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Totally and earnestly clutching at as many straws as possible rn, however desperately, but the above is taken from the Next Time trailer for ‘The Doctor Falls’ as seen at the end of ep 11. I could be entirely wrong, but that looks very very much like Bill’s hair and silhouette walking upstairs behind Nardole. (the silhouette of her costume very much looks like the bulky torn grey coat she wears at the end of episode 11 too, complete with fraying fabric at the bottom!)

A closer look:

I’m perhaps taking obsessive trailer sleuthing to a whole new level, but it’s all in the name of peace of mind so it’s worth it!  Tell me that doesn’t look like Bill?! 

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Bill Potts was a kind, pure, forgiving ray of sunshine and I can't believe you gave her that fate she deserved better then to have been stuck waiting for the doctor for years only to be turned into a cyberman Bill waited every day for years, Bill was a lesbian poc and was major representation and you continuously dragged her down every episode making her traumatized each episode because she trusted the doctor from the very beginning just because you could and deserved a better ending than to no longer be in control of herself and in pain, she always put so much faith in the doctor and knew he would always save her but when it mattered he let her down and she believed in him till the end, she trusted him and he didn't come what the fuck? does poc lgbtq women representation mean nothing? She deserved better Bill Potts deserved a better end. Not this. Why'd you go and do her like that?

I was meant to be yours!
We were meant to be one!
I can’t make this alone!
Finish what we’ve begun!

Uhh i love Meant To Be Yours and i love that musical AND BILL IS SO PERFECT ON JD
I wanna draw the last part but……………….. eh…………………………………………………… I’m too lazy ahahahh
For now here is this four frame, i hope you like it!

(I’m so in love with psycho boys omgggg)