billie and david need to get married

Con Rant

People had the chance. The opprotunity to ask David Tennant and Billie Piper ANYTHING they wanted. ANYTHING AT ALL. And what do I hear? MORE questions about The Doctor’s Daughter. We get it. His wife played his daughter. David likes to keep his family PRIVATE. Meaning weird questions like, “How’d it feel marrying your daughter?” are totally uncalled for. Georgia deserves more respect than that. As does David.

And what else? Someone actually had the nerve to ask David and Billie to kiss. Are. You. Serious.
This happened last year too and guess what David said and I quote, “But that’s just weird!”

But. That’s. Just. Weird.
That means, to those who aren’t getting it:

STOP ASKING THEM TO KISS. It’s not appropriate. And especially now, with everything that’s going on with Billie (which again is NONE of our business as well) it’s just rude. And such polite, caring people like David and Billie deserve better.

We should’ve asked about Broadchurch season 3. Penny Dreadful season 3. We should’ve asked about David’s plays and if Billie planned on doing anything. We should’ve asked about if David and Billie planned on working together again! WE SHOULD’VE ASKED ABOUT THE FUTURE. I know we want to relive Doctor Who but David and Billie are NOT Rose and Ten! David said it himself, we have to remember not to confuse actor and character. Please.

Guys, David and Billie are so patient and so kind despite all the shit the fans put them through.
I’m really dissapointed in some people. We have to be better. I just wish people knew what an amazing gift they have to be able to talk to them. To really get to know them. I’d do anything for that.

Please people, for the future. Let’s think before we ask. Let’s be considerate and remember that they are human beings. Just because they don’t scream and yell and say how offended they are at some of the questions doesn’t mean that’s not what they’re feeling.

Remember that. Please.