I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words, I scatter them, in time and space. A message, to lead myself here.

MAKE ME CHOOSE » billiepiedpiper asked Rose Tyler or Hermione Granger?


Here is the list of absolutely amazing blogs. Also, here’s my blogroll where you can find more quality DW and Muse blogs. I love you all!

A-D: absentmusingsa-mind-obsessed-by-tennantbilliepiedpiperdavid-john-mcdonald, doctorwho-hair-porn

E-H: hardythehermitcrab, hiddlesiousexpelliarmus

I-L: i-travel-by-tardislastlordoftime, messier-17

M-P: mattsmithissexy, nickmilller, nobledonnnaoutcastfromgallifrey

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U-Z: weeping-who-girl, whodawhovian

Hello everyone! There are the first members of CumberTennant Network!

Track #cumbertennant-network and feel free to add your works about them on this tag.

This is our network page. Every member has to add it somewhere visible on their blogs.

Please don’t forget to send me your network page icon (100x100 px) and your short description.

Following each member would be nice but it is not an obligation.

We are thinking about getting a private blog for group communication. If you have any other ideas for it, feel free to share.

If you want to be a part of this network, you can apply here. I will continue choosing new members. 

Ok, so here’s the results of my 5k tumblr awards! Winners get a spot on my updates tab for the month (will add this on there shortly).

The Tardis award (best dw):
The 221B award (best Sherlock):
The Impala award (best spn):
The Dragonlord Award (best multi):
The Highway to Hell award (best url):
The Stairway to Heaven award (best theme):
The Castiel award (my fave):
The Gallifrey award (best original work):

My Tumblr Crushes:

  1. thebadddestwolf
  2. lauraxxtennant
  3. tinyconfusion
  4. billiepiedpiper
  5. roseinabox
  6. rointheta
  7. ablogwithaview
  8. valueturtle
  9. sandshoesandausten

Ooh some new people on here and two of them are the same wonderful person. Top three STILL the same though, for at least 4 weeks running now and baddest has taken the lead back by a percentage point. (I feel like I’m an announcer at the horse races)