Met Little Kuriboh today at anime north & let me tell you he is the sweetest man alive! When staff were trying to kick me out (i was at the panel before his so i assumed i would just wait in the same room since it started right after) he said that i was with him as a guest so that’d i’d be able to stay & get a seat in the front! He is so kind and funny and so so supportive! Literally looking around the room you can see everyone who he has helped in a positive way, either by getting through tough times or just giving them some inspiration, not to mention his wife is so upbeat, kind, hilarious & just as obsessed with Kaiba yuri on ice as i am (they both said that they loved my costume as JJ!)! The fact that they liked & retweeted our pic together also really fricken made my day! Anyhow this has been a PSA about how amazing these 2 are!


SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME! I got to meet and speak with @martininamerica at @youmacon not one, but all three days!!!! <3 :O
This man is the reason I cosplay Yu-Gi-Oh! When I cosplay I am in YGOTAS character :p
His incredible work has not only inspired so many other series and great works but (imho) elevated the YGO fanbase even higher!!
You are the “Heart of the Cards” and we all believe in you n__n

Song meme

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rules: list 10 songs you’re currently vibing on and tag 10 people!

1) Usubeni (English Cover) - Mark De Groot
2) Ginyu Tokusentai - Yo Yamazaki
3) F - Maximum The Hormone
4) Limit Break x Survivor (English Cover) -  Mark De Groot
5) Super Dragon Ball Heroes -  Takayoshi  Tanimoto,  Mayumi Gojo and Yoffy
6) Just Give Up- Martin Billany
7) Broly Chronicles - Lanipator
8) Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku - Zard
9) Make A Man Out Of You - TeamFourStar
10) Dragon Soul - Vic Mignogna

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Super special awesome!!!! Martin Billany, aka LittleKuriboh (creator and voices of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series) joins Yugi, Joey, Téa, and Tristan to create the friendship circle at Youmacon!

Friendship!! <3<3


TOME Bloopers Ep.5 - Patronizing the Kirb

We’ve dug back into the TOME voice recording archive dating back to 2011 and cut together blooper reels for every episode! Everything from outtakes, mess-ups, cut or alternate lines…and more! Hope you get a laugh or two, ‘cuz we sure did!

One last bit of Honesty

This last weekend, at Anime Milwaukee, I ended up hanging out with Martin Billany, a YouTuber widely known as LittleKuriboh. Martin has a long history with Otaku Tonight and has been a big supporter of our work as well as a friend of the show.

On the show he started discussing his new web series, which is a support thing for people suffering of depression, himself included. After hearing about it, I decided I wanted to talk to him about it and decided to ask him about it while he was at his table signing autographs. When I tried to talk about it though, I couldn’t. I started breaking down. I just couldn’t make the words come out right. As tears started welling up in my eyes, Martin stood up and gave me a hug. He then closed the autograph line and took a few minutes just to talk me through my depression and give me some advice.

I don’t know if I deserved that, but I know that my respect for him has gone higher than I had ever imagined, and I am a fan of his work.

Martin helped me realize I am very funny, I am loved and I am not alone. Pain is bad, but it’s temporary. 

I’m going to see a therapist again. I’m gonna set goals and I’m gonna get through this. I love you all and I am thankful for Martin Billany. He is truly a very good man.

Martin Billany is...

… a marvelous human being. He’s flawed as hell… just like you and me. He’s also incredibly sweet, endlessly hard working, and does everything he can to make the people around him happier. He’s donated to charity, he’s HELD charities, he’s put in hour after hour to satisfy a ravenous fanbase that often does not treat him with any respect.

If you think otherwise about him, then you do not know him. You have not spent time with him. You have not been his friend, his confidant; hell, you’ve barely exchanged a worthwhile conversation with him.

martininamerica is my friend and if any single one of you try and tear him down because of your own little agenda or misconception, I will happily stand by him every goddamn time. Unless I legitimately feel like he’s fucked up, in which case, I’ve personally talked to him on a few occasions. Not that my opinion is all that important, but I’m not blind to fault.

In short: I love Martin Billany. You don’t have to, but you certainly shouldn’t hate him.

Username: Thorment
Location: Unknown, UK
Class: Spellcaster
Power: Black Magic
Special Techniques:
Spell Swarm - A rapid-fire projectile attack that homes in an opponent, quickly surrounding them like a barricade.
Black Wing - An technique that allows the user to temporarily sprout wings and navigate through the air.

The TTA Character “Tormentros” was a hacker working for the D-Bug Organization during the second season, who later became mentally-corrupted by a piece of the harmful virus. For a good length of the season he became a psychotic recurring villain that often pursued Alpha and his friends as he descended deeper and deeper into his own madness. He also later appeared during the 3rd season under a different username.

At an early stage of the story’s development, “Thorment” as he was renamed, was going to be a hacker again, as he was originally. He would’ve been a selfish money-grubber executing a mission alongside another hacker. However, when Episode 10 was being written, we decided to utilize him for a different purpose, but still holding true to the spirit of the character. Instead of being a hacker, Thorment was made into a creepy obsessor who had learned the rumors of the Forbidden Power through Rockoon and company’s spreading word of the incident in Episode 05. As heard in the crowd scene of Episode 10’s opening, the rumor had spread much further since then and making some people uneasy…but Thorment wanted to know more and harasses Alpha and the others to learn more. It was interesting to have a new baddie show up that ISN’T a hacker and just having a guy who’s a real genuine creeper. Strangely enough, THIS was the character I originally wanted Martin Billany to voice before I eventually cast him as Nylocke instead. For Episode 10, Thorment was voiced by Harry Partridge, who’s a major inspiration and has supported my work for many years, so it was great to work with him too.


During 4th of July weekend at Anime-Expo 2015, shortly after screening the premiere of TOME Episode 15, we conducted a very special Q&A panel featuring several key members of the cast and crew. The panelists included:

-Chris “Kirbopher” Niosi (Creator, voice of Kirbopher/Zetto)
-Blake “Shadyvox” Swift (Sound Designer, voice of Alpha)
-Anna Kingsley (Voice of Flamegirl)
-Casey Mongillo (Voice of Gamecrazed)
-Deven Mack (Voice of Rockoon)
-Weston “Kajmaster Kajet” Durant (BGM Composer)
-Yoav “TheLivingTombstone” Landau (Special Guest Musician)

Unfortunately, Martin “Littlekuriboh” Billany (Voice of Nylocke) was very sick that weekend and couldn’t make it to the panel. We filmed a little vine to wish him well:

We each took a question from the audience; several cast members sharing some incredible stories and heartfelt words to the fans that had all come that morning to see us. We also had a wonderful time speaking with everyone personally who stayed after for pictures and autographs. Thank you all to everyone who was able to be there…and thank you to everyone for supporting the show!!

Big thanks to Matt Gardner, Peter Gresser and Benjamin Diskin for helping to record this unforgettable experience! Thanks to Blake Swift as well for editing this video together!


TOME Bloopers Ep.1 - The Flubs Begin

We’ve dug back into the TOME voice recording archive dating back to 2011 and cut together blooper reels for every episode! Everything from outtakes, mess-ups, cut or alternate lines…and more! Hope you get a laugh or two, ‘cuz we sure did!


TOME Bloopers Ep.2 - Special Guest Screw-ups

We’ve dug back into the TOME voice recording archive dating back to 2011 and cut together blooper reels for every episode! Everything from outtakes, mess-ups, cut or alternate lines…and more! Hope you get a laugh or two, ‘cuz we sure did!