2017 BBMAs Announce Non-Televised Award Recipients

ARMYs please note- social artist not listed. Word from Billboard is that this will be a presented award this year, not an announcement on the carpet or pre-ceremony. Because Billboard KNOWS the collective outcry if BTS, if they win, didn’t get the opportunity to go up on stage to accept and give a shout out to their families, friends, bighit, country, and last but not least ARMY. Keep the faith dear ARMYs, and count down the hours….

Everyone’s got their own relationships and dramas, so they don’t have time to create a complex opinion of every celebrity. Do I get offended when people don’t fully understand how much of the workload is done by me? No, they’re busy with their own lives. If someone has studied my catalog and still doesn’t think I’m behind it, there’s nothing I can do for that person. They may have to deal with their own sexist issues, because if I were a guy and you were to look at my catalog and my lyrics, you would not wonder if I was the person behind it. When I’m in a room with a writer for the first time, and I bring in 10 to 15 nearly finished songs as my ideas, I think they know that I’m not expecting anyone to do the work for me. I’m not going to be one of those artists who walks in and says, “I don’t know, what do you want to write about?” or one of those things where they say, “So what’s going on in your life?,” and I tell them and then they have to write a song about it. I wouldn’t be a singer if I weren’t a songwriter. I have no interest in singing someone else’s words.
—  Taylor Swift on does it still feel like a struggle to get the acknowledgment for her own work? (Billboard) (x)
Regarding BTS and the Billboard Music Awards

So as most people in the community know, BTS will be attending that Billboard Music Awards.
And this could mean that there is the possibility of them preforming at the event.
Now that could be a great thing if they do and it would be a big thing too.
But there have been some ARMYs who have been bashing the BBMAs because there is a possibility that they won’t be able to preform.
Why the <b>hell</b> would you do that?
Instead of bashing them, ARMYs should be grateful for the fact that they were nominated and invited to go to the awards.
So what if they don’t preform?
We should be happy that they got the once and a life time change to go to a big award show and receive a big award.
And the other factor here is, how many people do you know in that audience will be able to understand what there are saying?
I really doubt that many will be able to.
If they do get to preform, that’s great.
If they don’t, so be it. There will be other stages.


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Graffiti In Bergen. as with all cities. walls form the billbords for ideas. if nothing else it sparks debate.