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Beyoncé received 8 Billboard Music Award nominations. The show will air live on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at 8:00 pm E.T.

  • Top Artist: Adele, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, The Chainsmokers, Drake, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Shawn Mendes, Twenty One Pilots, The Weeknd
  • Top Female: Adele, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Sia
  • Top Billboard 200 Artist: Beyoncé, Drake, Prince, Twenty One Pilots, The Weeknd
  • Top Touring Artist: Beyoncé, Bruce Springsteen + The E Street Band, Coldplay, Guns N’ Roses, Justin Bieber
  • Top R&B Artist: Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Frank Ocean, Rihanna, The Weeknd
  • Top R&B Tour: Beyoncé, Lionel Richie, Rihanna
  • Top Billboard 200 Album: Beyoncé - Lemonade, Drake - VIEWS, Rihanna - Anti, Twenty One Pilots - Blurryface, The Weeknd - Starboy
  • Top R&B Album: Beyoncé - Lemonade, Bruno Mars - 24K Magic, Frank Ocean - Blonde, Rihanna - Anti, The Weeknd - Starboy

Full List of Nominations Here

BTS’ Comeback : “The Story That’s Not Yet Been Told”

BTS is coming back.

On 23rd January, the Agency of BTS, BigHit Entertainment, announced that BTS will comeback with the continuation of Wings : You Never Walk Alone.

You Never Walk Alone is an album including the story that was not told in the album Wings (released in October 2016), which has received much love from all over the world.

This time, members of BTS have actively participated in the composing, lyric-writing and producing of the new songs. Higher expectations of the album can be seen.

Wings has reached no.26 in the Billboard 200 ranking, currently a record among Korean singers. It was also the very first Korean album to enter the Official Album Chart in the UK at no.62. And with physical sales of 75,1301 albums, BTS has been topping the Gaon Album Chart. Love has been felt both locally and overseas.

BTS will be holding the 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour in Seoul on the 18th and 19th February. We look forward to seeing the record that will be made with the comeback this time.

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Translated by : Holly@Chez Bangtan

Twenty Øne Piløts are nominated for 17 Billboard Music Awards!

•Top Artist

• Billboard Chart Achievement Award

• Top Duo/Group

• Top Billboard 200 Artist

• Top Billboard 100 Artist

• Top Song Sales Artist

• Top Radio Songs Artist

• Top Streaming Songs Artist

• Top Billboard 200 Album - “Blurryface”

• Top Rock Album - “Blurryface”

• Top Hot 100 Song - “Heathens”

• Top Selling Song - “Heathens”

• Top Streaming Song (Video) - “Heathens”

• Top Rock Song - “Heathens”

• Top Rock Song - “Ride”

• Top Rock Song - “Stressed Out”

• Billboard Chart Achievement Award (Presented By Xfinity)

Zayn and Taylor Swift set a new Hot 100 high (at number 2) for a song from the Fifty Shades franchise…

Zayn and Taylor Swift’s “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)” rises 3-2 on the Hot 100, hitting a new peak. As parent album the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, following its Feb. 10 release and the arrival of the movie the same day, “Live” lifts 3-2 on Digital Song Sales (143,000, up 31 percent). It also jumps 5-2 on Radio Songs (109 million, up 10 percent), while keeping at No. 4 on Streaming Songs (21.2 million, down 7 percent).

‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Soundtrack Debuts at No. 1 on Billboard 200 Albums Chart
Just as Fifty Shades Darker becomes the franchise’s first Billboard 200 No. 1, besting the No. 2 peak of 2015’s Fifty Shades of Grey, “Live” takes over as the highest-charting Fifty Shades Hot 100 hit; it one-ups the No. 3 peaks of the first soundtrack’s “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding and “Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey)” by The Weeknd.

—  Billboard on ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’ and it’s move to number 2 on the Hot 100 this week


“Questa settimana è stata grandiosa per i fan kpop. La popolare boy band BTS (Bangtan Boys) ha ricevuto una nomination per i 2017 Billboard Music Awards e sono il primo gruppo k-pop in assoluto a raggiungere questo obiettivo!

I BTS hanno da poco concluso un tour di 5 date sold out nelle arene negli U.S. Non male per una band che è nata solo 4 anni fa. L’anno scorso i BTS sono anche diventati il primo gruppo k-pop a raggiungere con il loro secondo full album ‘WINGS’ la top 40 della Billboard 200 album chart.

Sappiamo che questi ragazzi amano ballare ma prima di cominciare la festa dovremmo presentare il gruppo per chi non li conosce. In totale sono sette membri:








E insieme sono i BTS: la ‘street-style dancing sensation’.

