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stenbrough first date hcs? :'))


-bill takes stan bird watching because its so cute when stan gets excited

-stan gets rlly serious about the birds so bill would mess up the birds names on purpose

-bill is super open about their relationship while stan isnt so he gets super nervous

-bill kisses stan to calm him down because like !!!!!!! stan loves it

-stan gets super flustered in public with bill

-stan would genuinely teach bill and about the birds but bill is too busy paying attention to stans eyes

-especially when they light up with excitement bc of the birds

-after a while they go to a local diner and share a milkshake with fries,,,

-the entire time theyre holding hands

-did i mention richie had a job here

-wow the trashmouth can actually keep a job

-hes their waiter and pretends not to know them but slips a note on their recipt that says “get some boys ;)”

-stan hates richie a little less because hes glad his friends are accepting

So, I really need help

The city of flint are issuing out liens for water bills, and are actually seizing homes for unpaid bills. I’ve been paying 20% of this inflated bill every month, but they sent me a lien anyway and they’ve started taking homes and i’m really at wits end. I’ve just finished paying off two bills, and they purposely delay mailing the letters out with an earlier date to fuck people up and it’s just an extremely shady situation; the entire city hall staff has been MIA since a town meeting; there are dwindling cases of water and water stations are supposed to end in a few months. No pipework has been done at all, and we’re still forced to either pay for this tainted water or lose our homes, and i’m terrified. I really need help.

The city is talking about my inflated total is 1541.00 due by the 19th of May, I’m going downtown first thing in the morning to contest this but I’m terrified – they’ve already taken the home of some folks i went to high school with, for a bill of just 500 man. This shit is just so dirty and frustrating man, they putting entire families out on the streets and they took back the water credits Snyder promised us last year man. Like please, I really need any help I can get I’m talking with my job to get a 2 weeks advance but I’m terrified man. If you can spread the word or donate to, i’d be so fucking grateful. Please, just keep me and this city in your prayers man

Ten things I wish someone told me when I started HRT:

You can get hormone therapy in the United States without undergoing a long evaluation period or undergoing a ‘real life test’ if you seek out an ‘informed consent’ doctor or clinic. I waited over a year before seeking hormones because I did not want to place myself at the mercy of a mental health professional and I did not want a doctor ‘diagnosing’ my gender. Which brings me to…

They’re going to diagnose you anyway because they need an ICD code to bill your insurance company. I was furious when I found the diagnosis on my medical chart. It would have helped a lot if the doctor had asked my permission or explained that it was for insurance billing purposes only but he didn’t.

Hormone therapy drugs bought from overseas pharmacies are safe and will not cause ‘legitimate’ clinics to refuse treatment should you later decide to switch to a prescription. At the time the information I was able to find talked a lot about how trans women who use ‘black market’ hormones are not to be trusted and that a trans woman who uses such medications should be denied care until they can prove themselves ‘trustworthy,’ somehow. It is a lie.

There is absolutely zero evidence that injectable estrogens are more effective than oral estrogens. The fact is that the ‘advantage’ attributed to injectable estrogens is almost certainly placebo (and injectable placebo is known to be much more powerful than one administered orally). I could have saved myself a lot of discomfort and a serious leg injury caused by an improperly prepared injection.

Properly dosed, there is no reason that sublingual estradiol should be more effective than oral estradiol. The only thing that matters is that enough estradiol enters into your bloodstream and that is something that will be reflected in your labs.

Transdermal estradiol patches are itchy, smelly affairs that cost quite a lot of money and refuse to stay on. Knowing what I know now I would have avoided them entirely.

When I started hormone therapy my endocrinologist gave me conjugated equine estrogen because it came in smaller doses than 17β-estradiol. I was kept on conjugated estrogen for some time under the pretense that he was making sure I didn’t have any bad reactions to being on estrogen. Knowing what I know now I would have been able to argue that conjugated equine estrogen has a much worse side-effect profile than 17β-estradiol and that placing me on this drug unnecessarily endangered my body and my transition. Furthermore, the smallest doses available were far below a healthy dose needed to maintain bone and emotional well-being. Done again I would have insisted that I be started on a reasonable dose of 17β-estradiol.

