billionaire italian couture


There are three great luxuries in life. The first is to have enough time to at your disposal. The second is to have the courage to express yourself freely. The third is to enjoy your job and be entertained by it.

Try asking Angelo Galasso, the Italian Designer who has been revolutionizing how men think and dress, and who could not represent anything else. “Children entertain themselves,” explains Angelo Galasso, born in Puglia region of Italy but who has lived in London for years, “and children’s games become the job of adults. The real source of entertainment is the risk involved: taking apart a toy to then reassemble it, possibly with the talent of reconstructing it differently…” The game is, after all, change transformation, overtaking limits: “I come from Francavilla Fontana in Puglia (the same place where the designer Emanuel Ungaro was born) and beginning with my childhood, I have always defied conventions. Being unconventional has always been a part of me, because I always say what I mean. In my opinion those who challenge are more realistic than others…you challenge if you want to look a the world differently. Within each of us there is always this great desire to defy convention, but more than defiance it is the need to risk in order to push the real nature that hides within every one of us out into the open. This doesn’t happen very often because this inclination, which is part of our real instinct, is repressed by outward appearances an dm sometimes, from the fear of not actually wanting to appear as the transgressor of stereotypes determines by the society that surrounds us. On the other hand, when you are able to take these conventions apart, among which there is the fear of taking risks, you gradually begin to receive the first acknowledgements from the outside and you can then create something new: all you have to do is bring out what others had unknowingly repressed inside. I have to admit that my father had helped me a great deal with this , as during my childhood I remember him always telling me a story that went like this: “One day Fear knocked at the door. Courage stood up and went to the door for him. Once opened, he realized that there was nobody there.“ I believe that later on this story helped me to unconsciously plot the way I have become. And not only that: by defying conventions and taking risks, I have leaned to rely on my Instinct. Therefore, every time that I hear someone say that something is too reckless, I have always understood that that was the right road to follow…” No one can know this better than Angelo Galasso: his style is so unique and his personality so determined- the collars and cuffs of his shirts, for example – that at the beginning they were seen by some as being horrible.

Still, that “foolishness” is recognized today with the label, Billionaire Italian Couture, famous all over the world for being synonymous with absolute extravagance, fantasy, creativity, refinement and personalization. Behind this Label, beside Angelo Galasso, and to the further reinforcement the collective imagery, is the personality of Flavio Briatore to give his enormous contribution as entrepreneur, and with the label he adds great contribution as client of the world even with his collections. In 2004 Angelo Galasso, and Flavio Briatore met in London, and an idea was hatched, which today has resulted in Billionaire Italian Couture flagship stores opening, after the British debut, all over the world. The most recently inaugurated stores are Tokyo, 340 square meters in elegant Akasaka area (Where some of the most prestigious Made in Italy griffes are located, among which are Ferragamo, Bulgari and Valentino).