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Does bill ever fan boy once in a while to Dipper? -^-

Ugh now I have an idea for another picture.
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When will my free time return from the war.

This much yellow can be seen from space…

Based on this gem of a squad photo I have seen floating around. 

Front: aidadoesdoodles

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I apologise for mistakes in your designs…. Anyway, these are the Bill designs I love the most from my favorite artists. Stay sinful.

So in light of the new teaser trailer released at SDCC, I had a thought regarding Bill’s ultimate goal and the original purpose of the portal.

In Dipper and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun, Bill has this page written about himself. In it, he mentions his “nightmare realm”, amongst other things. Now, we already know that Bill is, if not in truth, regarded as a dream demon.

Because, as we know in the scene where Gideon makes a deal with Bill, Gideon calls Bill a demon, and the triangle doesn’t exactly deny it. Whether he’s actually a dream demon is hard to tell because this show turns you paranoid.

Anyway, the Guide has been absolutely filled with foreshadowing that has been been proven true, and with this new trailer, I think that the “nightmare realm” might be pretty accurate. Bill deals with the mind, after all, and a nightmare is only a bad dream.

In this screenshot from the trailer, the Author is running in some sort of spacey void area, and we can see parts of what is likely all three journals. Is this the nightmare realm? I doubt it, but then if it’s not, where does this scene take place?

This scene appears to be a test of the portal, and we already know that the portal lead to some other place, and we also know that the author was in that other place for 30 years. The portal also seems to be the only easily accessible way to get to this other place, and it’s a common fan theory that Bill was the driving force behind building this portal.

Blue, blue, blue. Blue seems to be a reoccurring color with the portal and Bill’s fire. These seem to be some pretty interesting monsters appearing in a blue flash of light in what seems to be just outside the Shack. What if these were the beings in the nightmare realm? The blue flash seems to be the same, so I’ll assume that these creatures are coming through via something to do with the portal.

It seems like Bill is trying to come through to the physical side of things, and be able to inhabit this realm without needing a vessel. Bill seems to be nigh omnipotent in the mindscape, but what if the mindscape and this nightmare realm are the same thing or at least similar?

Suppose the portal led to the nightmare realm, not only does that mean that is where the author has been for the past 30 years, but it also means that something with the nightmare realm was the portal’s ultimate goal.

So, what if Bill is trying to bring the entirety of the nightmare realm to the physical realm, and in doing so, using the portal, he can squish the two dimensions together and become omnipotent in Gravity Falls.

Total power. Over all things.