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One day, during Pride, Rebecca casually asked Billy “Do you have any gay friends?”

Billy paused, trying not to betray how fast his heart was beating. He didn’t want to lie to his mother, but he wasn’t ready to tell the truth. He settled for a compromise, “Teddy’s gay.” as soon as he said this, he regretted it: he and Teddy spent so much time together, surely she’d guess.

But Rebecca didn’t seem particularly affected by the news. She just took a sip of coffee and asked “Does he have a boyfriend?”

Billy offered another half-truth, “I don’t know.”

The boys met later that evening in a park and after a quick kiss, Billy asked “Am I your boyfriend?”

Teddy seemed to consider this for a moment, “I’d say so, but it’s not just up to me,” he stepped forward and put his arms around Billy’s waist, “Do you want to be?”

When Billy returned home, he informed his mother, while trying to hide his smile, that yes, Teddy did have a boyfriend.

Billy thought that he’d somehow managed to pull a little trick on his mother, but she knew. She knew Billy was gay and that he and Teddy were seeing each other and she knew how happy it would make Billy to use the word ‘boyfriend’, even just in his own head.

She smiled. It was nice to be right.

Night Terrors

A/N: Lol guess who faceplanted into a new fandom?  Enjoy some angsty Teddy/Billy post “Young Avengers and Runaways.”

           The pain in Billy’s ears helped. When they’d gotten back to the safety of Cap’s underground base, Teddy had helped him put antiseptic on the perforations, and Billy had made a crack about hey, at least he didn’t have to shell out money to get his ears pierced now. But it was hard to focus. Iwanttobeallright, he tried to mumble, but he didn’t want to say it when Teddy might hear and get the idea into his head that maybe Billy wasn’t all right. Then he’d worry, and Teddy seriously did not deserve to be worrying right now. Not after what he’d been through.

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eronthebender  asked:

What's funny about the people hating Billy Kaplan for being "feminine" is that he isn't even "feminine" he's literally the same character wise in Volume 2 as in Volume one except his hair is different and he wore an earring and character growth. These same people said that Billy and Teddy were turned into stereotypes because they actually kissed more than once in Volume 2. This is people being homophobic, Because really what's wrong with being "feminine" in the first place?

Exactly, like I personally have a couple problems with Volume 2 (Billy is clearly depressed and suicidal and we’re seriously going to call it “angst”… America comes from a entirely women planet that worships a man? and there were times where character’s said some extremely out of character things) But there was no problem with Billy being portrayed the way he was portrayed? It just seems like it’s people reenforcing the “you can be gay as long as you aren’t a stereotype” and its… Stop telling gay men they can’t be feminine or enjoy characters being feminine

okay this is hard to explain: it is a scene frome a fanfiction about Billy Kaplan and Teddy Altman. It was a birthday present for @tagamie <3

I call it “ The tomato universe” and it is a little bit crazy :D

In my AU Teddy is a farmer from texas and Billy came to his farm while he is on a work and travel year. …and YES they fall in love … of course. So this is maybe  one of their first kisses.

Okay I see a lot of people buying into the “teddy and billy work so well ALLLL because of teddy’s hard work and that’s it” thing that david threw out there and I think that is absolute bull. Before you buy into that let me ask you to consider…

1. How a healthy relationship works. Because that is what billy and teddy have. A healthy relationship. And those require two people. Two. Not one.

2. That David was absolutely infatuated with Ted at the time. Of course he’d see Teddy as this perfect model of a good bf, it’s only natural. Other than that though, there has never been one reference to Teddy pulling all the weight in the relationship. Know why? Because it’s false.

3. Billy’s multiple rescues of his bae that many times results in threat to his own life.

4. How easily Billy let Teddy go when he asked because THAT’S WHAT TEDDY WANTED. And despite the fact thay it had to hurt bad, he held zero grudge whatsoever. He both respected Teddy’s needs and didn’t hold it against him one bit. And don’t even pretend like he had zero right to hold onto his hurt at least a little bit—with the severity of the distrust, Billy had every right to be a bit hurt afterwards. But he wasnt (or he didn’t show it). Besides, hurt and anger don’t always listen to reason, but Billy loved Ted so much he was just completely ready to let it all go.

5. Billy is like 0% a jealous or forceful boyfriend. David KISSED Teddy and then tried to split them up and Billy was like, “I don’t appreciate it, but you meant no serious harm. I forgive you. Don’t do it again.”

