Bill: We decided to try and form type of government between all the houses.

[flashback to the Dream Team gathered in the library]

MC: I vote anarchy.

Charlie: You can’t vote anarchy, MC.

Tonks: Monarchy! Whoever holds the magical sword, Excalibur! *proceeds to pull a sword out from her uniform*

Tulip: Military dictatorship!

Rowan: Democracy!

Penny: Matriarchy.

MC: Oh! How about malarkey!

Rowan: MC, that’s not a type of government. Malarkey is just meaningless talk and nonsense.

Dream Team:

[end up flashback]

Bill: Malarkey won.

Day Fifteen

The Hogwarts Ball.

Juniper had been planning for months to make certain it was the best experience for everyone going, even those who were cruel to her.

She made sure everyone had an outfit they loved, and sewed them one if they didn’t. She had everything figured out.

Well almost everything.

“What do you mean you don’t have a date?” Penny asked as she nibbled on her sandwich.

Juniper shook her head slightly and swallowed her food before saying “I’m not sure, it doesn’t really matter much to me. I could always bring a card board cut out?”

“NO!!! You will not bring a card board cut out” Penny paused a moment thinking before her eyes lit up with a thought “Why don’t I let the news go out that you dothave a date? I know lots of guys thst would want to go out with the Hogwarts famous Curse Breaker”

Before Juniper could respond Penny shot out of her seat and ran off to get her friend a man.

“Okay then”


Juniper streched out next to Charlie on the ground on a blancket. The two were studying together, trying their best to pass the up coming potions test.

Juniper was staring so intently into her book, so she didn’t notice the group of boys walking up to the pair.

Finally one spoke up “Uh— hi!! I-um- I was wondering if you wanted to go to the ball with me Juniper”

Immediately Charlie turned to the girl as her head bopped up from the book. Her hair was all in her face and her expression was on of panic.

“What? I-I……. sorry, Do I know you?” Juniper asked the boy.

He blinked and took a moment to say anything “I’m, well I’m in your flying class”

Before Juniper could respond Charlie did for her “Actually Juniper will be going with me….. so you all can go elsewhere”

The large group of boys left to two with grumbles and groans.

“What was that about?” Juniper asked looking flushed.

Charlie looked down “I— well you looked uncomfortable….. and you didn’t want to go with any of them, right?”

“Of course I don’t, I just…… you really want to go with me?” Juniper tilted her head up staring into his eyes.

Charlie looked down at her for a moment “Yes!!! Yes, I really do want to go with you”

“Then see you then handsome???”


Juniper stepped down the long Hogwarts halls in her flowing silver dress, her heels clicking against the floor.

Her eyes fell on Charlie as he watched her walk over to him.

What a night to be alive.

The Weasley’s are a ridiculously powerful family. Let me explain.

  • Arthur is the Head of an ancient House and also a Ministry department where he is pretty much unquestioned. (Bc the purists are ignoring him. Likely because they cannot actually, politically, magically, nor physically remove him if he does not wish to go.) He is a damn genius for enchantments and charms, constantly undoing the spellwork of others as his day job. And his hobbies involve placing incredibly complex magic on incredibly complex muggle contraptions. He learned to charm the Ford Angela without the help of muggles. I think he may have been on the verge of an epiphany with his collection of batteries. Storing energy? To make up for the lack of an ability to conduct magic at a whim? Genius. The man meets a kid raised as a muggle and immediately asks him to clarify the purpose of an item he didn’t understand. He never dismisses children as not smart. And that’s just the father, who has served in two domestic wars and survived.
  • Molly is an unsung war hero herself. Which is buried by the fandom. She herself wields charms and enchantments like a proper story time witch. Disney’s version of Merlin had less skill, honestly. She survived two wars and seven pregnancies. She has, seemingly, lost her entire family. Only her brothers are mentioned and that’s because they themselves died taking out death eaters. She is, to our knowledge, the only surviving Prewitt. Molly has fed an underground resistance movement. She has clothed and cared for them and provided a solid sense of stability. And that’s just the second war, where she was constantly reminded of all she lost in the first one. God only knows how much she fought and helped in the first war. Judging by how fucking deadly she was in the last battle and how capable she is before and how capable her children were, I’m willing to be she wrecked shop every time she entered the scene.
  • Bill is a prodigy of ward magic, which I logically assume is connected to charms and enchantments. He’s so good that goblins, who have been shown to be reclusive and secretive at best, trust him to go into ancient tombs and bust them open without dying. Then he survives a werewolf attack with only a few side effects and scars. He’s probably also immune to veela charms? I’d believe it.
  • Charlie literally raises and cares after dragons. _DRAGONS_ The big ancient bitey fucks that fairy tales and table top games are made of. What little he’s shown, he’s incredibly competent and confident and that’s all the shit I expect of a man that became a dragon veterinarian.
  • Percy is a book smart tactical genius. He’s got some character flaws that are enhanced by Harry’s perspective, but he’s every bit his parents’ son and it shows in the end.
  • The twins are fucking lethal. Like, had they not been raised by Molly and Arthur, they would have been off the charts in terms of sheer damage. They are, individually, more Slytherin than Harry ever could have been. They were making weapons and tools for the resistance while they were still in school. You can’t tell me that the boys named after their heroic uncles didn’t have that in the back of their minds. “If everything goes to shit like it did back then, we’ll be ready.” Ready with tools for escape, magic to entangle and distract, spy gear the likes of which James Bond would die for.
  • Ron. Brave, intelligent, stalwart, headstrong Ronald. The first friend Harry ever had and it wasn’t because of timing or being in the right place or even Harry. Ron saw a kid worse off than him, lost and scrawny, and was like “Someone needs to help him.” And he fucking did. He, like every brother before him, found his calling. Fourth year showed us exactly what he could have been doing instead of risking his life all the time. He could have been a bro with Seamus and Dean and just been a background character. He was not required to risk his life time after time. He has a family that he was loyal to, even when they made him feel like he wasn’t enough. But he actively chose to be loyal to Harry, again and again. No matter the cost. And every time he left, he came back further convinced that being beside Harry was the right and good thing. But even outside of Harry, he’s so fucking smart. Unmotivated sometimes. Frank to the point of offense other times. But intelligent. It wasn’t just chess or playing Keeper. He made damn good grades and became a prefect and it wasn’t just for shits and giggles. He was damn good.
  • And Ginny. The best of the fucking best. Cream of the crop. The Phoenix herself. Sneakier than the twins, sharper than Percy, bold face braver than Charlie or Ron, more magically gifted than Bill, and confident in herself in all that she did. A resistance fighter before she even left school. A friend to the lost just like Ron, but even less of an occasional asshole. We didn’t deserve her, but no one (except maybe Luna) ever could.

I don’t understand how people keep understating the Weasley’s. They are so well connected through the Order. They’re an entire family of warriors. A family of knights. Every last one of them is a one person army on their own, but they’re so fucking united and loyal that it should terrify any that dare oppose them.