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Tampa Bay MegaCon - David Tennant and Billie Piper Full Length Q&A

Posted by Karl Rohr on You Tube

Spooky’s Highlights of the Billie Piper Q&A panels at Awesome Con in relation to the Doctor and Rose, the narrative, and production of Doctor Who: A Summary

  • Billie ain’t ‘fraid of no Daleks
  • If Billie could write an episode, she would focus on the love story (The love storyThe love story. Just sayin’)
  • The continued adventures of Rose and the metacrisis Doctor would basically consist of the above 
  • She’s happy the story of the Doctor, Rose, and other companions are living on in fan works
  • Billie talked of the evolving relationship between Rose and the Doctor, that in the beginning Rose looked up to Nine as someone with more knowledge and experience, that she was somewhat in awe of him, whereas Rose and Ten ended up more like best mates and equals
  • Some of her favorite episodes to watch are the episodes with the Doctor and the Master, because it’s amazing to watch the dynamic of David Tennant and John Simm together on screen
  • Billie offered some awesome insight regarding characterization and plot, but always gave a nod to the writers for delivering the goods in the narrative. She admitted she wasn’t necessarily “wired” that way and that her job starts the moment she gets the script
  • And what a job she does! Billie said she knew exactly what she wanted to do with Rose Tyler, but she never could have predicted the positive impact the character would have in the fan community. She said that was probably good, because it might have been a bit intimidating and changed her performance