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Genuinely disappointed this young mans face is not all over my dashboard after this incredible moment yesterday.

So very proud to have been able to cheer him on, donate some cash and witness this moment.

Billy Monger you are an inspiration to us all. A show of how to come back from the very worst. I’ve no doubt this remarkable kid will accomplish everything he sets out to and more.

One step at a time. Today (well yesterday) Brands Hatch pit lane. Tomorrow the world.

Badass- Imagine

Fandom: Stranger Things

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Warning: sexual assault, fluff

Word Count: 1728

Summary: Billy threatens the reader and Steve finds out and wants to protect them.

A/N: This is my first Steve Harrington imagine, let me know if you want a second part of this one or any more.

“I’ll pick you up in a couple of hours okay, babe?” Steve whispered in your ear with his arm wrapped tightly around you. You nod and press a quick kiss to his cheek. You start to pull away when he grabs your hand and smashed his lips to yours. You redden and quickly pull away, embarrassed by all the other people around you that could have seen.

Your relationship wasn’t a secret, you were just not a huge fan of PDA. He chuckled at how shy you were and squeezed you to his chest. “Jonathon is gonna be with you, right?” he asked, concern showing in his eyes.

“Yes, Steve, he’ll be there the whole time, I don’t understand why you’re so paranoid, it’s school after hours, no one is gonna be there.”

“I know (Y/N), I just worry about you, what if something happened to you and I wasn’t there?”

“You’re being silly.” You giggle and look around quickly before pecking his lips and turning toward the dark room where you and your best friend, Jonathon Byers, will be developing some photos.

You stood there comparing who’s photos turned out better for the better part of two hours. So far, you were winning and Jonathon was not happy about it. “I think I have some more in my car that will bring me smirking across the finish line.” You laughed and snorted, “Okay, Byers you’re on.” He grabbed his keys and left the room, mumbling something about you going down under his breath.

You turned back to your photos and swished them around for a couple more moments. Then you heard the door opening and you began laughing. “Wow, okay Byers, someone is eager to win.” You turn around and gasp when you see that it was not Jonathon who opened the door, but Billy Hargrove, the scary new guy at school.

Billy stepped toward you, “Win? The only thing I wanna win is the school, King Steve needs to be taken down a few notches and what better way than to ruin his girl.” You shrank back, only to hit the cabinet. “Steve is on his way, you should leave before this ends badly for you!” you snarl with all the anger you can muster underneath your fear.

Billy only laughs and continues to advance towards you. “No one except for that freak Byers boy is coming and his car is across the lot, which means that we have plenty of time to chat in here.” He has you cornered and grabs your wrists in his one hand. You squirm and attempt to pull away but he readjusted his grip on your wrists and it becomes impossible. With his free hand, he tangled his fingers in your hair and yanks you closer. “Billy, let go of me! Let go!” you screamed. Billy silences you by sloppily kissing you. You are able to yank one of your arms free in his distraction and slap him across the face. He pulls back and recaptures your wrist in his hand and grips your hip with his free hand tightly.

“You better shut up, you little bitch. If you don’t I’ll kick this shit out of your pretty boy Harrington.” His hot breath wafts in your face and you shrink away nodding, a single tear falling down your cheek. He pushes your hair to the side and attaches his lips to your neck, sucking harshly causing you to whimper your discomfort. His hand on your hip continues to dig into you and you are almost positive they will bruise. As much as you wanted to, you refused to beg him, you will not give him that satisfaction. Before you know it, Billy’s face waves in front of you and he whispers, “See you tomorrow, same time?” before pecking your cheek and disappearing from the room. You sink to the ground your arms clutching your knees tightly to your chest.

Jonathon found you like that, frozen staring off into space with tears slowly making their way down your cheeks. He immediately fell to his knees and lifted your chin. His eyes went to your neck and then he stood up, “Did Steve…did he do this to you?” His fists started clenching and unclenching.

