A Campaign to Put a Woman on the $20 Bill

It wouldn’t require a vote in Congress or Presidential approval to get a woman on the twenty-dollar bill. The Secretary of the Treasury is responsible for the designs that appear on paper notes, including the portraits. Nor do the people depicted on bills have to meet particularly stringent standards; according to U.S. law, they just have to be dead. Even so, the appearance of U.S. banknotes was hardly modified during the twentieth century; according to historians, this was partly to keep the bills recognizable and partly due to the American public’s resistance to change.

It was reported that Dahmer, having knowledge of a verbal lawful order issued by a ranking officer in which it was his duty to obey did at Baumholder, Germany on or about May 30, 1980 wrongfully failed to obey the same by having hard liquor in the Billits. It was also alleged that he behaved with disrespect towards his ranking superior by saying to him in effect “I’m not going to fucking do it.” It was further alleged that on this same date that he was drunk and disorderly in his quarters and that this was all in violation of Military rules. (x)