billy garner


You’re Wasting My Time (Part I) – Billy Garner (aka Sugar Billy) (Your Wasting My Time (Part I) / Your Wasting My Time (Part II), 1971)

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong attended the opening performance of the final tour stop for the Tony-winning Broadway musical American Idiot The Musical in Denver. He was joined by director Michael Mayer, drummer Tré Cool, among other luminaries.

This is Billy Garner.

Sometimes, you are lucky enough to work with your closet friends.  The benefit of working with the people you care about most is feeling that your effort at work is going to directly benefit them.  It makes working long hours, being under paid, stressed, and frustrated at the powers that be all worth it.  It feels good walking into the office, knowing the people you share that space with would do anything for you.  

But, there is a down side.  When the dynamic is changed or abused, and people are forced to part ways, it is like a bad break up with the love of your life.  You go from seeing people everyday and knowing everything that is going on with them, to what feels like silence. Recently, we’ve had to experience that pain, that break up.  We love you all, we miss you all, we are grateful to of been able to share so much for so long.  Remember, at the end of the day, We Are All Runts…