not even very subtle when you know what’s going on. Twelve year old me was very innocent.

27) I love their banter.

Miguel [when he and Tulio end up in a big arena to play ball for the locals]: “Well don’t blame me!”

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

28) The ball game is a lot of fun to watch, if for no other reason then Chel on the sidelines.

Chel: “Foul! That was a foul!”

And then it’s her idea to use the armadillo as a ball replacement to cheat.

29) So earlier in the film we got this line from Miguel:

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

And then later in the film Miguel tries to convince Chief Tannabok that the boat they are using to leave isn’t good enough (because Miguel wants to stay) when in fact it’s perfect. When Miguel admits his mistake, we got this line from the chief.

Chief: “Hey, to err is human.”

Miguel goes to get in the boat, but then he looks over his shoulder at the chief and the chief looks at him knowingly. And they don’t say anything else about it.

I love that. I love that the chief isn’t an idiot, but he knows. He knows and he knows it’s good for his people and he knows Miguel is a good guy and…I just love it!

30) I love little things like this.

[A giant stone jaguar, controlled by Tzekel-Kan, attacks the city. It grabs a warrior, ruffs him up A LOT, then lets him fall to the ground.]

Warrior [patting himself down]: “I’m okay!!!”

[Jaguar steps on warrior]

Warrior [from under Jaguar’s foot]: “I’m still okay!”

31) Remember how I talked about Chekov’s Fake Fight?

Tzekel-Kan [when he was Miguel & Tulio cornered]: “I know what you are and I know what you are not. And you are not GODS!”

Tulio [after a beat]: “Y-you’re not a god!?”

The pair then continue to have a very real argument where they say some pretty cold things to each other…

Tulio: “You’re buying your own con!”

Miguel: “At least I’m not DATING mine!”

But it has the same effect. Tzekel-Kan is distracted, enjoying their fighting, and the audience is as surprised as he is when the pair work in sync again and punch the guy out. It’s a nice way of playing the scene out.

32) Friends Never Say Goodbye. A very sad song that plays when it seems like Tulio and Miguel are going to take separate paths in life and are really mad at each other. It actually has some nice truths to it, and again is slightly different on the soundtrack. Elton John is backed up by the Backstreet Boys for the song on the album. I hope that didn’t ruin it for some of you.

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33) The film ends with the citizens of El Dorado crashing a pillar into their gate so as to keep Cortes from finding the city, only it is falling too soon. So Chief Tannabok grabs some of the ropes and holds it back for a while. And this is probably REALLY mean of me and I apologize in advance but I just thought of this:

Originally posted by ignitetheliight

I’m so sorry.

34) According to IMDb:

A series of sequels featuring Miguel, Tulio, Chel, Altivo and even the armadillo going after other legends about gold was planned, similar to the Shrek (2001) series, but following the disappointing box-office results they were immediately canceled.

Originally posted by roadtoeldorado

While that would’ve been interesting I’m kinda glad this film just stands on its own. It’s a nice little gem that way.

I love this film, and think a lot of people out there will too. People don’t really talk about it these days except to talk about how no one talks about it. It’s a nice variation from standard Disney fare, the music is great, freaking Miguel & Tulio are just awesome, and it is just such an enjoyable/adventure filled film. I think you should all watch it now! It’s on Netflix if you have it. So go. Go follow that trail! (Too easy?)


Monsters, Inc. (2001) Dirs. Pete Docter, David Silverman, and Lee Unkrich, Art Dirs. Tia W. Kratter and Dominique Louis



On this day in music history: June 9, 1972 - Bruce Springsteen officially signs with Columbia Records. Having performed in bars and clubs in his native New Jersey for several years, the young singer/songwriter auditions for legendary A&R man John Hammond whose previous discoveries include Billie Holiday, Benny Goodman, Charlie Christian, George Benson, Bob Dylan and Aretha Franklin. Now under contract to Columbia, the label puts Springsteen in the studio in July to begin work on his debut album “Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ”. The first album initially sells only 25,000 copies, with the follow up “The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle” not performing much better. Eventually, Springsteen’s recording career takes off with his breakthrough album “Born To Run” in 1975. Over his four decade career, Bruce Springsteen comes to be regarded as one of the preeminent singer and songwriters of all time, selling over one hundred twenty million records worldwide, winning twenty Grammy Awards (to date), two Golden Globes, and an Academy Award.

anonymous13things  asked:

Hi! Do you have any headcanons about the 7 and music? Like, either what they listen to or what they can play?

hola friends it’s me @vivilevone​ back at it again with the headcanons

Alright, let’s go by person. (these got progressively longer oops sorry)


  • he can’t play any instruments but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t try
  • he knows a bunch of basic chords on the piano and he plays them in sequence at every piano he encounters
  • as for music, I legit think he would like rock music
  • I mean, picture Percy with headphones in just jamming out and playing air guitar to frickin…….Pink Floyd or AC/DC
  • either that or alternative rock music of today, like Fall Out Boy and All Time Low


