billions and billions of stars

Y’all, what should I look for in someone’s chart in terms of financial fraud and, like, stealing people’s money (a.k.a. being manipulative) but also being really good at it lol 

things associated with the signs

aries: odin, tinkerbell, cinnamon buns, supernovas, peach green tea, game of thrones, kim possible, marc jacobs, balloons, florida, dragons, bear hugs, freckles, city skylines, ripped jeans, pegasus, bonfires, long hair, cooking, auburn hair, nail polish, board games

taurus: gemstones, pocahontas, cat’s whiskers, katniss everdeen, roses, economics, finding nemo, dark red lipstick, prada, cherry blossoms, forest fairies, singing, smoke, autumn leaves, teddy bears, trees, fancy dinners, tea, soft eyes, flower crowns, dublin

gemini: budapest, lilo, honolulu, honeysuckle, spice girls, eskimo kisses, the dead sea, rainy nights, new york, polyjuice potion, shapeshifter, lamps, yellow, angelina jolie, roadtrips, log cabins, texting, green eyes, city streets, lipstick, shakespearean insults, pixie dust

cancer: chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, oversized sweaters, starry night, coconuts, hot chocolate, penguins, plaid shirts, vera wang, long hugs, fluffy socks, hades, werewolf, snow, croissants, crystals, the beach, journals, musical theatre, clean sheets

leo: thor, knitted blankets, fall out boy, ginny weasley, champagne, destiny’s child, swans, chanel, polaroids, phoenix, glitter, sunflowers, pink, massages, manicures, bubble baths, starbucks, saturday nights, sunlight, bright green, rome, sleeping, full moons, alcopops

virgo: amsterdam, mona lisa, white wine, science, cappucino, calligraphy, clouds, back to the future, unicorns, coffee stains, elephants, turquoise, collarbones, ballet, dinner parties, paint, showers, daisy chains, icy blue, boston, pop music, green tea, porcelain teacups

libra: london, photographs, ombre hair, mulberry, lavender, geography, parks and rec, ralph lauren, perfect eyeliner, angels, lotus flowers, feathers, old movies, big cities, drunken kisses, snow, cats, mineral makeup, wind chimes, copenhagen, lemongrass

scorpio: soft pillows, galaxies, cute nicknames, edward scissorhands, hickeys, that’s so raven, dyed hair, athena, vampires, waves, leather jackets, long eyelashes, big beds, smoky eyes, mountains, radios, new orleans, candy apples, black lipstick, whispers

sagittarius: loki, the girl with the pearl earring, comets, violet baudelaire, jack sparrow, beer, swallows, versace, centaurs, philosophy, candyfloss, bad jokes, crayons, old magazines, campfires, acapulco, flowers, indie music, white sage, curly hair, scary movies

capricorn: candles, asteroids, vanilla, lattes, sweeney todd, the supremes, pancake dates, blizzards, goblins, thunderstorm, dancing, craft beer, headphones, new shoes, wildflowers, pearlescent white, montreal, rock music, juniper, spiral staircases

aquarius: merida, miami, nebula, jasmine, bob’s burgers, hummingbirds, velvet, dior, brown eyes, lightning, witches, venice, smooth rocks, moon dust, lipgloss, notebooks, sphinx, wednesday addams, stars, sundresses, leather, nightlights, buenos aires

pisces: paris, books, arctic monkeys, luna lovegood, mad hatter, doves, meditteranean sea, classic rock music, alexander mcqueen, snowflakes, hawaii, poseidon, mermaids, romance, pasta, dandelions, doodling, black coffee, old friends, lakes, seville, acoustic songs

headcanon that whenever kylo is being particularly annoying or hux is feeling more sadistic than usual, hux will mentally blast the most obnoxious music he can think of in kylo’s direction

imagine hux aggressively stalking kylo around the Finalizer with an expression of grim determination while kylo screams “FUCKING STOP PLAYING GANGNAM STYLE” 

imagine the workers being utterly bewildered because no music is playing but kylo keeps yelling things like “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS INFERNAL MUSIC”

and then hux saying calmly, in his mind, “miley cyrus” before helpfully providing images of miley twerking her white ass directly into kylo’s head


the spongebob musical: details

spongebob has two friendship-dance-moves for both patrick and sandy (during B.F.F. and chop to the top) which the team of tres do together at the end in celebration !!!


