こう見えても、昔よりかは腐向けイラスト描かなくなった方かな← ちなみに高校1年くらいの時がピークでしたw
私が腐を描く理由はなんだろ、、好きなキャラクター同士が幸せになれば良いのになって思ってるから、こういうのが多くなるんだろうね?笑 もちろん、なんでもかんでも腐向けにしてしまえって訳じゃないよ! そのキャラ一人一人が好きだから、こうなる……(?)


Mafia BillDip Drabble

Dipper crossed one leg over the other, his short shorts hugging his ass and hardly covering his indecency. He sighed softly over the man who was speaking across the long table, leaning his head against the chest of his master, Bill Cipher. He tips his foot to look at his high heel, shimmering silver even in the dull light.

The man huffed and glared at the boy, who seemed apathetic to his anger.

“Sir, can we go? This meeting is so dull…” He mutters, and the demon smirks and rubs his head. “Oh my sweet little thing, we’ll be done here soon, I promise.” He plants a kiss on the boy’s head, and he sighs, fingers trailing down the thigh high socks he wore, black, and decorated with little golden triangles.

“Mr. Cipher, please, keep your little brat under control, this meeting is important and crucial for-”

The man’s voice catches in his throat when a rifle is suddenly pointed at him. The boy, who seemed so dainty and small in the large demon’s lap, had somehow acquired a weapon between the seconds the guest had looked to his owner.

“My my, you should know better than to speak to anyone under my employment like that…” Bill shakes his head, smirking wide.

The man’s lips press together and he sends Bill a withering look before going back to the barrel of the gun staring him down, the boy looking at him with disinterest.

“And you know I never keep anyone around just because they have a pretty face.”


Want randomly floating evil doritos on your blog? You’re in luck because they are in season! Just follow these steps and watch your blog become infested with these pesky triangles!

Evil Floating Triangles Installation Tutorial

1. Go to customize page.
2. Click on Edit HTML under custom theme
3. Search (ctrl+f/command+f idk whichever, I’m not ur mom) for <body>
4. Paste [this] code under <body> ;
5. Hit save and congratulations you just started weirdmageddon on your blog!

// they are very attracted to dippers so if you reblog a lot of dippers then hoobooyy //

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So Monster Parole is like any other Billdip AU but instead of Bill and Dipper finally doing butt stuff Bill and Dipper engage in consensual soft vore.

Which honestly gets to me more because it’s a culmination of so many of my kinks (domming, slime, encasement, humiliation, monsters, belly worship) and the sheer trust involved to do that. Dip knows Bill could very easily turn on him and kill him horribly in those instances, but he doesn’t. And given Bills predilection to predatory behavior, actively stifling those instincts for the sake of a lesser being- that’s real love.

I mean they still have conventional sex (Bills a stimulation slut) but their vore thing is unique and intimate and a HUGE part of their relationship and if that bothers you this ain’t the AU for you, my friend.

Oh my god guys…..

I just saw an art piece shipping one of my NOTPs. Dudes, you aren’t going to BELIEVE my reaction……….it was so W I L D….!!