Low progesterone is implicated in poor emotional health in women. Micronized progesterone is valuable to trans women for maintaining a healthy level of progesterone. I’ve personally benefited a lot, emotionally, from having it and I just wish I started using it sooner.

I wish someone had encouraged me to seek out other trans people as friends. At the time I first came out I didn’t really know there were other people out there that could really help me. The only thing I knew about being trans was what I was able to read online and in books and most of that firmly emphasized the idea that you should transition until you’ve had surgery and ‘pass’ and then disappear and that the people who ‘hung around’ the community were somehow failures. I know that’s not the truth, now, but it really messed me up early in my transition.

I wish someone told me to be cautious. I wish I was told that doctors and mental health professionals aren’t the last word and that if one decides that you’re a ‘failure’ or ‘actually a man’ it’s them that is wrong and not my own instincts regarding who I am. I also wish someone had given me a gentle nudge that some of the people I would meet in the trans community are not to be trusted and do not have my well being at heart. I feel that knowing those two things coming into that experience would have saved me a lot of grief.

About that spaceship in 4x13: a summary of what we know.

The ship belongs to an organisation called ‘Eligius Mining Company’. This organisation was mentioned in ep 4x05 by Jackson: eh found out Becca originally worked for them and created the Nightblood in order to protect people against radiation on a long space journey;when they were put into hypersleep. We learn that they were mining an asteroid. This is something that is theorized about right now, and is very much possible to do. Asteroids have minerals that are rare on earth, and which we could use for all sorts of purposes. Since asteroids are large, it could sustain us for hundreds (thousends?) of years.

Eligius made use of convicts for their labour (very American, I gather), hence ‘penal mining colony’. (’Penal’ comes from Latin ‘poena’ meaning punishment, for those who are confused. I’m not a native English speaker and it took me a few days to realize.) This means that the people who went to the asteroid can be divided into 2 groups: prisoners and guards. A possible third group is personnel, but it’s of course possible they made use of the prisoners for that too.

In episode 4x02 we see multiple tv screens behind Raven as she’s explaining to her friends what happened to the nuclear power plants and why they’re melting down. On several of them, there are headlines about the mining colony, like ‘contact lost with penal mining colony’. This means that in the days before the apocalypse started by ALIE, communication between earth (and probably a monitoring programme) and the colony ceased. There’s no mention of why or how this happened, or what they did with that information.

That is what we know.

From here I jump into speculation territory: what if communication was cut on purpose, and Bill Cadogan was somehow on it? What if they knew what was going to happen?

OR what if the spaceship that comes down are prisoners that have escaped and got to earth? Even though they’d never been there, they still think of it as ‘home’, or they just want to get away from the colony.

OR something happened on the asteroid that made living there unsafe, so they decided to come back to earth and sent an exploratory team to earth to check whether everything was okay there?

OR something else happened and they came into contact with the new Ark (I’m going to call them Spacekru) and they’re on that ship, either by themselves or as prisoners.

OR … the possibilities are endless.

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Random BillDip head canons

- Dipper is the blanket/bed hog in the relationship, he’d purposely push Bill off if it means having more space.

-Bill’s the one in the relationship to be kicked out of stores; in his eyes lighting a candy store that doesn’t sell marshmallow peeps all year round is perfectly acceptable.

-Dipper’s safe words are usually the most awkward thing on the planet- Bills the one to pick them out. ‘Grandma’ is the safe word of the day.

-If bill and Dipper were to have a child you better believe bills the kind of daddy to be that would announce it to everyone that he knocked up his boyfriend.

prompt from @onefootone: I lowkey want superfamily goes paint balling or something of the like, and it’s decided alex and maggie aren’t allowed on the same team, but it’s lowkey ike vasquez who kicks everyones ass.

You got it buddy.

So for reasons that should be obvious to anyone with a brain, the DEO has its own paintball facility for training and stress relief purposes. While billed to the government for training new agents, team building, and new weapons training, Director not-Henshaw often made the grounds available to agents looking to let loose a little, provided they brought their own ammo and filed the proper waivers with Pam in HR.