Dopo che le nomination dei 2017 BBMAs sono state annunciate, gli ARMY sono impazziti per la felicità [e hanno scritto su twitter commenti di felicità e orgoglio nei confronti dei ragazzi].”


Traduzione a cura di Bangtan Italian Channel Subs (©ChiaraC)

Duchess of Cornwall Camilla will be queen say royal experts

The Duchess of Cornwall will one day be crowned queen, royalty experts have predicted.

But the matter of the title she will be given if Prince Charles succeeds to the throne has long been a contentious issue among royal watchers.

Trending: Adele breaks Billboard 200 record as 21 album becomes longest-running on charts

Lord Norton of Louth, a professor at the University of Hull, says the constitutional position is already decided.

“Upon the death of the Queen, Charles automatically becomes king - that is it. His wife will become queen consort, formally established by precedent,” he explained to Sky News.

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“But if she wishes to be known by another title that’s a matter of royal prerogative so the monarch could determine that another style will be employed.”

Its thought that, taking into account public opinion, Camilla would prefer to remain princess consort when Charles is crowned king, although her husband is adamant that she should be declared queen.

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The couple, who yesterday (9 April) marked their 12th wedding anniversary, were married in Windsor. As she officially assumed her place in the upper echelons of the royal household, divorcee Camilla was afforded the lesser title of princess consort in a bid to placate a public who were at odds over her relationship with Charles following the death of Princess Diana.

Her status as a senior royal was cemented in 2016, however, when Camilla was bestowed the title of privy councillor, enabling her to carry out engagements on behalf of the Queen

The duchess’ popularity has grown in recent years and her charity work has received a higher profile. She is regularly seen accompanying Prince Charles on official engagements.

Most recently the pair toured Europe in a royal charm offensive ahead of Britain’s exit from Europe. The royals were mobbed as they toured Naples during the nine-day tour.

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“More Life” is the gift that keeps on giving for Drizzy.

First, 24 songs were charting on the Hot 100 simultaneously, a new record. Twenty-two of those songs were from “More Life.”

Then the album topped the Billboard 200 album chart and has stayed there for three weeks. This is the”first album to spend its first three chart weeks at No. 1 since Drake’s own Views, back on June 4, 2016,” according to Billboard.

Now it is being reported that “More Life” has surpassed the 1 billion streams mark in the United States. It hasn’t even been out for 30 days, being released on March 18th.

Raunchy BBC drama Versailles returns for series 2 and features an all-male orgy

The first series of Versailles, a joint BBC and Canal Plus venture, was branded “porn” by some critics due to its adult nature, but series 2 seems intent on upping the ante with scenes including five-in-a-bed sex.

Set from 1667 onwards, the period drama follows King Louis XIV – France’s most notorious womanising, warmongering monarch – as he struggles to hold his court together.

Trending: Adele breaks Billboard 200 record as 21 album becomes longest-running on charts

The first episode of series 2 has already aired in France and showed an all-male orgy in which the king’s brother Philippe (Alexander Vlahos), Duke of Orleans, is joined by his lover the Chevalier de Lorraine (Evan Williams) and three courtiers, all nude.

Another scene saw British actor George Blagden naked with his mistress, Madame de Montespan (Anna Brewster).

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If this is just a gentle taster of what is to come then the finale should be a shocker with an early promo trailer littered with gratuitous nudity along with the Sun King inviting viewers to his court dominated by “corruption”, “darkness”, “temptation” and “murder”.

This latest outing is expected to take a four-year jump into the future. Set in 1671, King Louis’ courtiers will start an uprising as they demand more power.

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The first series reportedly contained 36 X-rated scenes and led Norman Wells, of the Family Education Trust (a group which campaigns against sex education, for corporal punishment and for more mothers to be homemakers) to say: “The BBC may choose to refer to Versailles as a ‘period drama’, but a programme featuring such sexually explicit scenes is quite simply pornography dressed up under another name.”

Condemning it as “TV junk food”, Chris McGovern of the Campaign for Real Education (a right-wing pressure group that opposes anti-racism and anti-sexism campaigns in schools), said: “It’s playing to the lowest common denominator and it has little to say in terms of history.”

However, historian Lucy Worsley disagreed, declaring: “They can take their clothes off and swing from the lampshades if it will get viewers interested in the baroque era, which is quite a hard sell.”

Despite the raunchy content of the show, it has not deterred a number of Brit stars from joining the cast including White Mischief’s Greta Scacchi as scheming Madeleine de Foix. While Downton Abbey alum Harry Hadden-Paton takes on the role of her ambitious son Gaston.