More tears poured out as you shook your head, “No, it was Billy, he said he wanted to take down ‘King Steve’ and he kissed me and threatened that if I told Steve he would hurt him.” Jonathon held out his hand and helped you to your feet, “Let’s go get cleaned up, okay?” he said gently. You leaned into him as he led to you the nearest bathroom and lifted you onto the counter and started to wipe away your tear stains.

“You have to tell him, (Y/N). He’s going to find out anyway,” Jonathon whispered.

“No, and I forbid you to tell him, I am not gonna be one of those girls who goes crying to their boyfriend at the drop of a hat. I can handle Billy.”

“This is not the drop of a hat! He is harassing you! Billy hurt you!” Jonathon nearly shouted.

“This is not your problem, let me deal with this, without Steve!” You stomped out of the bathroom and nearly ran into Steve.

“Hey babe, there you are, I went by the dark room and no one was there.” You smiled half-heartedly and pulled at your collar and your hair to hide the mark Billy had branded on your skin. He didn’t notice and pulled you back toward the dark room to collect your stuff.


As soon as Steve’s car pulled up outside your house, you gather your bag and open the door. “Hey,” he reaches out and touches your knee, which causes you to flinch and pull away. “Are you okay?” his face laced with concern once again. “Yeah, I’m fine, you just startled me is all.” He breaks out into a huge smile and he presses a kiss to your cheek. “See you tomorrow, I love you.” This causes you to smile despite your nerves and nod. “I love you too, Steve.” You get out of the car and turn as he speeds away.


You lay awake looking over your notes for one of your toughest classes when you hear a knock against your window. You jump and tiptoe to your window and pull back the curtains to reveal Steve leaning against your window. “Let me in or I’ll freeze.” You open the window and he pulls himself in and purposefully oversteps so he comes crashing down on top of you. You shriek and fall back on your bed and pull him down on top of you.

“I missed you,” he whispered and nuzzled his face into your neck. Realization dawns on you and you sit up quickly and reach to turn out the lights, hiding your bruise from view. Steve pulls back at this, and asks again for the second time that day, “Are you alright?”

“Oh yeah, I’m fine,” you say quickly, “I just don’t want my parents coming up here and seeing you, then we’d both be in trouble.”

“Well since we’re alone in the dark, come here you.” He snakes his arm around your waist and pulls you closer. Steve’s fingers touch the marks Billy left on your hip and you suck in air through your clenched teeth. “Did I hurt you?” he gasps and reaches out to turn on the light. You roll away quickly, “No, I’m fine.” but not quick enough before he sees the darkened skin on your torso.

“Who did this to you? Did I do this? Today? When I hugged you?” He immediately starts to tear up, “I never meant…you know I would never hurt you on purpose…how could I do this?” He sits up and rakes his hands through his beautifully styled hair.

“Steve it wasn’t you, I swear.” You say, tears brimming.

“Then who?” he demanded, his fists clenching, just like Jonathon’s. You drew back away from him leaning against the headboard.

“Steve, you’re scaring me.” you whispered. His face softened and he slid across your bed and reached his hand out. You didn’t hesitate to take it.

“Please, (Y/N), baby, tell me who did it.” he whispered. You sighed as more tears fell down.

“Today while me and Jonathon were in the dark room, he left to go get more photos from his car and…that new kid…Billy came in and he wouldn’t let me leave…” you sobbed, hiding your face, “he grabbed my wrists and told me he wanted to dethrone you, and he wanted to ‘ruin me’ and then he…he kissed me.” Steve reached out again and gently pulled your hands away from your face.

“Let me see, it’s okay, I’m not mad anymore, you know I would never hurt you.” he speaks softly to you. You nod and allow him roll up your sleeves and examine the finger shaped marks on your wrists. He kisses them softly in between his murmurings, comforting you. He continues to gently pull on your hand until you lean into him. You bury your head in his chest, sobbing.

“I’m sorry, so sorry,” you cry, “I tried to stop him, but he wouldn’t listen to me.”

“Shh, baby,” he stroked your hair, “I’m here, it’s okay.”