Both Maggie and Alex have an unhealthy obsession with firearms, and while Lucy can hold her own, the firing range isn’t exactly her preferred form of foreplay. But for Maggie’s birthday, Lucy could make an exception. She planned it on her own because Alex was a useless lesbian who, badass as she was in the field, caved at the slightest hint of dimples and big starry brown eyes. Lucy would have caved too, to be honest, but she’d spent the last two weeks in DC and emailed the forms back and forth with Pam.

Lucy even managed to line up some decent players. James convinced Winn to come. J’onn’s reluctance was always more about image, he was thrilled to spend time with his kids. Kara, of course, had to be reminded repeatedly that her powers were not allowed.

When Kara mentioned Lena was coming, Lucy had to scramble to find someone to balance out the teams, and Vasquez was the solution. Easy-peasy. At least she knew Vasquez wouldn’t accidentally shoot someone in the throat, which is more than she could say for Winn.

Weeks of preparation, and a freak snow storm in Ohio nearly ruined everything. But Lucy was a planner with Supergirl on speed dial, so she and her gear were on site with minutes to spare. Exhausted, and not nearly as paintball-chic as intended, but whatever, her girlfriends knew she was hot.

Alex pulls up with Maggie in a DEO SUV, Vasquez in the back, ready for the cross training exercise J’onn had ordered them to, completely surprised to see their friends geared up and ready to go. Vas takes their time getting out, gathering up everyone’s gear and all the extra ammo they had snuck in when Alex and Maggie were busy making out. Maggie and Alex hurried out, but made sure to throw an extra swing into their hips to greet Lucy.

James may have had to clear his throat to get their attention. May have.

It didn’t really work. Space Dad’s “Ladies, please,” had a little more effect.

They stepped apart anyway. Inches was apart, right?

Lucy smiled. “Happy birthday, Sawyer.”

“Wait, seriously?” Maggie narrowed her eyes. “You hate shooting things with us.”

“Yes, everyone here is aware you two are weird. That’s why rule number one is you two aren’t allowed to pair up. Rule number two is no alien super powers, Kara.”

“Hey! J’onn has powers!”

Lucy quirked an eyebrow and looked back over her shoulder, “J’onn doesn’t use them to check and see how far away his pizza guy is. No powers.”

“Any more rules?” Alex asked.

“No headshots, no throat shots, and no leaving the boundaries. Teams of two, last man or team standing wins.”

“Dibs on James,” said Maggie.

“Kara,” called Alex.

Lucy frowned, she had hoped Alex would be willing to protect Winn. “Winn.”

Vasquez looked a little peeved to have been left with their boss. Oh well, at least Vas wasn’t getting stuck with Winn, J’onn could at least shoot.

Pam was in the camera room with playback and the counter, because of course she wasn’t missing this. She had also come with the waiver Winn hadn’t signed because, face it, Schott, it’s your choice to come out here and get obliviated.

She wasn’t wrong. Kara knocked out Winn second after J’onn, who hadn’t put up much of a fight when Alex cornered him. Poor Vasquez.

Lucy, half up a tree and relying on her small stature to hide her, managed to nab a hulking James, who was not able to hide too easily amongst the smaller obstacles. She never saw the shot that took her out, or where it came from, but she certainly cursed loudly when it knocked her ten feet to the ground, paint staining the back of her black tee. Dutifully, Lucy raised her gun above her head and marched back to the hut where Pam and the rest of the losers kept watch on the cameras.

Lucy was stunned to see Kara go down next. There was no way she was abiding by the rules, her superhearing was second nature. Alex, creeping through the brush was next, getting clipped as she stepped out to take a shot at Maggie’s unprotected back.

Maggie turned at Alex’s cursing, diving just in time to avoid Vasquez’s shot. No matter what Winn and Pam did with the cameras, they couldn’t seem to find Vasquez on the map, even calculating possibly trajectories based off of Alex’s kill shot.

Maggie only lasted another five minutes, and Vas was already outside of the hut, cleaning their gear when she arrived and everyone piled out.

