Hey gorgeous 253 followers!

Thanks for being loyal little sass pots and for sharing my obsession, I hope I’ve been a decent blog to follow and dw you will continue to see more or my Pretty Little Liars fetish up untill I die!!

anyway, is my personal tumblr and If you like looking at pretty things that make you happy and colours that make you smile Billie and Rose is the place to be!!! even if you just want to listen to a few yummy tunes (Bad Things from pretty little liars soundtrack is featured and is currently working its way on to my fav songs list)

anyway it would mean a lot to me if you could follow Billie and Rose because i think we all know the current follower status and struggle!!

and continue to send me messages and reblog my posts and love me because we all need love AND OMG HOW AMAZING WAS THE PREMIERE!!!!!!!!!!