kind of a sloppily done summary of an idea I had - pardon the lack of punctuation!

i kinda of always imagine greasy’s as the one public place dipper feels comfortable enough being in while he’s corporeal (the place is so run down and gross now, only the natives know the looks are decieving)

there’s kinda this normal crowd at greasy’s yeah, and dipper’s there lounging in one of the chairs with his feet up (rude ass nerd child), chewing on some candy he weasled out of the house and playing the one pokemon game he and Mabel share

when pacifica comes in along with a few others, looking at her phone all worried, and hushes some of the louder folk down before asking lazy susan to turn the tv on to the news

they’re reporting on some natural disaster that struck (maybe like a tsunami or something?) like, out of friggin nowhere and most of the nation is freaking out like america does when something even moderately bad happens on its shores

and everyone is like oh man thats terrible, what could have caused that, they saw some huge leviathans off the coast in another country, etc etc

and dipper is just all “oh yeah that was me”

dipper notices the silence and looks up, confused

he tries laughing it off like yeah, why do you think im corporeal today, i got like 6 souls out of that shit it was hilarious

only everyone’s horrified stares start wearing him down until he realizes - oh, oh fuck, oh fuck shit shit shit that wasn’t human at all, that was a DEMON thing he was totally acting like a demon, like BILL

he damn near has a full on breakdown there (thank god pacifica was there, she was the only one brave enough to get close to him)

after that, dipper disappears. like he’s been known to do when he gets really upset

but this time, he isn’t just hiding in the mindscape

he goes to the town (or towns) that got demolished by the tsunami

uses the energy he got in the deal to pretend to be human

does all he can to help clean up and volunteer at shelters and just - TRIES to redeem himself

but he knows he can’t give these people what he took from them

he ends up spending like, two or three weeks there

he’s become a regular, he knows most of the law enforcement and residents that stayed behind

but then oh no, one night - one night they throw a party for him. “the greatest thing to happen to this town”, “the most generous man i know”, “selfless and kind”

dipper’s heart BREAKS

he leaves abruptly, crying, somehow feeling WORSE than he did before he first went there

one of the people he really deeply befriended (whatever gender) finds him sniveling pitifully in an alley, and is just like oh man i knew you were a humble guy but come on we can go back together

and dipper just loses it, keeps saying how he cant do it, he cant face everyone when HE was the one who caused this all in the first place

of course at this point, maybe officials found out that there’s at least a decently good chance that a cult or alcor caused the tsunami (or whatever terrible disaster that would cause something this bad)

so this person ends up thinking dipper was a cultist

starts trying to give him your usual pep talk, because hey, this person obviously really LIKES dipper

what with all the “we’ve all made mistakes, you just have to do your best to do what’s right”

but in the end, dipper just keeps saying “you dont understand, you dont understand”

and they’re like “what don’t i understand? you were part of that sect, weren’t you? for the cult of alcor? you aren’t at fault, it’s ALCOR who did this to us - all demons do is destroy and take and manipulate, you were probably just as much of a victim as i am”

dipper is just HYSTERICAL now, apologizing over and over and saying how none of them deserved this, that he was horrible, that he wishes he could pay with his life but he CAN’T and they still dont UNDERSTAND - and eventually the friend tries a few ways of questioning, trying to understand because dipper is even WORSE after all that, why does he look like he feels WORSE?

eventually they ask again if he was part of the cult of alcor - and dipper just looks up at them, tears overflowing and limbs shaking, and slowly shakes his head

his eyes flicker back to their normal black and gold before shadows envelop him and he disappears from sight

(dipper doesn’t leave the Shack for days on end, clinging to her and Henry and the kids, grieving over the lives he took and destroyed, because he’s just a demon - he can only take, he can never give back)

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Do you have some happy Grantaire headcanons you could share? I just... really need that right now.

Oooooh of course!

  • Tolkien nerd. He can quote the LOTR movies like nobody else. When he heard Jackson was going to make the Hobbit movies, he talked about it for 2 months. He was the first in line when it came out, he dragged absolutely everybody with him. He was like a kid in a candy shop with a $10 bill
  • He calls Joly and Bossuet is “less worse halves”
  • He looks to blissful when he dances oh lord stop being cute
  • He literally never expects kindness so he’ll always dumbfounded when he gets a hug or a compliment and cherishes the said kindness for weeks on end because “THEY LIKED THE THING”
  • His smile is so warm it could hard boil an egg ok?
  • He’s so thankful for his friends because the world may be bitter and cold but they sure aren’t, so he made them his world instead

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I just wanna know what happened in the time between fiddleford leaving and stanley coming to make stanford so paranoid. I mean I know it was probably Bill but I still wanna see the canon yknow.