“What the fuck, Vas?”

“Sorry, birthday girl.” Vas smirked. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to pick the former sniper last?”

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In that one fic where Stan and Bill go to Vegas, it was said that when Bill wasn't around Dipper it showed "worse"? When he's not around Dipper is he more open about liking him, or...? Sorry- just kind of curious. Love all your writing, thanks for it!

Here are some things Stan noticed during that trip to Vegas, in no particular order.

1: Bill can be alright. Sometimes. When all his dickishness is pointed at someone else, he’s not the worst guy Stan’s teamed up with. And it earns one hell of a profit.
2: Bill never shuts up
3: Ever
4: Especially about Dipper
5: It’s not Stan’s freakin’ fault Dipper’s visiting his parents, or that Dipper didn’t want to bring Bill along, and frankly, Bill should be at least three fewer margaritas into the evening
6: Dipper’s an alright looking guy, but Bill after a few can’t stop complaining about how much more fun this would be if his ‘Adorable mortal’ were around
7: No, Stan’s not helping Bill decide what kind of souvenir would annoy Dipper the most, shopping’s interrupting a good flow of scamming
8: Stan would break Bill’s nose for the near-deadly bullshit he almost pulled on that one guy - but they’ve got a racket going and that’d interrupt it harder
9: Bill plays along with the Fake Heart Attack thing like a pro! They mighta gotten kicked out (again) if there weren’t a ‘doctor’ insisting Stan needed ‘immediate whiskey and a free hotel room’ and a few thousand in chips for ‘liability purposes’.
10: Bill gets a lotta lady attention, along with others. Charms all kindsa people - up until he pulls the carpet out from underneath them once he got their cash. Also, where did he get all those pictures of Dipper in his wallet. Or a wallet. And jeez, would he stop going on about how adorable his ‘husband’ is, it’s getting weird
11: It’s kinda alright to have another guy around who appreciates a good cigar.
12: When they don’t have the same goal, Stan can trust Bill about as far as he can throw him - but Dipper seems like a good way to keep him in line.

When Worlds Collide

Requests: @wayward-sociopath-in-the-tardis asked: ‘Can you do some kind of SuperWhoLock fic set in the near future with something about the eclipse? I know it’s not very specific, but that sounds kinda cool.’

Warnings: Slight self harm but otherwise none 

Word Count: 2700ish words I got carried away

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, the Doctor (12), Bill Potts, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Moriarty (mentioned)

A/N: Thank you for the request! Writing superwholock was a hell of a ride and I’m so sorry that it took so long writer’s block ugh and I hope you like this one! Thank you again ❤️

“Dean! Slow down dude.” Sam’s hand reached the roof of the Impala as he steadied himself. “You’re going way too fast.”

“There’s no way I’m going to miss this eclipse Sam!”

“Dean… Sam is right. You’ve got to slow down a little or we’re going to face uncomfortable death.” Cas spoke up from the backseat and Sam sent the angel a grateful look.

“Alright fine,” Dean grumbled, giving in. “But we’re not stopping for anything on the way. Not even for a pee break.”

Cas just shrugged. “I don’t urinate.”

Sam shot Dean a glare and Dean grinned at his younger brother. “Mexico, here we come.”

“And did you see his face when you pulled out the reactor at the last minute?” Bill Potts chuckled. “He looked absolutely flabbergasted.”

“That’s such a weird word. Flabbergasted. Wonder which idiot came up with it.” The Doctor was not-so-secretly pleased with Bill’s enthusiasm and awe. “You’ve been travelling with me for over a month now and you’re still not used to it, Bill?”

“I don’t think I ever will be Doctor.” Bill smiled up at the Time Lord whom she had come to admire.

He returned her smile. “So where to next?”

“Well I was thinking -“

“Oh how about a trip to Pluto? The people over there are amazing, Bill! You’ll love them,” the Doctor said before she could finish her sentence. “Or maybe we could go to another solar system. How does that sound?”

The Doctor rushed around the TARDIS, hitting certain consoles and brushing past the others.

“Actually Doctor…” Bill came over and stood next to the Doctor. “I was wondering if we could watch the solar eclipse today.”

