anonymous asked:

Do you have some happy Grantaire headcanons you could share? I just... really need that right now.

Oooooh of course!

  • Tolkien nerd. He can quote the LOTR movies like nobody else. When he heard Jackson was going to make the Hobbit movies, he talked about it for 2 months. He was the first in line when it came out, he dragged absolutely everybody with him. He was like a kid in a candy shop with a $10 bill
  • He calls Joly and Bossuet is “less worse halves”
  • He looks to blissful when he dances oh lord stop being cute
  • He literally never expects kindness so he’ll always dumbfounded when he gets a hug or a compliment and cherishes the said kindness for weeks on end because “THEY LIKED THE THING”
  • His smile is so warm it could hard boil an egg ok?
  • He’s so thankful for his friends because the world may be bitter and cold but they sure aren’t, so he made them his world instead