Two very different kind of evil.

inuruk  asked:

How do you feel about Rogue One's tower archive?

Oh, this has been on my mind (no joke) since the movie came out. Mind you, I’ve only watched the movie and haven’t read the book so there may be details in there that aren’t here. I’m planning to listen to the audiobook soon.

I love the concept of it. I love how utilitarian it is for its purpose of having secret, controversial plans and documents from the Empire. There’s a giant vertical structure containing what amount to hard drives (but are actually tape drives! more on that later) in an assumedly well-categorized system as we saw in the movie.

Now, mind you, I love how it worked out. It just did. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have questions or find faults in this.

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me when awake: Writes and Loves To Write, have a multi paragraph reply every time because heck all things this is going well, proofreads

me past 9pm: ‘im gon shove an entyre orangé into my nostril’ said mr alein man

LOGH’s Galactic Boyfriends: One Hundred Billion Stars, One Hundred Billion Lights (Part 1)

Although it’s been a while, I haven’t actually forgotten about this quest of mine. I suppose the reason I was sort of putting this off is because this is the main arc of the show and, as such, it tends to go on for a number of episodes. I was thinking about how best to present this so I figured breaking it up into smaller parts might work best considering that I get rather “picture happy” with these posts. So without further delay, here we go with the longest arc of this gaiden yet!


As usual, bae has to placate his rather impatient man who just wants to take over the galaxy already… Kircheis knows best though!

You know it’s love when you find the fact that your (boy)friend is a Class A roastermaster as something endearing! Lol! Kircheis always sees the bright side and is quick to highlight Reinhard’s many “virtues”… 

Reinhard is prone to fits of anger but when it’s directed at Kircheis, all it take is that puppy dog look from his bestie to make him realise that he’s lashing out at the wrong person here. Kircheis knows best how to handle this tsundere, who sheepishly “apologises” and is rewarded with one of Kircheis’ sweet smiles.. 

High praise from the man himself… It’s one of the many reasons that Reinhard loves Kircheis!

Where Reinhard gets mired down by the negative, his better half is always around to help him see that there’s always a silver lining to any situation, which instantly puts Reinhard in a better mood…

This is what makes their relationship great - their belief in each other’s abilities. Reinhard always acknowledges just how strong his man is - especially in hand-to-hand combat situations (and he’s not wrong)! Of course, this once again makes Kircheis one happy man to be thought of so highly, and once again makes Reinhard almost embarrassed when he sees Kircheis’ happy face!

It’s no wonder that everyone kept thinking of Kircheis when he was gone from Reinhard’s life, because it’s obvious that Kircheis is the only one that Reinhard will readily listen to. These two were almost like one person: the man of action and the man of reason. Together, they created a perfect balance and kept an eye on each other. 

Case in point: they don’t even need to communicate verbally because they already know what the other is thinking. Kircheis is always perceptive when it comes to Reinhard since they’ve been together since they were kids. 

Happy galactic boyfriends:

This marks the end of Part 1 but I will endeavour to continue on (more for my own sake since it gives me an excuse to keep rewatching the series.. hehe!) because these boys are just too precious! 

Until then… this has been  “ginga no rekshinga mata ichi page”…

Honestly it makes perfect sense that Clone Wars Anakin is different from Episode III Anakin. Matt Lanter’s Anakin is more confident and upbeat. But by the time of ROTS he has lost his padawan and grown to distrust the Jedi Order, which surely had a large impact on him. So Hayden Christensen’s Anakin being depressed, unenergetic, and aloof makes a lot of sense. It’s totally believable to me that it’s the same character, the different portrayals even add more depth to his character.