“ When he kissed me, I managed to break free and slap him-”

“Whoa, whoa, wait babe, you slapped Billy Hargrove? The new kid? Oh my god, I’m dating a badass. They’ll be calling you royalty now.” He shook his head in disbelief, staring at you with such admiration.

You sniffled and looked up at him, “You think so?”

He wiped your tears away and kissed your nose, then both your cheeks, then your mouth. “I know so.”

He swept your hair to the side and glared at the hickey standing out of your neck. You quickly laced your fingers through his and moved your hair to hide it. You pushed him down and and curled up next to Steve. You laid down and he squeezed you tightly, careful to avoid your injury.

“I’m so lucky to have you,” he whispers and kisses your forehead.

“I love you too, Steve.” you smile in the dark and fall asleep, feeling safe in his arms.

Hey guys hope you like this, it’s kinda different!



The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 3]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

It’s actually the middle of summer, but British summertime long ago gave up hope of impressing anyone. Unusually, though, no one is complaining: these just so happen to be the ideal conditions for filming a Christmas special, in particular one as unashamedly Christmassy as this. Blue skies and sunshine would have looked out of place.  T-shirts and short skirts likewise. It’s almost as though someone has planned this wintry weather in advance. (That’ll be the producer, Phil Collinson!)

The entire crew breaks into applause as David Tennant - wearing stripy pyjamas, slippers and a dressing gown - arrives on set. He greets James Hawes, the director, and they pat each other on the back. 

[…]The regulars share a group hug before their first shot together: looking up in the sky at a spaceship that isn’t really there.

[…] As the take is completed, James looks into his monitor and yells, “Cut!” He adds: “Everyone, that is David’s first shot of the series.”

“You can send wee Jimmy Krankie home,” shouts out David, as everyone on set applauds him again. “She’s not needed! That’s it, it’s in the can. You can’t get rid of me now.”

Not that anyone would want to.

“The extraordinary thing about David”, explains James, “is his incredible energy and enthusiasm. I mean, he literally bounces onto the set. It’s quite amazing. At the end of the first week, he texted me to say, ‘Thank you so much for a lovely first week, an inspiring first week. Honestly, I think I’m sad that I’m a week nearer to the end.’ which I thought was great. He’s a joy. He has what Billie has, which is that they both clearly get a real buzz out of the adventure of film-making itself, as well as the adventure in the story.”

Thank you to everyone who shares set photos!

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six different ways / stenbrough

Hello! I haven’t written an actual fic in a whiiiiiiiiiile, my OCD got v bad and i picked at my skin resulting in horrid pain, so I’ve been nursing my sore hands back to health :’) anyway, here’s a good ol’ song fic revolving around stenbrough. Enjoy!

Words - 0.9k

Warnings - none!!!!!! pure fluffiness

This is stranger than I thought

Bill didn’t understand what was happening. It had began as a regular Tuesday - he’d just left his advanced English class, and bumped into Stanley. If all he did was bump into Stan, why was his brain currently pancake batter and his stomach doing flips?

Six different ways inside my heart

Stan’s hair looks lovely today, Bill mused. Has his jawline always been so prominent and just … there? He was so intelligent too, and caring for other people even though he has it hard. Stan was so able in everything he did, brimming with nerves and self consciousness yet managing to excel in the end. And Bill especially loved how brave he was. Stan would never admit it, or even believe it, but after that summer he’d always been so brave even when things got tough. Bill admired him for that.

And everyone I’ll keep tonight
Six different ways go deep inside 

He told Bev first, naturally. As the only girl in the group, she immediately ranked most trustworthy to the boys. She didn’t laugh at Bill, or doubt him. Just said, ‘Oh, cool. Like Eddie and Rich!’ and that was that. Bill felt much better, but the feelings just got deeper and deeper and d-

And he began to wonder what it was that had appealed him to Stan, but then Stan would open his mouth and say something that made Bill fall head over heels for the thousandth time.

