billionaire bachelor

Types of Fanfic Set at Malfoy Manor
  1. Death Eaters Make Terrible Parents
  2. We Are All Victims of Voldemort’s Madness, Except Fenrir Greyback
  3. The Malfoys Are Actually All Quite Sweet, Once You Get to Know Them
  4. Narcissa Is a Saint and If It Weren’t for Lucius She’d Never Do Anything Wrong, Ever
  5. Oh No!  What Will I, a Handsome Billionaire Bachelor, Do All Alone In This Stately Manor House?
FAVORITE OLICITY FICS:  Part II – Olicity Fandom Work

Warning: half of this list crushed my heart and danced on the left pieces

Favorite AU Fics:

I’m sorry there’re toooooo many



I want to Thank every Olicity fic Writer out there because You are remarkable! You are making lives brighter even if it includes broken hearts more often than not! You are and always will be what a fandom needs the most! THANK YOU!