billie joe's kids

do you remember when green day won the kids’ choice award for favorite music group and billie joe was actually there to accept the award but he couldn’t say anything controversial or cuss in his acceptance speech because it was a kids show so he just shouted “stick it to the man”

  • Billie Joe: *is alone and there's a live button in front of him* I'll push this and see what it does. Oh, look, my fans!
  • Billie Joe: *is nominated for a VMA and there's a beanie in front of him* I'll put it on, and then I'll talk to my fans.
  • Billie Joe: *is with his family and there are some dogs in front of him¨* I know! I'll introduce them to my fans...
  • Billie Joe: *is with all the Green Day members and there's a monkey mask in front of him* You know who'd love to see this? My fans...
  • Billie Joe: *is at the airport waiting for Mike Dirnt* Damn, I gotta tell this to my fans.
  • Billie Joe: *is at the Oakland Coliseum and Ryan walks in front of him" She definitely wants to say hi to my fans.
  • Billie Joe: *is alone again and there's absolutely nothing in front of him* Mhmm... I'll take some questions from my fans.
  • Billie Joe: *is on his way to the next venue and there's a Jason White in front of him" I'll have a conversation with him... right in front of my fans!!!
  • Billie Joe: *is backstage and there are people working in front of him* ... ... ... Well, the obvious choice here is showing this to my fans.