“Callie and the family set up a “Justice for Jack” booth at a music festival in order to gather signatures to stop Justina’s foster care bill, but Callie’s persistence in advocating for both Jack and Kyle lands her in a dangerous situation.”



Nice to see Callie and Jesus talking during the family dinner about the proposed foster care bills.

Also Jude is not surprisingly grounded after getting busted by Stef and Lena.

Plus It looks like Brandon is at least in the final consideration for Julliard. I’m so happy for B.

Of course i’m still bracing myself for what could happen with him later though.


As another season finale of The Fosters approaches on Monday night there are plenty of stories and threads up in the air that fans will be looking to see resolved. The Freeform series concludes its first half of Season 4 with “Collateral Damage,” an episode that was co-written by Peter Paige and Bradley Bredeweg. In the finale, Callie (Maia Mitchell) and her family set up a “Justice for Jack” booth at a local music festival to gather signatures and try to put a stop to Justina’s foster care bill. Tensions will mount between her boyfriend AJ (Tom Williamson) and Aaron (Elliot Fletcher) and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) will need help from her brother Jesus (Noah Centineo) when Nick (Louis Hunter) makes an unexpected appearance.

Paige, The Fosters co-creator, also stepped behind the camera and directed the midseason finale, something he’s done several times in the past. For Paige, having that experience really helps when it comes to staying cool under the pressure of a finale. “I have done a bunch of them now so I don’t think of it in that way. It’s just a big, big episode with a lot going on, a lot of stories to track, a lot of character arcs that were nuanced and important and they were just huge days,” he told The TV Junkies in an exclusive interview.

Part of the reason why Paige says the episode was so huge is that most of it takes place outside at a music festival. “Shooting on location is always a little trickier because there’s a few unknowns or variables that you don’t know how they are going to play out,” he explained. Luckily, when such challenges present themselves Paige says he has a great support system in place because “we have an incredible team at The Fosters.” That team allowed Paige and company to do what he called “a massive episode of television” for this finale and give audiences an end product he’s very proud of. “We have a very small budget compared to a network hour of television. I’m super proud of what that team was able to accomplish given our circumstances,” said Paige.

Paige co-wrote the episode with Bredeweg, again something he’s done many times in the past, but does say knowing that he’ll be directing it has some effect on what gets written. “I do know when I’m going to be directing the episode,” he said, and while “I try to give the same character scripts that I write for other directors,” he admits that he will “absolutely write something and go ‘oh I’m not directing that,’ and go back and fix it so that it’s better for shooting.”

Fans of The Fosters will be able to see how Paige and his team did by checking out this “massive episode” for themselves when it airs Monday night at 8 p.m. on Freeform and ABC Spark.

Are you excited for the midseason finale of The Fosters? Sound off with your thoughts and predictions in the comments below!

The Fosters airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform and ABC Spark.

12 Reasons Why the Captain America: Civil War Movie Worked Where the Comic Didn’t
The original Civil War crossover event was extremely flawed and that’s understating it. I’d go on record saying while there were a few gems, it was overall a pretty bad comic. The movie Captain America: Civil War, however, is a pretty good movie and has been received very well. This is definitely due to the fact it really isn’t very similar at all to the comic it is based off of. So what did the movie do that worked where the comic didn’t? Let’s talk about it. And l

In this article, I discuss why the Civil War movie mostly worked where the Civil War comic mostly didn’t. If you haven’t read the comic (or haven’t thought about it in a while), it might be an interesting read just to see all the weird stuff they did. Remember clone Thor? Remember Tony hiring literal supervillians? Good times.

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marvel comics meme: ten characters (1/10)

↳ Bill Foster/Goliath

“Wait, Hank. I have to tell you. When we built this, we forgot one thing. We were so concerned with making the perfect place…We forgot the most important thing about utopia is everyone you share it with. 

"First thing you do when you get back to life? You make sure you stop pushing all those people away.”


Bill, Billy, William… it’s all the saaaaame only the names of changed.

Billy Batson

Beta Ray Bill

Billy kaplan

Bill Foster

Billy Butcher

William Baker

William Leather

William Payton

Will Riker

the last 2 are substitutes in case someone loses… the will to fight on

Shout outs to The Will, William Striker, Ashley williams, simon williams blah blah