Bill Cunningham

1929 -2016

You can learn a lot from watching Bill at work, the first thing I learned is he is just trying to do his job and he does not want to be bothered by people taking his photo, I respect that, but I sure don’t regret the photos I took of him. 

The next thing I learned from watching Bill, it has nothing to do with who you are and everything to do with who will make the most interesting photo. He could care less about what Anna Wintour is wearing. 

Last thing I learned, was to always stand near Bill on the streets, because when people saw him they lit up. 

Photographing street style was a new experience for me but being able to work alongside one of my photography heroes was truly and honor. I feel so lucky I got to share my first two fashion weeks with Bill Cunningham. 


Late last week, the New York Independent Filmmaker Project revealed its nominations for the 21st annual Gotham Independent Film Awards, which will be held at Cipriani Wall Street on November 28, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Among the more exciting nominations is “Bill Cunningham New York” in the best documentary category contending against “Better This World,” “Hell and Back Again,” “The Interrupters,” and “The Woodmans.” In addition to selecting best features and ensembles casts, this year’s ceremony will honor actors Charlize Theron and Gary Oldman, director David Cronenberg, and chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment Tom Rothman with career tributes. Good luck, Bill—hopefully “career tributes” will become the night’s theme!

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Bill Cunningham New York. 



The day I met Bill Cunningham

Usually you just see amazing people walking around during Fashion Week, you never actually talk to them. Yesterday was different. I was strolling through the Jardin des Tuileries and I see Bill Cunningham doing the same thing. So I said hello. This is how it went.

Me: Hello Bill

Bill: Hello? confused faced

Me: You don’t actually know me, I want to tell you that I love your work.

Bill: Oh thank you. What’s your name?

Me: Jessica

(shakes my hand)

Bill: Thank you child.

He walks away to take photos of statues. I take a photo of him taking photos. Yesterday was a good day.

fantasy shoes for fall 2011

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everytime there’s a trend focusing on the unusual, the out of the box, and the weird, i can’t help but get excited. design, as my boyfriend and i always discuss, is the fusion of functionality and aesthetic - and i think shoes embody that belief. to be able to walk in these pieces of art is just astounding. can’t wait to get a pair for my fall wardrobe!