The Doctor paused and raised an unimpressed eyebrow at Bill. “Why would you want to look at a boring eclipse?”

“I really want to watch the eclipse and I’ve never seen one before.”

The Doctor  gave in to Bill’s pleading glances.

“Fine. But we have to get to Mexico if we want the full experience.”

Bill gripped the railings as the Doctor pulled down on the TARDIS’ consoles and the blue box shuddered as it made it’s way across space.

John Watson tapped his finger against his knee as he looked at Sherlock who occupied himself with looking outside the window of the aeroplane.


“Hmm?” Sherlock didn’t shift his eyes from the window.

“Why are you so adamant about seeing the eclipse?”

That morning, John had been shaken awake by Sherlock rather early. Sherlock didn’t say much. All that he asked of John was for him to pack his bags as they were going to Mexico. When John asked why, Sherlock simply replied that it was to ‘see the eclipse of course’ and he refused to say anything else. John hadn’t protested nor pestered Sherlock… until now.

“Here.” Sherlock handed him an envelope.

“What’s this?”

“It’s from Moriarty.”

Sherlock’s face remained expressionless as John proceeded to read the envelope.

“How is it that Moriarty is still able to reach out even after his death? I thought that we had heard the last from him after what happened with Eurus.

“I don’t know how he does it, John,” Sherlock said, pursing his lips. “But for some reason, he wants us to go watch the eclipse when it’s at the highest during noon time.”

“And that is in Mexico?” John raised an eyebrow at the detective who nodded. “None of this makes any sense, Sherlock.”

Sherlock said nothing.

With the Impala going at a steady pace, Dean was sure that he could have reached Mexico soon. But the two hitchhikers they picked on the way caused some trouble at the Mexico borders. Well until the old man showed a card to the border guards who took one look at it and immediately apologised for the inconvenience.

“Who are you guys?” Dean looked at the old man and the twenty-something girl in his rearview mirror as the car went along the bumpy road.

“Ah just travellers,” the older man spoke up with a slight chuckle.

“He’s the Doctor and you can call me Bill.” The girl rolled her eyes at the ‘Doctor’ and offered Dean a friendly smile.

“Doctor? Doctor what?” Sam turned behind to address the old man.

The Doctor just chuckled. “Well that’s the question, isn’t it.”

Dean had found the two by the side of the road and they had asked for a ride and Dean had obliged. They were all going to watch the eclipse along the same direction so it wasn’t going to be a problem.

“Just admit it Doctor. You didn’t land us 50 miles from Mexico on purpose.” Bill was arguing with the Doctor who was looking at Cas in a weird and amused way.

“Everything happens for a reason Bill.” The Doctor shifted his gaze to Bill, his Scottish accent ringing clear.

This was either going to be an interesting road trip or the most annoying one.

“Why is there no one here?” John looked around the empty field that they were standing in.

Their aeroplane had landed early and he and Sherlock had reached with enough time to spare.

“I wanted to get away from all the people. We don’t know what Moriarty might be up to or where he would strike. So the smartest thing to do is observe from the distance.”

Sherlock fiddled with his scarf. No matter how nonchalant Sherlock sounded, John knew that he was nervous. But before he could say anything on the matter, the deep rumbling of a car distracted the two of them. John looked up to see a black Impala come to a rest a couple of feet away from them and six people got out of the car.

Sherlock quickly strode over to the man who had gotten out of the driver street.

“I’m sorry but you aren’t allowed to be here,” Sherlock said as he flashed a badge.

John rolled his eyes as he realised that he must have picked Greg’s pocket again. He made his way over and stood next to Sherlock.

“Well that’s too bad. We’re FBI agents.” The two taller boys flashed their badges and John looked at Sherlock with an uneasy look.

Sherlock’s eyes took in the scene before him. The man who had showed him the badge was obviously not FBI and neither was his brother - the tall one. They had an unprofessional air about them and the badges were obviously fake. The man in the trenchcoat didn’t say much but regarded Sherlock with a slight frown. The other two - an aged man and a woman of over twenty five years - were just looking around the fields and talking to each other in hushed tones. They looked like travellers, Sherlock observed.

