My Gravity Falls tribute is finally finished! This one was a lot of blood sweat and tears. I lost my entire first 5 days of work to 2 cats with muddy paws, and had to start over from scratch. I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks Gravity Falls for an amazing summer!



Bill, stop. Please. 

Edit : I noticed that some people find it offensive that I made Candela and Blanche look white. I’m sorry, that was my mistake. My explanation to that is in this post 

Edit2 : I fixed the skin color!! Hope i get it right this time. >:3

gravity falls fans keep making bill cipher artworks and rugs and shit and sending them to alex hirsch, and he loves them and puts them in his house, but one day someone’s gonna come by and see all this artwork worshipping a triangle demon everywhere and he’s gonna be like “oh yeah my followers make them for me”


This was hard to draw considering how much Ford trusts Dipper. The man who literally said “trust no one” finally opens up to someone he sees as a friend. Then this. This would hurt him so much.