billie rae photography


For the body project we are having to place our photographs in an editorial format. I have chosen to use the guardian magazine (at the moment) and have been using my photographs from ‘Heroes’ to help me work out layout, font etc. 

Here’s what I’ve got so far with the text filled with placeholder text at the moment, I still need to write the article.


On Tuesday I headed up to Cosham to do a combined photo shoot, taking location images for my first brief and action shots for my second brief. The Cosham Kink is a rail just past the odd main road entrance in Queen Alexander Hospital. It is covered by trees and is made up uneven slaps which create the steps. Visually it is a very appealing place when looking up from the main road however the recent weather made it impossible to skate (without slipping and falling in the road as the inline skater I was photographing told me) so after a few location shots and an attempting at photographing the skating grinding we had to give up because it become to unsafe however we will return when conditions are better. 

These are three of the photographs that I did manage to get from the very short shoot and resemble the sort of narrative I want to go for in my second brief.


Old Vic Tunnels, London

I finally found the Old Vic Tunnels of London. They are like nothing I’ve seen before and I really enjoyed walking through them, seeing the different kind of people who were attracted there. A few artists were working along one section of the tunnels. I love seeing all artists at work, its great seeing someone’s vision come to life. How they create something that they original saw only in their mind.


Finished editing the photographs so here is another shot for you.

I’m looking at printing them post card side to bring them back to the idea of a seaside holiday, I am aiming to have a set of at least 5 photographs which will exist as a set presented in some way of which I’ve yet to decide. When collecting the found imagery which I have used to project the photographs I got to see how they would have been presented to a customer after developing and I like the idea of incorporating this.