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I’m literally screaming at silver standing up and being like “of course billy is gonna do everything he can to fix this :) of course :) of course billy would never do anything to violate the trust I’ve put in him :) right?!?! :) isn’t that right sweaty?!?! :) :) :) because if he did that :) ha :) one can only imagine what I would do :)”


Black Sails Silver, Madi, Flint, Billy scenes 4x04

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I’m so angry that it seems nobody recognize what Billy has accomplished in Nassau.  Billy and his people were, in fact, trying to make things less chaotic in Nassau, while the Long John Silver and the fierce captain Flint are doing power-playing on who has more power over whom in the governor’s house being completely safe and they think Billy is avoiding them and they can summon Billy like he is nothing but one of their subjects.  But Billy knew what he gained, like his people, their loyalties, and more importantly information about things happening in Nassau. And Flint, Silver, and Madi know nothing about what’s going on in Nassau, no clues about who’s doing what, and still think that they can order around Billy.  I cannot imagine how stupid they are.  Woodes Rogers hired Eleanor Guthrie because information is very critical asset in the time of war.  

And who do you think created the legend of the Long John Silver?  Did whatever the deeds to make the Long John Silver as the most fearful pirate king?  And gathered all those people, gained their faiths, and maintained their loyalties?  And organized them to be an army of sort?  If you think it isn’t such a big fuss, you do that. Silver may not wanted to be this legendary existence, but he’s using the power as the Long John Silver, now he cannot make any complains to Billy.  

I really think Flint and Silver should be grateful to Billy for what he has done for them, for brothers.  And don’t forget if there weren’t for Billy and Billy’s people, they cannot be in the governor’s house doing power-playing and underestimate and belittle Billy.

Black Sails 4x02 - 4x03 thoughts

This is late. Sorry about that. It’s because I was waiting to see the episodes with a friend of mine. 

I had some thoughts I wanted to get out before 4x04, and some of you seemed to enjoy this last time, so I thought, why not do it again?

Two brilliant episodes overall. I’ve already talked a bit about my thoughts on especially 4x03, which you can find here, here and here as well as in all of my tag rants in Black Sails posts on my blog. 

Going to follow the formula and do a character by character/group by group break-down below the cut. This got really long. Look forward to me having long ramblings about narrative techniques, being angry about Black Sails making me care, being very worried for everyone’s future and what’s really the deal with Berringer’s locket. 

Spoilers, obviously.

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