billard balls

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being the s/o of renji, ikkaku & grimmjow would include [ all separate btw]

Being the S/O of Renji Abarai would include :

  • He’s someone very proud and needs somebody to congratulate him in every feats
  • outwardly he is very arrogant and stubborn but in inticimy he’s devoted to his S/O
  • Don’t think he will spend much time with you, his priority is to overtake Byakuya and Ichigo
  • He’s not a romantic (valentine’s what ?) but for his S/O he will do effort especially in private for birthday or big events
  • He really appreciates that his S/O stares at him, he trully thinks that’s a proof of love

Being the S/O of Ikkaku Madarame would include :

  • It’s gonna be an habit but Yumichika will always be around you and Ikkaku (leech power !)
  • He will always be by your side unless you call him “billard ball” or “pachinko head” 
  • He likes to call his S/O with dirty nicknames in public, he’s not really polite (tactful/delicate) even with them
  • It’s not obvious but he’s really faithful to his S/O and he’s ready to die for them
  • He really trust his S/O, they will be the first to know his secret, he likes to share informations with them

Being the S/O of Grimmjow Jaggerjack would include :

  • He’s a really independent guy, his S/O should understand if he wasn’t all the time sticked to them, he needs space and freedom
  • He’s not a good guy and being rejected and hurt by Grimmjow gonna be their everyday
  • He needs somebody really obediant but also with a strong character because he loves being surpised by an insult (be bipolar or schizophrenic)
  • Hope you like to sleep alone, make dinner for nothing because being late is a game for him, seing his S/O mad makes him really in a good mood
  • Sometimes he likes to cuddle his S/O when they sleep but he usually takes all the place in the bed

okay this is just sorcery…these are to advanced to be trick shots