  • we all know Annabeth can do almost anything she puts her mind to
  • one day she decides to learn the violin
  • it’s an old childhood dream of hers to learn to play and once she does she plays beautifully
  • and she listens to, like, Taylor Swift, with literally NO shame
  • but she also listens to Fifth Harmony and the Dixie Chicks and Little Mix because #girlpower
  • And P!nk, she loves P!nk


  • he can play guitar
  • surprising exactly no one, because “Jason is the dream guy” as Piper likes to remind everyone present
  • he also really likes showing off complicated string plucking, John Mayer-style because “I labored over learning this for many weeks”
  • he’s really chill about the music he listens to even though he doesn’t listen to a lot of music
  • like, he’ll take suggestions and he’s open to anything. you want him to listen to Shawn Mendes? cool, send him a link. Got a Beatles song you think he’ll like? he’s down. no biggie


  • of course Piper listens to, like, 90% girl bands and girl singers
  • and yes, she listens to Halsey
  • She also (with Annabeth) shamelessly loves Taylor Swift
  • she doesn’t play any instruments but she sings, and she’s super shy about her voice but she’s really good
  • when they hold open mic sessions at camp (yes, it’s a thing, okay), everyone coaxes Piper to sign up
  • and then she sings so beautifully at least half the camp is in tears by the end


  • okay, Leo likes to joke that the only thing he can play is the triangle
  • but, listen, when he was younger his mom bought him a little drum kit and he just loved it
  • it burned up with the rest of his family, house, and dreams
  • but he drums on tabletops and on his thighs and on anything within reach and finally Piper is like “Leo, jesus christ, join a drum class, you’re driving me crazy”
  • they get him a drum kit and he doesn’t leave the bunker for three days and when he comes out his hands are all blistered but he’s so happy
  • also, he listens to everything, really, but he likes things with awesome solos and people like Jimi Hendrix and John Mayer who can shred on a guitar
  • (he’s also a huge Swiftie which is a not-so-secret secret)


  • she can play the cello, okay, trust me, it’s really pretty
  • everyone is kinda skeptical about it because like “a cello? really? how pretty can that possibly be?” but no
  • it’s mesmerizing she’s so good
  • and she’s from the age of Billie Holiday and Benny Goodman and a bunch of other people no one else really knows
  • so one day Annabeth and Piper sit her down and they’re like “Honey. We’re about to introduce you to the most revolutionary artists of the 21st century.” and they play some Taylor Swift for Hazel and she’s confused at first because it’s so different from what she’s used to but she starts to like it
  • so yeah, our ladies all love Taylor Swift and also Leo but we already knew that
  • she still listens to her old music sometimes and it makes her feel more comfortable and at home


  • Frank doesn’t play any instruments, his hands are too big and he fumbles with everything
  • but he likes to listen to music
  • he weirdly loves One Direction
  • it’s a secret, only Hazel knows and she doesn’t really know who they are
  • and also Justin Bieber
  • he just likes all the pop artists that sing the songs on the radio
  • he discovers twenty one pilots and his life is Changed

Screencap redraw, or rather, panel redraw from chapter 96 of Naoki Urasawa’s Billy Bat aka Mangaka and Assassins the manga. Please give it a read if you enjoy Urasawa’s work.

Don’t remember why I chose this panel exactly but it was probably to draw out the details laid out on the table and, of course, an excuse to draw Kevin Goodman.

The disappearence of Erica Parsons

Carolyn Parsons couldn’t keep her daughter Erica, so her ex brother in law Sandy Parsons and his wife Casey adopted her in 2000, two years after her birth.

Erica disappeared in late 2011, but it took two years before her adoptive brother Jamie reported her missing, when he stopped believing his parents’ story. Sandy and Casey Parsons claimed that Erica had gone to live with a woman called Irene Goodman, who was her paternal grandmother.

The thing is, Irene Goodman does not exist. As much as police has tried to find her, there’s no trace of her. Billy Goodman, Erica’s biological father, and the rest of his family insist there’s no Irene. The only ones who claimed to have talked to her are Sandy and Casey. Casey says she contacted her through Facebook, but since deleted her account. That she had pictures of her, but doesn’t have them anymore. 

They say they didn’t report Erica missing because she chose to go to live voluntarily with this alleged relative. But Erica was just 13 when this happened, and had some mental disabilities, making their story blatantly absurd.

Even though Erica was no longer living with them, the Parsons kept collecting the goverment’s aid for taking care of the girl without informing her disappearence. This is what finally nailed them: fraud. During trial, relatives testified that the Parsons abused Erica, breaking her fingers one time and locking her in the closet.

In past March they were finally sentenced to jail: 8 years for Sandy and 10 for Casey . And even though there’s no physical evidence they did something to Erica, judge Thomas D. Schroeder certainly pointed his finger at them, saying he believed Erica was dead and the couple “embarked on a plan to get rid of her”.


Drawings of Kevin Goodman from Billy Bat. 

I made these originally in my sketchbook and scanned them just to color and for a while it just seemed like something was amiss because they did not look good. Then I had a realization – coloring isn’t just coloring but drawing too. It’s probably like – duh! but sometimes you overlook the obvious ig

Anyway, I love him. Read Billy Bat!