happy 10th anniversary professor layton, you’ve changed and impacted my life more than I can ever say. blessed to have those experiences in my life. love those games lots.

Professor Layton character guide
  • Professor Layton: tfw no gf meme with tophat
  • Luke Triton: Blue mah boy puzzle slave
  • Emmy Altava: Beautiful face wrecker feminist
  • Flora Reinhold: Apricotdog kidnapping disguise master
  • Clive Dove: Psychotic kneesock orphan
  • Claire Foley: Dead it's okay Hersh angel
  • Randall Ascot: Clichee friend possessed by a mask
  • Desmond Sycamore: Bread pudding pun master
  • Descole: Fabulous organ robo scientist
  • Crow: Poor fuck-the-adults-I-run-my-own-market kid
  • Don Paolo: Forever alone hipster mustache
  • Inspector Chelmey: Choleric Not-helping-at-all police guy
  • Barton: Not-helping-at-all police guy's slave
  • Bill Hawks: Criminal past politican
  • Inspector Grosky: Road runner's chest hair
  • Anthony Herzen: Awkwardly pronounced drug vampire
  • Loosha: Dinosaur ghost buster
Professor Layton on tumblr guide
  • Layton: aesthetics of grey sky and tea and sometimes puzzles
  • Luke: cute puppies and pet posts
  • Flora: reblogs of food blogs, but also fashion aesthetics
  • Clive: MANY text posts about society and news, also quotes
  • Descole: DARK AESTETHICS. Wrote his black and white theme himself.
  • Emmy: ALL the pictures and ALL the photography. Loves "reblog if" posts.
  • Sycamore: Mainly science/archeology news
  • Crow: Poems and text posts about social differences. He also has a sideblog about the market where all his friends are mods. Writes the html of his theme himself.
  • Hawks: Boring posts about how great he is. Political stuff. Theme bought for like 552$.
  • Grosky: ABOUT THE YARD
  • Chelmey: Many pictures of his wife's cookings and cute posts about how wonderful she is. Has a sideblog about the crime scene of London.
  • Anthony: Poems about love, Goethe, everything. Quotes. Star and evening sky aesthetics. Song lyrics about himself and Sophia.
  • Dimitri: Misty mountains, sometimes shitposting, but mostly science and grey
  • Arianna: Shares her deepest feelings in short text post. Has a cute pixel theme. Sometimes photos of Loosha.
  • Loosha: Only on tumblr to cheer Arianna up :)