billie stop

Reasons to watch Chicago:

-It’s basically if red lipstick were a musical
-Passes the bechdel test
-Lead male thinks he’s the be all and end all of everything but gets outsmarted
-The Cell Block Tango
-Female reporter is the most successful despite it being the twenties and her having to compete with hundreds of obnoxious men
-Queen Latifa
-Need I say more

Just because Trini is just as strong as the other Rangers, it doesn’t mean it (always) makes up for her height.

Like when Kimberly is on Trini’s shoulders to play chicken in Kimberly’s pool against Zack (on the bottom) and Jason (on top), because Trini insists she can handle it and won’t play any other way.

…Except Trini spends the whole time jumping so she doesn’t drown while Kimberly kicks her for continually threatening to lose balance, shouting, “That’s not how you win the game, Trini! For the love of - ! Just let me hold you!” in between Trini’s own (half-burbled) shouts of, “Never! I got this! Just. Stop. Moving, you amazon!”

Trini and Kimberly sneak into a movie theater (because they’re power rangers why not?) and they find it full of children watching Moana. Trini complains about how it’s not some horror or action movie and Kim some how convinces Trini to stay and watches it.

For the next month Trini and Kim are constantly singing “How Far I’ll Go” and Billy is so confused and constantly asking Jason, “Where are they going? Why do they keep talking about leaving??”

Eventually, Trini and Kim watch Moana with Billy and they’re all obsessed with the soundtrack.