“Your badge is fake,” Sherlock smirked at the green eyed man.

“And yours says ‘Scotland Yard’,” the other man retorted without missing a single beat.

Sherlock smiled. Maybe this man was smarter than what he gave him credit for.

“Boys, boys,” the older man came forward. “What seems to be the problem here?”

If Sherlock had to guess, he would say that he was Scottish.

“This is a restricted area. No one is allowed to come here.” Sherlock pocketed his badge. It wasn’t going to do him any more good.

“Ah well…” the older man started and looked at the woman next to him. “I’m the Doctor and this is Billy and we’re special personnel.”

The man held up a blank sheet of paper.

“The paper is blank.” Sherlock said, confused, at the same time John had muttered, “You’re the British Special Forces?”

Sherlock’s confusion deepened as he looked at John. “The paper’s blank John.”

“Um no Sherlock,” John said, frowning. “It clearly says ‘British Special Forces’.”

“Interesting.” The Doctor smiled a knowing smile at Sherlock before he clamped his ID shut.

“Who are you?” Sherlock asked him. “Tell me the truth.”

“I’m a Time Lord,” the Doctor grinned. “From the planet Gallifrey.”

Demons, spirits and wendigos… Dean could handle those. But now there were aliens too? Dean had almost called bullshit when the Doctor introduced himself as an alien. Sam and Dean had exchanged unbelieving glances but Cas had simply stated that the Doctor was not of this planet and that he was not lying. The Doctor also seemed to know that Cas was an angel and had even seemed pleased to finally meet a ‘friendly’ angel. Dean had no idea what that meant.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson needed to take more time to digest everything. Sherlock had been adamant that they were all lying, that Dean Winchester and his brother could not be hunters, that Castiel was in no way an angel.

‘Angels, monsters and aliens don’t exist.’

In the end, Sherlock had grudgingly come to accept things the way they were but still refused to talk to any of them. Great. What started as an exciting day and a day to break from the weird life turned out to be Dean’s weirdest day.

The only one who seemed cheerful during this ordeal was the Doctor and his ‘companion’, Bill Potts.

“Get ready! The eclipse is near.”

At the Doctor’s words, Dean slipped on his glasses and the rest of them did the same - except for the Doctor who put on some unusual shades which made a weird sonic sound.

Despite himself, Dean was excited as he shifted his gaze to the skies. The moon was nearing and the whole place turned darker, slowly.

Suddenly a bright light lit up and Dean shielded his eyes from the sudden brightness. A tear in space had opened up a couple of feet from him. It was the same tear which had been present the night Jack, the nephilim, was born.

“What do we have here?”

The Doctor grinned as he stared at the rip in fabric. Things were starting to get interesting.

“How is this here? Who opened it?” The taller Winchester brother - Sam Winchester - spoke up.

“You’ve seen an inter-dimensional rip before?”

“Yes,” the angel with the gruff voice spoke up. “It appeared when the spawn of Lucifer, Jack, was born.”

“You named the spawn of Lucifer Jack?” Bill sounded incredulous and Cas stared at her in confusion.

“It’s - It’s a long story,” Dean muttered as he looked at John Watson who had paled significantly and gotten more baffled at the mention of Lucifer.

“You mean Lucifer as in the Devil?” John Watson let out a humourless laugh and no one said anything. At that precise moment, the rip pulsed with light and a creature made its way out.

“It’s a demon,” Sam yelled. “Look out!”

“It’s not a demon!” The Doctor yelled as he pulled himself and Bill to cover. “That’s just the name humans came up with but they’re actually called -“

The Doctor paused as Bill glared at him.

“Let’s definitely go with demons.” The Doctor rubbed his hands together as the demon walked towards Sherlock who was staring at the creature in fascination and disbelief.

“Sherlock get back!” Sam yelled out and the demon went out in a blinding light as Dean shot at it.

“We’re lucky that we have some angel killing bullets left over from last time,” Dean grumbled and handed a gun to the Doctor.

“Ah no,” the Doctor raised his hands in front of him. “I don’t do weapons.”

