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Can I ask for an MC from a poor enough family that they have to chose between which bills to pay every month?

I relate to this really heavily. Life used to be pretty rough for me ^^; Thankfully, it got better though. I think one of the most important things to remember is that it’s okay to accept help. It took me a long time to realize that, but if Admin Destin or Admin Rina would offer to buy me lunch, I would say yes. It was really hard to do, but I knew they were friends and just wanted me to eat. So even if you feel like you’re all alone, there is always a support system there for you. <3 

~Admin MP

  • MC would always go through all the expenses of the month, trying to decide what they could go without for the month
  • Sadly, sometimes it meant that they had buy less groceries just so they could pay rent
  • It was easier to use candles than to use the electricity so they didn’t have to pay as much on the bill
  • There were times their phone got shut off because they couldn’t pay the bill
  • It was a rough life, but MC had gotten used to it by now, and was a master at figuring out how to make things work
  • Sometimes, though, it just got to be too much and MC needed time to cry by themselves and get all that stress out
  • At first, MC would always reject help from their friends, because they didn’t want pity
  • But they realized it didn’t hurt to have a friend pay for a few meals 
  • Of course, as soon as Jumin finds out, he tries to help MC pay for everything
  • Furious, MC turns him down, saying that it’s their life and they can take care of it
  • Though he doesn’t really understand at first, when they explain, he gets it
  • Instead, he offers them a job at his company
  • Zen used to be in the same boat, so he understands, and always offers to have MC over for dinner or lunch, but he never talks about it
  • Yoosung always offers up his cheap and easy recipe ideas, coming over to make a big batch for MC under the guise of eating it together, knowing there would always be leftovers
  • Seven would just always give them extravagant gifts, refusing their protests and giving them hugs 24/7 if they seemed stressed out 
  • Jaehee would help MC come up with a very detailed budget plan and sit down with them to work things out
  • V was always there to listen with encouraging words and gentle advice, and to be a rock for MC to lean on if they needed it
  • Saeran would always try and help MC if they needed help with stuff and they had too many jobs so they were extra busy
  • Also, he would always answer the door and glare at the landlord if they were being an asshole about late rent