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PEOPLE: I hate Evan Peter’s caracter this season. Its the heaviest so far.

ME: why? James March was a serial killer.

PEOPLE: yeah but…

ME: Kyle was literally a zombie who killed his mother

PEOPLE: but…

ME: Tate raped a woman, killed his classmates and burned a man alive.

PEOPLE: so sweet!


Aaron Tveit - Billie Jean

Elsie Fest
September 27, 2015


All the characters of Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe and Taissa Farmiga on American Horror Story ❤

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Create Your League

Using only one of the DC Trinity members, create a Justice League that is between 7 to 10 members.

Mine would be:



Kyle Rayner (Preferably as the White Lantern again, but if I can’t have that then Green Lantern)

Donna Troy

Wally West


Captain Marvel (or Shazam if you want to call him that)


Martian Manhunter


anonymous asked:

Damian and Stephanie create a "Cat Lovers" Club,the members are Selina Kyle, Klarion,Billy and for some reason Bart

“Dami, I think things have gotten out of hand”

“Tt- nonsense Brown, we can handle it” Stephenie looked around “you know” she said “When you said Billy was coming I didn’t think he was going to bring a tiger” 

“you’re the one who invited the Witch Boy”

“which in retrospect was not my best idea” Klarion was floating mid-air glaring daggers at Selina who was pointedly ignoring him. Teekl was curled up in Selina’s lap purring far too deeply for a cat that size as Selina patted it. Tawky Tawny’s massive head rested on Selina’s knee, though Billy seemed much less put out by this than Klarion was about his pet. 

“Bart, not to be rude or anything but-” “why are you here Allen?” 

Bart zipped over “Oh hi! I thought this was a club for Cats, you know, the musical?”

Stephenie and Damian looked at him for a long moment. Stephenie spoke first “and why would you care about the musical Cats?” 

“um well, in the 31st century most culture, you know, movies, books, plays stuff like that from before the 28th century got totally lost. But Cats made it, it’s like the only think from like 200 years around now we have. It’s a big deal a real window into how people lived and stuff, people get their doctorate by studying the cast audio.”

Damian and Steph looked horrified. Bart broke out laughing “Oh my god! you guys really fell for that?! amazing! nah I just like cats dudes, and you get a load of the tiger!?” 


Always a good choice on a Saturday night…

Paramount NY - 14 Days |

The Vets RI - 15 Days |

Theatre of Living Arts PA - 21!Days |

Parker Playhouse FL - 77 Days |

Straz Center FL - 78 Days |

House of Blues San Diego CA - 91 Days |

Belasco Theatre CA - 92 Days |


Broadway has never been so handsome- Kyle Riabko, Hadley Fraser, Ramin Karimloo, Santino Fontana, Taye Diggs, Billy Magnussen, Aaron Tveit