Dean just shrugged. “Fine suit yourself. But be prepared for more of those sons of bitches.”

“We need to close the gateway,” Sherlock said, speaking up for the first time.

“Won’t the rip close automatically when the eclipse has passed?” Bill asked the Doctor.

No sooner had she finished speaking, more demons appeared and Sam, Dean and Cas tried to keep them at bay.

“Just the opposite actually,” said the Doctor. “Once the eclipse passes, it will be impossible to close the rip.”

“Doc you’ve got to close that thing before more demons come in. We won’t be able to handle a whole lot of them.” Dean’s voice was strained as he took on two demons at the same time with a long silver blade.

“Closing it won’t take much time. All I’ve got to do is reverse the polarity.” The Doctor tapped his sonic glasses and grinned.

“But given the magnitude of the eclipse, you’ll need more power to reverse the polarity,” Sherlock spoke up, for the first time in a long while.

“That’s where the problem lies,” the Doctor agreed.

“Well… think of something fast!” Sam yelled as he strained against a demon who had managed to hold onto him.

“Castiel?” The Doctor addressed the angel. “I’ll need a bit of your grace.”

“What do you need his grace for?” Dean asked the Doctor with annoyance.

“Don’t worry. I just need a little. I won’t harm your boyfriend.” The Doctor assured him.

“He’s not my - ”

“Take it.” Castiel spoke up, interrupting Dean. “How much do you need?”

“Very little. I just need enough to - ”

“Send into the other world.” Sherlock had finished for him.

The Doctor was mildly impressed and annoyed. “Yes. Yes. If we send something of high power from this world into that, then the balance will be disrupted and the other world will be weaker.”

Castiel nodded and lifted the blade to his throat and cut enough for very little grace to leak out. He caught it in a small vial and handed it to the Doctor. Meanwhile, Bill and Dr, Watson were helping the Winchesters with the demons. The Doctor was worried for Bill, but he knew that she would be able to take care of herself.

“All right let’s do this.”

Together the Doctor and Sherlock walked over to the rip and they tipped the contents of the vial into it just as more demons tried to make their way out. Suddenly, the rip pulsed brighter and started flickering. It was working.

Quickly, the Doctor adjusted the settings on his sonic glasses and increased it’s frequency till it matched that of the portal. It took him hardly a couple of minutes to close the portal and they were on time too as the eclipse was over and the moon out of the path of the sun.

“Well that was fun.” The Doctor grinned.

Everyone around him cast him a disgruntled look but Dean was glad for his and Sherlock’s quick thinking. They wouldn’t be here if not for them.

“Alright then! Time to leave, Bill!” The Doctor looked at Bill who nodded.

“Goodbye boys. It was a pleasure working with all of you.” The Doctor shook all their hands.

“Will you show it to me?” Sherlock asked the Doctor. “Your time machine?”

“Perhaps one day Mr. Holmes.” The Doctor promised.

“It’ll help me learn more about Moriarty.” Sherlock’s voice was really quiet that Dean wasn’t sure he had heard him correctly.

“Wait… isn’t Moriarty the guy who stole all the Queen’s jewels and broke into basically all of London a couple of years ago?” Dean had heard about the serial killer. He had been all over the news. And so was his death…

John nodded. “Even after his death, he continues to play us like puppets on a string. He was the one who asked us to come here.”

“It may have been possible that he knew this would happen.” Sherlock grimaced. “I wouldn’t put it past him.”

“Well I think that you humans are the craziest ones among all other creatures in this owners,” the Doctor said, with a slow shake of his head.

“I’ll agree with you there,” Dean muttered. Humans were the weirdest ones. And this Moriarty sounded like a piece of work.

“You two can come with us,” the Doctor said, indicating Sherlock and John. “You three are allowed to come too, of course.”

“Thank Doc, but hard pass.” Dean shook his head. “I’ve had enough for one day.”

“I’ve got to agree with my brother here.” Sam gave a small smile. “It’s been nice meeting all of you.”

“Maybe one day our paths will cross again,” Castiel said with a knowing smile.

