Solo Direction according to Billboard

Just in case you couldn’t pick up what the Billboard’s agenda is:

Louis: He is too dad to do anything beyond son and hoping to land a gig on one of his best friend Simon’s reality shows.

Niall: Some people said he signed to Universal, but that hasn’t been proven (that explanation only matters when it’s Niall’s and not Harry’s rumored deal, apparently) but he should write music since we can’t really see him being a solo act.

Liam: Liam is in the studio doing a lot of studio things, like making music and writing, for his confirmed solo album wow that’s amazing.

Harry: We don’t know the timeline at all, so first, we’ll claim One Direction announced a hiatus before Zayn left, when it was actually 8 months after that. Oops! But anyways, Zayn went solo first, surprising everyone who thought it would be Harry, because Harry hasn’t wanted to be in this band since 2009.  But no fears! Dunkirk will be a success and Harry will keep acting and making solo music, none of which has even been confirmed yet, but we’ve confirmed via a source his second solo album will be released in January 2017.

Zayn: “The only member to voluntarily leave the band,” so I guess the others were forced out when they got too old, Menudo style.
Ex-One Direction Members' Solo Careers: What We Do (and Don't) Want to See
Since One Direction announced its indefinite hiatus, the lads have remained busy, perhaps hinting at what the future holds. Curious? We’ve broken down what's in store from Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik.

It’s been a little over a year since One Direction did the unthinkable, announcing an indefinite hiatus, reassuring fans they would get back together but giving no indication as to when. If boy band history tells us anything, this isn’t a promising claim, but we remain hopeful. In the interim, the lads have remained busy, perhaps hinting at what the future holds. Curious? Us too, so we’ve broken it down, member by member.

Louis Tomlinson

What We Know: After One Direction announced its hiatus, Louis underwent possibly the biggest transformation… he’s a dad now! When he’s not cuddling up to 8-month-old Freddie Reign, he’s becoming a guest judge on America’s Got Talent and enjoying his break.

What Should Happen: As the noted bad boy of 1D, we think inking a solo deal wouldn’t be the worst move for Louis. As for now, we’re happy he’s focusing on his son and career goals that are less stressful – there’s no touring the world when you’re on a scheduled TV show. Perhaps personality-based work is where Louis will excel.

Niall Horan

What We Know: If anything, Niall has been doing the whole hiatus thing better than anyone else in One Direction. He’s really taken this time to take a gosh darn break (there are about 1,000 photos of his playing golf and enjoying himself out and about in London and L.A.). A few days ago, tabloids like The Sun and The Daily Star claimed Horan signed a solo deal with Universal, but nothing has been proven yet. We do know that he might be flirting with some music composition – teen dream Shawn Mendes has hinted at the pair working together.

What Should Happen: Horan should definitely collaborate with Mendes. We totally see him as a songwriter more than a solo artist… there’s more time to golf when you go to the studio every day instead of a new city on a new continent.

Liam Payne

What We Know: Since One Direction called it quits, Payne has been pretty busy – teasing us. At the end of 2015, he co-wrote the song “The Night We Met” for an Irish boy band Hometown. A few weeks later he teased a solo song, a little R&B ditty he shared in a 15-second Instagram clip. Around the same time, Payne was spotted in the studio with rapper Juicy J and producer TM88 of 808 Mafia. It seemed like Payne was going to route of Zayn Malik, a sexier, more mature sound. A few months later a collaboration between Payne, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa surfaced, something Liam would later call a demo – not a single. Fast forward to July 2016 and Liam has signed a solo deal with Capitol. When will we get something real, Liam?

What Should Happen: Well, Liam is clearly going to get to work on a solo album sooner rather than later, and we’re stoked for it. He loved songwriting while in One Direction, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he attempts to co-write most of the tracks on his first solo effort. One thing we do know – this is definitely going to be more R&B/hip-hop than 1D. Maybe this is growing up?

Harry Styles

What We Know: If you want an in-depth account on Harry’s present and future, we’ve broken it down for you here. When One Direction announced its hiatus, everyone sort of assumed heartthrob Styles would be the first to pull a *NSYNC/Justin Timberlake and launch an uber successful solo career within the music umbrella. Instead it was Malik who made that move, and Styles went on to write tracks (which haven’t been released, but have been registered to the publisher ASCAP.) Beyond that, our boy H is filming the Christopher Nolan World War ll dramaDunkirk. However, Harry has inked a solo deal with Columbia Records – the details of which we’re going to have to wait and see.

What Should Happen: Dunkirk will likely be a success. Even if you’re not a history buff, chances are your dad is and with Harry in the picture, could there be a more perfect family date? We think Styles will probably pursue acting and music simultaneously, the World War ll drama getting his feet wet. As for the kind of music his solo career will allow, we think Styles is going to go the classic rock a la Fleetwood Mac route. There’s a reason “What A Feeling” on One Direction’s last album, Made in the A.M., was such a Harry song.

Zayn Malik

What We Know: Zayn was the only member of One Direction to voluntarily leave the band – 1D didn’t announce its hiatus until sometime afterward. In the beginning, the reasoning Zayn gave for his departure was that he wanted to be a “normal 22-year-old;” only later did he announce his R&B career. He released hissolo debut full length, Mind of Mine last year and is currently working on a 1D-themed TV show and an autobiography.


George Harrison, outside 25 Upton Green, and inside with his guitars, 1950′s and 1961. Photos © Harrison Family.

“Downstairs in the kind of dining room of the house [at 25 Upton Green], next to this old upright piano that nobody ever played, I used to just sit there when everyone had gone to bed. And I’d polish my guitar, and play, and practice bits that I’d seen other people playing, and try and figure out chords.” - George Harrison, Billboard, 5 December 1992