6. Billy was most probably the one who let Teddy stay at his house. Sure, yes, it’s his parent’s house, but for some teason I doubt they were the ones who ran right up to Ted and was like, “come live at our house.” That was definitely Billy because no matter how wonderful the Kaplans are (and they are) they simply are not at the level where they can offer something like that freely because that is a heavy thing to say after a tragedy. Billy is that close. And idk about you, but organizing a place to live for someone seems to me like a sign of terrific bf material.

7. Billy’s support for Teddy after his mother’s death. Go see it. He was crying for Ted.

8. Billy’s continued support during the Kree/Skrull and Captain Marvel conflict. Billy is 200% impulsive at times, but never fool yourself into thinking Teddy isn’t too.

9. I don’t think Billy has ever said ‘no’ to Teddy when Teddy was being reasonable. He literally tried to heal the super skrull because Ted asked.

10. Billy, who was sworn off magic and was (still kinda is) terrified of himself, lifted his own ban for the sole purpose of trying to make Teddy’s life better. He went against his own self-made promise and essentially turned his back on normal living in order to try and BRING BACK TED’S MOM. To make Ted happy.

11. The scene we don’t talk about. The one during Civil War where that creep took Teddy and Billy and tortured Teddy. Billy was ready to kill him. Billy is more against harming things than any of them, but he was willing to turn on his morals, on his own person essentially, to spare Ted pain. Can you say protective? Wonder who Billy values the most?

12. “There are no secrets between couples like Billy and Teddy.” “No matter what happens, at least those two have each other.” [Note: a sample of the positivity that others veiw the relationship with, allowing me believe that it is a good, healthy relationship between TWO wonderful people.]

…so do not EVER tell me that either one of those losers don’t put serious work into making their relationship the way it is. Teddy and Billy BOTH work very hard so don’t even go there.

phoenixyfriend  asked:


who’s the cuddler: This is without a doubt Teddy. Billy loves his cuddles and will take every opportunity to be snuggled up to his man, but Teddy is like an octopus. And it’s not just Billy that he’ll hug either. When anyone is feeling down or looks angry about something Teddy will hug them better. And Teddy hugs are magical because everyone always feels better after one.

who makes the bed: Teddy. Billy is messy as hell and doesn’t see the point in making the bed when you’re just going to get back in it in a few hours anyway.

who wakes up first: Also Teddy. He’s somehow both a night owl and morning person, which Billy thinks is incredibly unfair. Noh Varr is also like that, so they put it down to Kree genetics. But it annoys Billy how Teddy and Noh can stay up until 4am discussing tacos, but be up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6am. Billy can’t function without a solid 7 hours.

who has the weird taste in music: That would be Billy, hands down. Teddy is more of a Taylor Swift kinda guy, while Billy loves music from the sixties and musicals. He and Noh bond over it.

who is more protective: They both are, to a ridiculous extent, but Teddy tries to keep a lid on it a bit more so Billy is more outwardly protective. Teddy also gets hit on a lot when they’re out which makes Billy seethe. Teddy is clueless when people who aren’t Billy flirt with him, so he just assumes they’re being nice and is polite back. Billy glares holes in the back of their heads. When Billy gets hit on he either panics (if it’s a girl or enby), or is incredibly confused (if it’s a guy). Teddy has no qualms about staking his claim though.

who sings in the shower: Billy. He’s actually got a good singing voice, but in the shower it’s just this obnoxious noise that sounds like someone is swinging a cat. Teddy is half convinced he does this on purpose.

who cries during movies: Teddy. He’s a real life Disney princess and is genuinely affected by horrible things happening to people and animals - or inanimate objects something.

who spends the most while out shopping: Billy. He grew up with more money and so isn’t used to counting every penny in the same way that Teddy is. That’s not to say that Billy is rich or particularly lavish, just his upbringing was more financially comfortable.

who kisses more roughly: Billy. Teddy is the very epitome of the phrase “gentle giant”, whereas Billy is very harsh and fast and aggressive.

who is more dominate: Billy. While they switch things up in the bedroom quite a lot Billy is usually the bottom, but he’s a bossy one at that. He’s demanding and has no patience. Teddy basically just follows orders and clings on for dear life.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: A definite 10. They’re canon and they’re so ridiculously, disgustingly in love there is absolutely nothing wrong with them at all. I adore them so much.