“I don’t doubt it.” The Doctor grinned back.

“I’ll actually look forward to it.” Sherlock had a faint smile on his face. “You’ve opened my eyes to see the impossible. Now… shall we Doctor?”

“Goodbye boys.” The Doctor shook their hands one last time and Bill smiled up at all of them.

“Take care,” she said and followed the Doctor.

John gave them a small nod and raised his hands in farewell and fell into step with Bill - behind Sherlock and the Doctor.

Dean turned to his brother and his angel with a grin. “So who’s up for some burgers?”

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The US military defines psychological operations, or PSYOP, as:

planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence the emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 was introduced by U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry (R-TX) on May 10, 2012 in the House of Representatives. The bill purpose is “to authorize the domestic dissemination of information and material about the United States intended primarily for foreign audiences”

Amendments made to the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 and Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987 allow for materials produced by the State Department and the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) to be released within US borders.

Reincarnation AU: Part 3.5. Or part 4, depending on how you look at it.

Here’s the last three parts: 1, 2, and 3. 

Where we last left our hero, he had just accidentally burned down his apartment, and had taken Bill’s most generous offer of staying with him for the meantime.

In the Mindscape. Because that’s a wise decision.

While Bill very ‘kindly’ shoved Mason/Dipper into a bath, but has surprisingly neglected to remember to provide clothes.

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pintrestgirl2003  asked:

Whats your billdip headcannons ?

Hoo Boy, these are all Bad and Gross™ but here goes

-Dipper listens to Bill regardless of what he tells him to do

-Bill enjoys watching Dipper break down and shatter

- Sometimes Bill knows when Dipper has had enough and he’ll simply hold him, it’s there only semblance of normalcy

- When Dipper breaks too much, Bill erases all the bad things from his head and replaces them with good memories just so he can break him all over again

- Dipper is aware that the relationship they have isn’t healthy, but he doesn’t care

- Bill sometimes has moments where his emotions seem ‘human’ and he’ll profusely apologise to Dipper for what he’s done

- Knowing that his boyfriend is a masochist, Bill purposely grabs him tightly by the wrist when he has the chance

- Dipper enjoys the nightmares Bill has given him after getting desensitised to them

- They always say “I love you” before going to sleep at night

He accidentally trips/makes you fall and you get injured(SHINEE)

Onew: -he threw his jacket on the ground and you managed to trip on it. You ended up with bruise knees and scraped palms. When it was brought up he had to tell the story of how you basically beat him up afterwards because of it- “she gave me a dead leg and a bruised upper arm. She’s not a innocent little creature like we all think she’s quite viscous” 

Jonghyun: -his tale of how he broke your wrist really his fault he was pushed pretty hard into you and the both of you hit the ground with force but you were the one who actually go hurt. So the whole time you were in the emergency room you didn’t say a word to him or look at him but after you were given medication you talked to just about everything.- “once she was out of her extremely happy state she was still mad at me. I bought her food and then she was pretty happy after I fed her”  

Key: -he had to hide his laughter as he tripped the two of you as you made your way to the main area of the show you were going onto but he only managed to make you actually fall to the ground because he caught himself. So the MC teased him about it after he helped you up and made sure you were ok which you were just fell on your butt too hard- “I’m so smooth I’m amazed I haven’t killed one of us yet”

Minho: -he went to help you up and but he tugged to hard and you fell forward. The worst part was it was filmed and he was so worried about you when you kinda just sat there. When he helped you up he realized your knees were bleeding and your hands were cut but you claimed you were fine the whole time- “I don’t believe you I should get the first aid kit and play doctor before something gets infected”

Taemin: -it wasn’t a cute I fell for you moment it was ‘oh god I tripped you and you broke something moment’ for him because as soon as he helped you up after he tripped you by accident he found your nose gushing with blood. Taking you to the emergency room was the moment to actually talk to eachother as he tilted your head back. Now he talks about it when you’re brought up in an interview- “it’s not a cute story, how you know I met my girlfriend she had to get her nose reset and she originally gave me her number for billing purposes. But we some how hit it off and we’ve been dating 2 years”