I’ll tell them anything at all
I know I’ll give them more and more

Bill would begin to drop hints for Stan - he was clever, he’d work it out. Every time Bill would compliment him, his stutter would worsen and Stan would pray to every God that his blush didn’t show as he attempted to return it. Bill gave it his all, and he supposed if Stan didn’t do anything that was okay, too. 

William ‘Oblivious’ Denbrough, Stan considered.

‘Hey, Bill.’ Stan greeted, ‘Do you want to come over after school? I got the new Cure vinyl!’ 

Bill fought back a grin - would he really say no to the curly haired boy, ever?

‘That sounds g-great, S-Stan, sure,’ He tried to say it as quickly as possible to stop the (inevitable) stutter, but to no avail. 

Stan smiled and nodded, walking off in the other direction to get to his next lesson. 

Bill practically pounced on Bev when he saw her, his right hand (wo)man for situations regarding his love life, or lack thereof. 

‘Bev! Stan just invi..ted m-me to his house after s-school to listen to the n-new the Cure v-v-vinyl and oh my g-god I think I’m in love,’ Bill rushed out the words without any spaces, and his stutter struggled to keep up with it. 

But Bev, being used to moments like this from the redhead, beamed back - just as excited as Bill was. 

‘Oh my GOD, Billy! Go get that boy,’ 

Bill fidgeted all the way through physics. The boy he’d been trying to drop hints to for the past half a year had invited him back to his house after school - alone! - to listen to the new album from his most favourite band. Was he dreaming? He chewed the lid of his pen as his mind drifted away from the lesson. What if a song on there became /their/ song? Or it was their first date? Or - so many other things.

The bell rang and Bill leaped up from his seat, saluted a goodbye to Beverly and ran to the front of the school to get Silver and wait for Stan. 

‘Speak of the devil,’ A voice crooned out from the bike shed, a crown of caramel curls peeking through.

‘A-and he shall a-a-appear.’

Stan waved to Bill, having already unlocked his bike and waiting patiently on the seat. 

Bill felt winded. It wasn’t fair that Stan got to be so perfect, and after tonight he may still only be his friend. 

They cycled back to Stan’s, Bill transfixed on the way Stan’s curls ruffled in the wind that he went headfirst into, and Stan smiling ahead of Bill.

Stan dismounted his bike, propping it up on the lawn and holding his front door open for Bill, and then sprinting upstairs two at a time, calling back ‘Come on, Billy!’ 

He placed the brand new vinyl onto the record player, carefully dropping the needle down. The two boys laid in companionable silence on Stan’s bed just as the fourth track began to play, and the indie voice of Robert Smith entered Stan’s room. 

‘This is stranger than I thought, 

Six different ways inside my heart’

What Bill didn’t know, however, was that Stan had already listened to the album - and thought these lyrics described his feelings for Bill perfectly. 

So as these words ended, Stan shuffled closer to Bill on his bed, and whispered to him. 

‘I suppose you have all six, Denbrough’

Bill was speechless - what was that supposed to mean? His face was burning up, and was this real? 

As he contemplated all of this over in his head, which felt like pancake batter all over again, Stan pressed his lips against Bill’s with hardly any pressure, for hardly any time. 

And Bill loved it. 

‘Come over for new vinyls more often, Billy. If it ends like this, anyway,’ 

Bill left Stan’s a couple of hours later with red, swollen lips and a few purple marks littering his neck.

Guess those six different ways were returned, and it wasn’t as strange as he’d thought.

let's talk about the time billie joe convinced another dude to get branded
  • billie joe armstrong, at a pop disaster tour party, holding a poker: "hey if i heated this up, can i brand you?"
  • chris cote: "...what? no. NO."
  • billie, pleading: "come on, man."
  • chris: ?! "i'm not fucking- it'll HURT!"
  • billie: "if you put a little Neosporin on it it'll be fine!"
  • *flash forward to hospital where they're sitting after chris LITERALLY let billie brand him, billie is looking at the second-degree burn damage*
  • billie: hooooooly shit. dude i'm sorry.
Chris and Billie Master List

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