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“Time Goddess” - Digital Oil Painting

This was last month’s big art project, Rose as the Bad Wolf Time Goddess! Saw this gown and knew it was meant to be worn by Rose Tyler. This is a very large file, so you can zoom in a lot before it starts getting pixelated. I hope you like it, it was a lot of work!

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One of my favorite things about Rose Tyler is that she always looked like a normal 20-year-old. Every piece of hair wasn’t perfectly in place, her make-up wasn’t always perfect and she wore jeans and trainers. She always looked like she was running for her life and saving the world which was what she was doing! She didn’t look like she existed to be a stereotype or like she was there to look good. She always looked beautiful but she looked like a real person and like someone I could have been friends with. She always made me feel like I could have been her; that I could have traveled with the Doctor and made a difference. 

do you ever look at someone and just have this feeling or just know that they’re a God/Goddess/supernatural being of great power hiding on earth in plane sight?

I certainly do.

Headcanons for Nico’s interactions with other campers before/during ToA:

  • So after the school year starts and pretty much everyone Nico hangs out with is gone for the most part, Nico by default sends most his time around Will.
    • Eventually Will is like “go make more friends”. 
  • Cecil spent weeks convincing Nico to help him with a prank because Nico is stealthy af. Nico had more fun pulling the prank than he’ll ever openly admit. 
  • After semi-regular spars, rivalry in capture the flag, and teaming up to save another camper from a random monster attack Nico and Sherman Yang are frenemies. 
    • Will somewhat regrets encouraging Nico to get along with Sherman because it always ends with one or both of them in the infirmary. 
  • Whenever Chiara starts ranting and cussing in Italian, Nico always makes snide comments back in Italian. They also trash talk each other in Italian before/during any camp games. 
    • Nico and Chiara once got into a stupid argument over something trivial. But no one knew that because they both reverted to Italian so all anyone could tell was that they were angry and gesturing wildly. 
    • Everyone was O_O 
  • Malcolm and Nico occasionally nerd out over Mythomagic strategy games.
  • One time Nico accidentally killed some plants around Demeter Cabin. He took a trip to the Underworld to ask Persephone to replace the plants. Miranda and Billy were impressed he’d go so far as to ask a goddess for a favor just to apologize. 
    • After that Demeter Cabin is quick to stick up for Nico if anyone starts being a jerk about his parentage or powers.
  • Austin was actually really intimidated by Nico at first but did his best not to show it because Will is just so happy when Nico is around. Slowly he warmed up to Nico (and vice versa), though Nico’s powers still creep him out.  
  • About once a month someone has to leave camp to stock up on supplies for the infirmary. Will is typically the one to go. Clarisse used to go with him but Nico took over that role when she left for college. (Will and Nico definitely use the trip as an excuse to go on dates.)
    • However, one time someone got hurt pretty bad right before they were supposed to leave so Will had to take care of that. Kayla ended up taking his place on the supply run.  
    • It was awkward at first because Nico and Kayla had never really interacted before without Will as a buffer.
    • Then some middle age creep starts hitting on Kayla. She’s just like WTF because spending the majority of the year in camp might prepare you to fight monsters but it doesn’t help you know how to deal with creepy old dudes. (Plus her bow and quiver were in the car.) 
    • Then the creep suddenly turned heel and practically ran away. Because Nico was glaring at him.
    • Kayla considers Nico her honorary big brother after that.      

When I was a tween, I wanted Gwen Stefani to play her in a live action “Billy and Mandy” movie (this was when Gwen was at the height of her solo career).

And actually, since Halloween is coming up, I actually wish Christina Aguilera could go as Eris and her two kids could go as Billy and Mandy (and maybe her bae could be Grim or Hoss Delgado). Christina, especially “Back to Basics” era Christina looks like Eris, although X-Tina’s a bit too big to be Eris now.

I’d tell her son Max that I used to watch this show when I was his age.


Eris - Goddess of chaos, strife, discord, contention, rivalry

The classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty is partly inspired by Eris’s role in the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. Like Eris, a malevolent fairy curses a princess after not being invited to the princess’ christening. x

theguardianprincess01  asked:

for the boys if their loves is eris the goddess of discord but not evil,pure and innocent as always.

All I can think of is Eris from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy…

James: A person as pure as you couldn’t be the goddess of discord. James was sure there was some kind of mistake or maybe he had misheard you when you told him who you actually were. The image he had of Eris and the image he had of you were two different things entirely.

Erik: The joke about you being the one goddess for him is abused tenfold when he finds out who you actually are. It doesn’t matter to Erik that you’re technically the goddess of discord; with how you acted around him, he could’ve been fooled into thinking you were the goddess of all things sweet and wonderful.

Sam: Certainly despite the fact that you were sweet and innocent, you being the goddess of discord meant that you knew how to have some chaotic fun once in a while. Sam would always try to coax you into getting into a little bit of trouble, wanting to see the reason why you were given your title.

Matthew: He knew there would always be multiple sides to people, so the fact that someone as sweet as you was the goddess of discord wasn’t an extreme surprise to Matthew. After all, he knew there just had to be a little bit of chaos in that body of yours, otherwise you’d be too perfect.

Damien: It’s hard for him to believe until he’s actually seeing you in action. The way you cause chaos, blaming it on others to keep up with your innocent look and in turn causing more chaos, was almost poetic. He understood how you came to gain the title as Eris, Goddess of Discord.