Defending its decision to bring the show back, a spokesperson for the BBC said: “Versailles is an established series shown after 9pm on BBC2 and its content is nothing beyond the expectations of a post-watershed UK television audience.”

Versailles series 2 begins on BBC2 at 9.30pm on 21 April.

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@billboard released their “Greatest of All Time Billboard 200 Albums” and four of @taylorswift’s album made the 200! Fearless is ranked #4, her debut album is #18, 1989 made it at #64, and Red is #140. Congrats Taylor!! (p.s. speak now should’ve been on here)


Current Billboard standings for this week (March 21, 2015)

1. Billboard Hot 100 #21 (up from 37) ☆☆☆

2. Billboard 200 #1 (hot shot debut) ☆☆☆

3. Billboard 200 #122 (re-entry onto chart)

4. Artist 100 #5 (up from 48) ☆☆☆

5. Billboard Top Digital Songs #21 (up from 32)

6. Billboard Twitter Top Tracks #31 (up from 35)

7. Billboard Top Album Sales #1 (highest ranking debut) ☆☆☆

8. Billboard Digital Albums #1 (highest ranking debut) ☆☆☆

9. Billboard Adult Contemporary #9 (same as last week) ☆☆☆

10. Billboard Adult Pop Songs #10 (same as last week) ☆☆☆

Not Pictured

11. Official U.K. Singles Chart - Heartbeat Song #10 (down from 7)

12. Official U.K. Albums Chart - Piece By Piece #6 (debut) ☆☆☆

13. Billboard Canadian Hot 100 - Heartbeat Song #25 (up from 28) ☆☆☆

14. Canadian Digital Songs - Heartbeat Song #27 (up from 37)

15. Canadian Albums - Piece By Piece #4 (debut) ☆☆☆

☆☆☆ : peak position on the chart

John Ridley defends casting Indian actor Freida Pinto in British Black Power drama Guerrilla

Oscar-winning director John Ridley has explained his decision to cast Indian actress Freida Pinto as the lead protagonist in his new drama, Guerrilla.

Speaking at the London premiere of the six-part series – which explores what it meant to be an activist within the British Black Power movement of the 1970s – Ridley, said that “people that are involved with this show are the most reflective cast and crew you will find anywhere.”

Trending: Adele breaks Billboard 200 record as 21 album becomes longest-running on charts

The 51-year-old filmmaker, who has been married to his Japanese wife Gayle for 17 years, faced strong questions about race during a post-screening Q&A, with some audience members raising their concerns about what they described as “the erasure of black women”.

In the London-based drama, Pinto, who rose to prominence after starring alongside Dev Patel in 2008’s Slumdog Millionaire, plays Jas Mitra a nurse turned activist who – along with her husband Marcus (Babou Ceesay) – liberates a political prisoner and forms a radical underground cell. She is at the forefront of the struggle against a racist police force and the oppression faced by minorities.

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Guerrilla explores what might have happened had the original Black Power movement used violence and also reminds viewers of the contribution the Asian community made to Britain’s ‘forgotten history’.

“It is a question that people have asked and perhaps a question I would have asked, and did, prior to educating myself on the circumstances that happened in this country,” said Ridley.

Most popular: The original Sex And The City opening sequence has been revealed

“I cannot entertain a dialogue about whether the lead character should have been black or Asian. The lead character for this show should be a strong woman of colour.”

Ridley, who took home the Best Screenplay award at the 2014 Academy awards for 12 Years a Slave, said the mini-series touches on issues of black oppression, police brutality and interracial dating, issues which still resonate till today. He believes it a very appropriate time to hark back to the movement’s routes.

Though fictional, Guerrilla is rooted in the realities of an era. “[If] you understand the struggles of that time period, those elements are not made up. Those are real. So if it’s difficult for anybody to understands or accepted easily then I feel I have done my job.”

Luther actor Idris Elba stars and also serves as an executive producer for the miniseries, which will air on Sky Atlantic from Thursday, 13 April 2017.

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Today, the 31st of October, is the 45th birthday to Pink Floyd’s 6th studio album, “Meddle”.                                                                           

Recorded from January to August in 1971 and released in the same year, “Meddle” became Pink Floyd’s best-selling album at the time, with over 2,500,000 copies sold. It was considered a transition point between the Syd Barrett-influenced Pink Floyd of the late 60′s and their “golden age” of the 70′s. The album included contributions from each one of the band’s members, as the following albums were mainly written and composed by Roger Waters. “Meddle” was ranked 3rd in the UK album charts, and finished at 70 in the Billboard 200.