Wizard101 Roleplay Network

The Wizard101 Roleplay Network is a network run by @falmea​ and @roslyntitanflame​ for people in the Wizard101 fandom who create OCs out of their in-game characters! However, this isn’t just a place for planning RPs, it’s also a place for developing character ideas and getting advice and opinions from other people. It’s open to all people, whether you’re just starting out with character creation and designs, or if you’re used to it and have several different OCs.

How to apply:

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Following the mods + the net blog (@wizzyrpnet) isn’t required, but appreciated anyways!


OC advice!
Skype + Discord chats!
Friends within the fandom that make OCs!
Wizzy Roleplays!


Don’t be rude about characters others create, people can be very fragile and paranoid about their character designs as it is. Same goes for artwork and writing, don’t mock others for their skill level. Please be gentle!

If we’re doing a group RP, please do not godmod!!! Godmodding makes roleplays boring, so please don’t do it..

Be respectful to everyone’s ideas, even if you don’t agree with them. If you have a problem with someone else in the chat being rude or anything like that, please talk to one of the mods about it !

Please refrain from starting drama with someone in the network over stuff! This is a very important one since drama can ruin the mood. Again, if there is a problem, sort it out with the person in private or message a mod.

Applications close September 17th